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50+ Experts Reveal 3 Reasons To Buy an Apple Watch (2019)

Experts Reveal 3 Reasons To Get an Apple WatchYou are probably wondering:

Should you get an Apple Watch or not?

To answer this question, I asked dozens of tech experts and prolific bloggers to reveal what is best about this watch and what to look for by asking them a simple question:

“If you had to pick only 3 reasons to buy an Apple Watch, what 3 reasons would you choose?”

I note, the Apple Watch quickly gained popularity, overtaking classic watches by old well-known brands. Such a success was the envy of any watch on Android Wear or Tizen, the development of Pebble, Garmin, or Polar.

So I set a goal to find out whether these watches are really as good as they are saying or not.

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If not, keep reading this wonderful interview.

So, what are the reasons to buy an Apple Watch?

Apple’s advertising machine is working hard, explaining and showing what a useful and necessary item the Apple Watch is. That’s why I decided that the only way to find out for sure is to ask real experts to see if the Apple Watch is really worth it. Well guess what…they have:

Reasons To Buy an Apple Watch (as voted by 53 experts!)

#1 Health & Fitness Tracking tied with 43 votes
#2 Quick Access To Notifications & Apps (Time, Weather, Calendar etc) tied with 40 votes
#3 Apple Ecosystem (Including ApplePay and Siri) – 17 votes
#4 Leaving Phone & Music Opportunity (LTE version) tied with 15 votes
#5 Style & Customization tied with 7 votes

If you are a parent then you have exactly thought about the safety of your child. In our time, nobody is surprised by smartwatches, but now a huge number of companies are struggling to create something like an apple smart watch for kids. And I’ll tell you, the future for our children is here.

So if you have a kid and want to learn more about this. My new review on Smartwatch For Kids will help you with this.

Keep reading to see the opinion of each expert and what their Apple Watch means for them, daily applications, and some tips for making the most of your Apple Watch. You can also skip to your favorite expert by using these quick links, or grab a coffee–or do whatever you’d like. Get comfortable and start scrolling!

Adam C. Engst, Alan Cross, Amy Whitley, Andrew Keen
Ben Dodson, Brian Scott Gross
Christine Chan
Dan Scalco, Daniel Miessler, Dave Hamilton, David Chartier, Derek Ouellette
Eli Hodapp, Emil Protalinski
Frank Doorhof
Gerd Leonhard, Graham Bower
Hailley Griffis
Jason Rich, Jessica Bishop, John Chow, Jon Mitchell, Jonathan Chevreau, Joshua Greene
Karissa Bell, Kath Younger, Kristen Hare
Lance Haun, Lee Hutchinson, Lloyd Alter, Lucas Matney, Luke Dormehl
Maddy Osman, Marc Forrest, Mark Anderson, Martin Bryant, Megan Rose Dickey, Michael Calore, Michael Kummer, Mike Rohde, Monica Chin
Philip Elmer-DeWitt
Raymond Wong, Rene Ritchie, Robin Wauters, Roland Karim
Scott Gardner, Sébastien Page, Serenity Caldwell, Shelly Palmer, Stefan Svartling, Susie Ochs
Zach Holman

The responses are listed in alphabetical order:

[ps2id id=’adamengst’ target=”/]Adam C. Engst – TidBITS

Adam C. Engst

The three main reasons I’d get an Apple Watch are:

1. There are many times when it’s easier to glance at a notification your wrist than to pull your iPhone out of your pocket. That makes your life easier, of course, but it’s also a boon socially, where it’s much less of an interruption to look at your wrist than to turn your attention to the iPhone.

2. Aside from the general utility of telling you the time, the Apple Watch has complications that can inform you of your next calendar event, show you the current temperature, and more. And because the watch face is easily changed by swiping on the screen, you can customize different watch faces for different activities.

3. If you carry your iPhone when exercising for safety reasons, the cellular Apple Watch Series 3 is brilliant, since it lets you leave your bulky iPhone at home. Instead, you can rest easy knowing that you could always call for help. And with a pair of AirPods, it’s a great way to listen to everything in Apple Music while you exercise.

The LTE function is really good, especially in situations like you said Adam. In general, it is a great opportunity to leave the phone at home for a short period of time without missing out on anything.

[ps2id id=’alancross’ target=”/]Alan Cross – A Journal of Musical Things

Alan Cross

Health tracking (I use it for exercise and calorie burn reports every day).

Travel (it’s a great world clock)

Keeping track of texts and notifications without having to pull out my phone.

What apps do you use for your exercise and calorie burn reports Alan? I think many will be interested to know.

[ps2id id=’amywhitley’ target=”/]Amy Whitley – Amy Whitley Travels

Amy Whitley

Three reasons to get an Apple watch from a traveler’s point of view are:

To pay using Apple Pay (eliminating the need to get out your phone at every coffee stand or your wallet out at every airport shop)

Getting walking directions on your wrist, allowing you to be more aware of your surroundings

As a fitness tracker, so you can stay on target when on the go.

It seems to me that many travelers should seriously think about buying an Apple Watch. This is really a very useful thing abroad. Thanks, Amy!

[ps2id id=’andrewkeen’ target=”/]Andrew Keen – Author of How to Fix the Future 

Andrew Keen

1) Costs under $500

2) Comes with a nice strap

3) Helps me find girlfriends

This is one of my favorite inputs. I laughed heartily when I got it, thank you Andrew for something original 🙂

[ps2id id=’bendodson’ target=”/]Ben Dodson – IOS & watchOS Developer

Ben Dodson

Notifications: I keep my phone silent but now I never miss a call.

Personalisation: Awesome to be able to change bands quickly for a new look without buying a whole new watch.

Siri: Having Siri with you everywhere is way better than just a single speaker in your house! I mainly use her for timers, reminders, and HomeKit stuff.

And what HomeKit stuff are you talking about, Ben? Could you share with my audience what you are using, please?

[ps2id id=’brianscottgross’ target=”/]Brian Scott Gross – BSG PR

Brian Scott Gross

I would say the ease of the Apple Watch, the need to access information quickly, and the style are the 3 reasons one would purchase an Apple Watch.

The simplicity of the Apple Watch is really something to can be loved. I think even a child will understand how to use it 🙂

[ps2id id=’christinechan’ target=”/]Christine Chan – MUO Writer

Christine Chan1. To keep you motivated to stay active and healthy throughout the day

2. It’s a discreet way to get notifications without having to be on your phone all the time, so you don’t miss anything important without seeming rude in a public setting

3. Customization – there’s a lot of ways to personalize the Apple Watch to make it yours, from the different watch faces to bands and accessories. It’s fun.

Apple Watch does have a large set of watch faces, bands, and accessories. And what accessories do you use, Christine?

[ps2id id=’danscalco’ target=”/]Dan Scalco – Digitalux

Dan ScalcoHere are my three reasons to get an Apple Watch:

1. It’s the most efficient way to track workouts

2. It allows me to discreetly see who has texted or emailed me while in meetings

3. It gives me the ability to walk around the office and out to lunch without having to bring my phones (but still be connected if there is an emergency situation)

Conducting meetings using Apple Watch is a pleasure. You are not distracted by the constant vibration in your pocket. You only receive the most important notifications and do not miss something really urgent.

[ps2id id=’danielmiessler’ target=”/]Daniel Miessler – Information security professional

Daniel Miessler

1. No tinkering required.

2. It has the best health integration that I know of.

3. It has the best app support.

A large number of different applications is what distinguishes iOS from Android. Now, a lot of applications in the AppStore for iOS is also available for watchOS. Thank you, Daniel.

[ps2id id=’davehamilton’ target=”/]Dave Hamilton – Dave The Nerd

Dave HamiltonI’m not someone who wears my Apple Watch every day, but the three reasons that lead me to wear it more often than any other watch are: 

1. Сonvenient access to messages and notifications

2. Exercise/health tracking

3. Siri watch face. 

Thanks for your answer, Dave. Maybe after reading this article, you will find more opportunities for using Apple Watch and you will wear it every day. 🙂

[ps2id id=’davidchartier’ target=”/]David Chartier – Chartier Land

David Chartier– Motivation for better health

– Notifications for important things you don’t want to miss

– A voice-powered scratch pad that’s always with you (apps like Drafts and Bear are great here)

Oh yeah, the motivation to move is really what you need. The clock is constantly being pushed to move your ass and begin to practice 😉

[ps2id id=’derekouellette’ target=”/]Derek Ouellette –The Failure Blog

Derek Ouellette1. Prestige

2. Apple’s eco-system

I can’t think of a third.

It is a pity that you could not find the 3rd point Derek. Read the article, there are a huge number of pluses, but also the disadvantages of course, Apple Watch. I hope you will discover something new for yourself 🙂

[ps2id id=’elihodapp’ target=”/]Eli Hodapp – TouchArcade author

Eli HodappIf you’re often in situations where it’d be nice to have some minimal level of connectivity but carrying your iPhone around is annoying, the LTE Apple Watch is a great standalone smartwatch purchase. I was in Las Vegas for an EVE Online event by myself, and I was waiting for a few text messages but otherwise had a lot of time to kill. I just left my iPhone in my hotel room and went down to the pool, which was oddly cool to be able to do as otherwise I probably wouldn’t have gone since leaving your iPhone on the side of a pool in Vegas while you swim seems like an amazing way to get your phone stolen. Also, if you’re into jogging outdoors and are willing to play inside of the Apple ecosystem, being able to listen to music from your watch, without bringing your iPhone, while still being able to get phone calls and text messages is pretty magical.

Those are a couple of fringe use cases where I’ve found the Apple Watch to be fantastic. Everything else though? You’re basically just making your iPhone more annoying by buzzing your wrist instead of your pocket and locking yourself into charging another thing every day. Also, the gesture required to turn the screen on to check those alerts by raising your wrist to look at your watch is the international sign for “I’ve got better things to do” when you’re around anyone else. Typically when people ask me if they should buy an Apple Watch I just say no, as I just haven’t found it to be that useful (again, outside of a few rare cases).

Great story Eli! And in general a wonderful and detailed answer, thank you. You showed our readers both sides of the medal for which I am very grateful. I believe that everyone can choose the reason for buying a watch, which one is more suitable for him and your answer will greatly help them in this choice!

[ps2id id=’emilprotalinski’ target=”/]Emil Protalinski – VentureBeat News Editor 

Emil Protalinski

Don’t buy an Apple Watch. It’s overpriced and the battery life sucks.

Yes battery life really can be short for many users. Series 1 and Series 3 have a common indicator of Battery Life and I do not understand why Apple does not work in this direction. Maybe something changed with the update to watchOS 3? What do you think Emil?

Below I’ve written a few words about differences between apple watch series.

[ps2id id=’frankdoorhof’ target=”/]Frank Doorhof – Studio FD

Frank Doorhof

I love to do sports and also love to track health things.
Apple promised the world when the Apple watch was released in all honesty it’s a cool watch, but it doesn’t really excel in anything except looks. Let’s be honest getting notifications is nice but whoever answered a message from their wrist….

For sports the garmin just is the perfect match for me, it tracks sleep, it has a great dashboard and pairs up with bike computers (power meters), external heart rate sensors and it tracks strokes when rowing.

Also, the dashboard is stunning compared to Apples health app.
I was a HUGE Apple fan 2 years ago, but at the moment I’m using zero Apple devices, I still love the brand and think back with loads of love but the last few years Apple just totally lost it’s way and the completion is fiercer than ever.

Perfect answer Frank. I’m glad that you showed each side of Apple Watch. I hope my readers will appreciate this.

[ps2id id=’gerdleonhard’ target=”/]Gerd Leonhard – FuturistGerd

Gerd LeonhardHi I can only think of 3 reasons NOT to get an apple watch

1) I am already using digital communications way too much – less screens is better for me

2) I don’t want to drown in a see of notifications

3) I like my REAL watch

I respect your choice in the direction of standalone watches Gerd. I admit, I myself love a classic watch. I wear them occasionally on a date or some special occasion, it’s painfully sexy 😉 But for everyday life, Apple Watch, is very helpful in work.

[ps2id id=’grahambower’ target=”/]Graham Bower – Fitness Geek

Graham BowerMy three reasons to get an Apple Watch would be:

1. If you are serious about making changes to live a healthier life, the Activity tracker can support you in achieving your goals

2. If you have an iPhone and you want to get notifications on your wrist

3. If you sometimes want to leave your phone at home and still stay in touch (the LTE model)

Friends, Graham has a wonderful fitness blog and he does have a lot of articles devoted to the Apple Watch. Do not hesitate to read it if you are interested. Also thanks to Graham for having given me the time, I appreciate it. 🙂

[ps2id id=’hailleygriffis’ target=”/]Hailley Griffis – Culture Marketer at Buffer

Hailley GriffisI don’t have an Apple Watch, but the three reasons I might get one would be: 

1. For the health data. I’d love to know more about my sleeping patterns, number of steps in the day, and general movement information. 

2. To spend less time on my phone. Ideally, an Apple Watch would help me screen notifications more quickly so I’d have to be on my phone less often. Also, the smaller interface means I’m not as likely to get distracted by going into other apps and consuming content. 

3. To get better at answering my phone. Often times my phone is on silent and I miss calls, it would be more efficient to catch them on the first try instead of playing phone tag.

Hailley, I was very pleased with your answer. It’s a terrific experience for me. I am confident that my readers will be interested to read about your experience with the Apple Watch, of course, if you buy one. Thank you for sharing this with me and don’t miss any calls anymore 😉

[ps2id id=’jasonrich’ target=”/]Jason Rich – Author & Journalist 

Jason RichThe Apple Watch is ideal for anyone who is fitness minded because it offers at-a-glance information about heart rate, steps walked, distance traveled, etc. It also makes it easy to keep tabs on incoming messages and emails, without constantly having to look at your iPhone. Think of Apple Watch as a secondary screen for the iPhone that’s quick and easy to access. Just be sure to adjust all of the Notification settings for the watch, so you’re only alerted about things that are important to you. Don’t plan on using your voice to respond to text messages or emails via the watch. You’ll typically wind up spending more time doing that than typing a message into the phone. If you consider Apple Watch to be a secondary screen for your phone, your expectations will be more realistic.

It appears you have an unfortunate experience with using voice to respond to text messages? I have not noticed these kind of issues and there are certainly situations where you need to quickly respond to a message when you may not have your phone. Apple is strongly evolving towards voice interactions between the user and the device. I hope this will be perfected in the future.

[ps2id id=’jessicabishop’ target=”/]Jessica Bishop – The Budget Savvy Bride

Jessica Bishop1. It helps me be more present. I like that I can set up alerts for only the apps that are most important, so I can easily put my phone away, knowing I wouldn’t miss an emergency message.

2. There are so many integrations. I love all the various apps that sync with the Apple Watch that allow me to further customize it for my lifestyle and needs.

3. It tracks so much data. I love that the Apple Watch can monitor everything from my heart rate to exercise to even sleep with the help of certain apps.

I’m glad that you found the application of your Apple Watch valuable in almost every aspect of your life, Jessica. Thank you for the wonderful feedback, keep wearing your Apple Watch with pleasure 🙂

[ps2id id=’johnchow’ target=”/]John Chow – Blogger, speaker and entrepreneur

John ChowI don’t have an Apple Watch, nor do I really want one. But if I have to come up 3 reasons to pick it, then it would be.

1 – You have an iPhone so you can’t get an Android Watch.

2 – You think it makes you look cool.

3 – It has wrist bands that cost more than the watch.

Yes, that’s correct about the Apple Watch bands. I think that people do sometimes spend more money on them (in sum, of course) than on the cost of watches. Although I will say that there are really interesting models for everyone.

[ps2id id=’jonmitchell’ target=”/]Jon Mitchell – Publisher at Burning Man & Tech writer 

Jon MitchellMy three reasons to get an Apple Watch are:

1. Apple Watch lets you leave your phone at home (or in your pocket) while still maintaining the essentials of a digital lifestyle.

2. It promotes healthy habits.

3. It trains us for the next iteration of human-computer interfaces, where the devices become less tangible and the services become more ambient.

An interesting idea about the next iteration of human-to-computer interfaces. I completely agree with you Jon, and in general I think you’ve noticed that Apple is very actively moving in this direction.

[ps2id id=’jonathanchevreau’ target=”/]Jonathan Chevreau – Financial Independence Hub

Jonathan Chevreau1. Count steps and get rough guess on heart rate

2. Tell time and date

3. A distant third is all the rest: notifications, weather, other apps

This is a great set of functions for daily use, Jonathan. Everything you have provided is useful regarding your Apple Watch, and in short, thank you.

[ps2id id=’joshuagreene’ target=”/]Joshua Greene – iOS developer

Joshua Greene1. Internal business initiative or product that used Apple Watch

2. External customer that wanted Apple Watch support

3. Personal use… who doesn’t want to go swimming with that thing? 😉

I think it would be nice for everyone to swim with them, whoever uses them swimming I’m more than sure that they were satisfied 🙂

[ps2id id=’karissabell’ target=”/]Karissa Bell – Mashable’s Apps Reporter 

Karissa BellI’m not sure if I’m the best person to answer this as I’m not a big fan of smartwatches. That said, I think the Apple Watch’s biggest selling point is for health and fitness tracking. There are already a lot of great fitness apps, but I’m particularly interested to see how the platform evolves when it comes to addressing specific health conditions like heart disease and diabetes. I think this is one area where wearables could make a huge difference for people. For me personally though, I’m most interested in the Apple Watch’s new ski-tracking abilities. I’m an avid snowboarder and I already use apps to track my days on the mountain, so being able to do so from my wrist is a cool idea. 

Thank you for the detailed answer Karissa. As for medical diagnosis, I expect such things as determining blood sugar for diabetics and similar solutions. Sounds like a fantasy as far as I know, but I hope for it in the future.

[ps2id id=’kathyounger’ target=”/]Kath Younger – Kath Eats

Kath Younger

I love the activity tracker, especially for outdoor running, the ability to control music and see the weather at a glance, and managing my email by archiving irrelevant emails right when they come in so I don’t have a huge inbox waiting for me when I get back to my computer.

I agree with managing emails. Personally, sometimes I’ll leave my phone or computer and I don’t notice that each time it’s necessary to disassemble the most of the emails in my inbox.

[ps2id id=’kristenhare’ target=”/]Kristen Hare – Poynter

Kristen Hare

1. My phone no longer has a clock.

2. My phone no longer has email.

3. Clocks and email are no longer available anywhere else.

🙂 I don’t have an Apple Watch, mostly because I hate watches and try to disconnect from work when I’m not working, so this may not be too helpful. Everyone I know loves them! 

You just do not like the watch, Kristen. And that says it all 🙂 But it seems you agree they can be useful.

[ps2id id=’lancehaun’ target=”/]Lance Haun – Nut about technology

Lance HaunTop three reasons for me:

1. Comprehensive health tracking: This is the most important thing for me. I use it to track workouts, sleep, and heart rate — I even use it to track food.

2. Unobtrusive notifications: Ever been in a meeting and got a text or chat? Is it important or can it wait? With the Apple Watch, a quick glance tells me what’s up.

3. Leaving my phone in my pocket: I use my phone less because it’s not right in front of me. Every text is an opportunity to get distracted so I find the watch keeps me on track.

Thank you for the detailed answer Lance, It is pleasing to hear from someone who is using their Apple Watch for tracking food. Do you use applications for counting calories in food or something else?

[ps2id id=’leehutchinson’ target=”/]Lee Hutchinson – Senior Technology Editor at Ars Technica

Lee HutchinsonMy answer right now is that I wouldn’t buy an Apple Watch or any other smartwatch. When they’re fully self-contained and don’t need a phone to function, then I’d think about it. (And the latest apple watch rev w/added LTE support doesn’t count, since it’s pretty terrible).

Adding LTE is still a necessary thing for watches of this type, I rather like the standard though, but I do not think that this update deserves a separate version like the Series 3, I think it was necessary to do it right away. But the most important thing is that I’m not happy that support does not work in many countries and that’s sad. Thank you for noticing this Lee. But the one wonderful plus is the ability to listen to music using AirPods, and you do not need to take the phone with you as Lucas Matney said.

[ps2id id=’lloydalter’ target=”/]Lloyd Alter – MNN Writer

Lloyd Alter1. Connection to smart hearables like my Linx Halo 3Ds.

2. Health tracking- the three rings, the moving 30 minutes per day, the mileage when I bike and run.

3. The digital face that gives me local time, temperature, next meeting and Universal time on one glance.

I see you are actively using your watch and applying all their functions in practice. This is very cool, thanks Lloyd.

[ps2id id=’lucasmatney’ target=”/]Lucas Matney –  Writer at TechCrunch

Lucas MatneyHmm. Well, I’d say that the Apple Watch is a good get because Apple closes most of its core apps off to other wearables so the level of access you get within iOS delivers a much better experience than other watches for iPhone users. I also think the way the LTE apple watch and AirPods interact is a really compelling use case for leaving the phone at home while still staying connected. I think that they’ve done a great job with the design of the bands and building up great partnerships.

Good luck in whatever you’re working on!

Thank you for your wish Lucas, I hope you enjoyed this article. Yes, I also think that the ability to just listen to music, when you go off for a walk or a jog, is a huge plus of LTE. And now you do not need to take the phone with you, because sometimes it’s very annoying and distracting, especially if you are walking and just trying to relax listening to your favorite music.

[ps2id id=’lukedormehl’ target=”/]Luke Dormehl – Cult of Mac author and journalist 

Luke DormehlI’m actually not a massive fan of smartwatches as a form factor. I’m not convinced that they offer anything substantially different to smartphones in terms of usability. For me, the most compelling use case right now is fitness tracking – which is increasingly important in our sedentary world. Long-term, I think that medical diagnostics will be useful, but not right now. Happy to write a bit more if you wish, but it’s probably the Apple device I’m least keen in its current iteration in some ways.

Yes Luke and again yes, you can write more about Apple Watch now, because this article reveals many pluses and minuses of this device.

[ps2id id=’maddyosman’ target=”/]Maddy Osman – The Blogsmith

Maddy OsmanI can speak about getting an Apple Watch from experience—I’ve had one for a few months now! My top 3 reasons as to why you might want to get one:

1. If you don’t have a fitness band. I prefer Fitbit because of its community feel (like step challenges) but the Apple Watch has similarly useful technology if you’re more interested in keeping track of your daily goals without that social aspect.

2. If you want to be able to check messages and emails without looking at your phone. Ideal for meetings or going out with friends and not looking like a tool for being stuck on your device, even if it’s really just a different way to do it.

3. If you want access to information quickly. There are tons of Apple Watch apps for taking/reading notes, accessing to do lists, using your calendar, and even dictating notes to yourself.

I’m glad for you Maddy, it seems you are more than satisfied with your watch 🙂 In my opinion, you showed the best sides of the Apple Watch. Perfect input, thank you for that.

[ps2id id=’marcforrest’ target=”/]Marc Forrest – A Mobile-Mad Dad

Marc Forrest3 reason why I would get an Apple Watch

1. Fitness tracking. I have been using my Apple watch over the last 6 months to track my gym workouts and I am seeing results daily. The watch collects detailed stats of your workouts and allows you to review them on the Health App.

2. Notifications. The Apple Watch is perfect to check on quick notifications without having to look at your phone. If there is an urgent message which needs to be attended to, you can pick it up quickly on your watch

3. Music on the Go. I recently got the Apple Airpods, and the watch is perfect to control your music while your phone is in your pocket. They just work so well together

Using the Apple Watch to track results in sports is popular, allowing users to track gym workouts, also supported by many experts. Excellent addition Marc, I think your answer will please many.

[ps2id id=’markanderson’ target=”/]Mark Anderson – ICT Evangelist

Mark Anderson

1. Healthy competition 

2. Connectivity

3. Productivity

Thank you for joining us Mark. I would like to say a few words about productivity. I believe that the Apple Watch is the device that helps people to become more productive every day and I’m glad that watches provide an opportunity for a person to deal faster with everyday tasks.

[ps2id id=’martinbryant’ target=”/]Martin Bryant – Tech and media consultant

Martin Bryant1. Once you get notifications set up the way you like them, it’s perfect for quickly checking the most important things on your phone without looking at the screen.

2. It’s a really good activity tracker. I bought an Apple Watch on day one and even though I’m currently using an Android phone, I still wear it every day. That’s because the rings are the best visualisation of reaching an activity goal that I’ve tried. It doesn’t matter to me that I can’t sync it to Apple Health – it just helps make sure I stay active through each day.

3. While the interface was a little fiddly at launch, it’s now beautifully refined, helping to make it the best wearable tech device out there. Still, whether you really need it is up to you.

The problem of today’s world is that we sit too often behind a computer and sometimes just do not notice that we have spent the whole day, and physical activity is extremely necessary. So it’s great to spot Martin.

[ps2id id=’meganrosedickey’ target=”/]Megan Rose Dickey – Reporter at TechCrunch 

Megan Rose Dickey1. Ability to see text messages

2. Quickly decline calls

3. Quickly see what’s on my calendar

I hope Megan that you do not reject all the calls quickly 😀 Joke of course, thank you for the answer Megan, it’s very nice to receive answers from representatives of major publications like TechCrunch!

[ps2id id=’michaelcalore’ target=”/]Michael Calore – WIRED Senior editor

Michael CaloreThree reasons to get an Apple Watch? Because you like to track your basic health stats, because you love your iPhone and want to hear from it more often than you already do, and because you have an insatiable interest in budding technologies so you’re willing to wear a smartwatch years before it becomes truly useful.

A lot of geeks would smile at your comment Michael, we all love technology right? 🙂

[ps2id id=’michaelkummer’ target=”/]Michael Kummer – Technology blogger

Michael KummerHere are the three primary reasons why I would get an Apple Watch (if I didn’t already have one):

1. The Apple Watch is an excellent and accurate timekeeper and automatically adjusts when temporarily changing time zones – for example when traveling.
2. The Apple Watch makes me use my iPhone less, which is especially an advantage in social settings. If I get a notification, I can quickly glance at my watch to see if it is important or not.
3. The Apple Watch is the digital backbone of my healthy lifestyle because it keeps tabs on my sleep and physical activity.

I’ve never tried using a sleep tracker, can you tell us a little more about how this works, Michael? The watch understands when you wake up or at night or when you can not fall asleep?

[ps2id id=’mikerohde’ target=”/]Mike Rohde – Rohdesign

Mike RohdeHere you go:

1. I love tracking my health details (movement, exercise, stand hours, sleep) because it keeps me aware of what I’m doing for my health the past year and a half.

2. Notifications from apps like alerts about my parking meter expiring, or reminding me that my bus is coming soon. I like that it reduces my pulling the iPhone out of my pocket.

3. Mapping, especially walking directions, also because my phone stays in my pocket so I don’t look like a tourist.

Ahaha Mike, I do not think that people with a smartphone in their hands look like tourists in the modern world, on the contrary more likely a common phenomenon 🙂

[ps2id id=’monicachin’ target=”/]Monica Chin – Mashable’s Journalist 

Monica ChinI would say:

1. The ease of accessing your heart data and the ability to participate in the Apple Heart Study.

2. How easy it is to connect it to an iPhone and receive iMessages while exercising.

3. The availability of custom bands and accessories. 

And which bands and accessories do you use Monica? It would be cool to find out and find something cool for yourself 🙂

[ps2id id=’philipelmerdewitt’ target=”/]Philip Elmer-DeWitt – PED30

Philip Elmer-DeWitt1. Find my phone when it’s lost under a newspaper

2. Get notifications, alarms, turn-by-turn directions, etc. as silent taps on the wrist.

3. Make me feel virtuous when I’ve burned some exercise calories

I smiled at the point with the newspaper, it’s something funny and unusual. Thank you!

[ps2id id=’raymondwong’ target=”/]Raymond Wong – Mashable’s Senior Tech Correspondent

Raymond WongApple Watch is first and foremost a fitness tracker. If you enjoy being active and want the best way to track your fitness data, Apple Watch is the perfect device. Apple Watch is also a great way to receive notifications; you end up checking your iPhone less throughout the day. And lastly, Apple Watch is fashionable; it’s the only wearable that has as many styles of watch bands to swap in and out to match your outfit.

Are you one of those guys who have a lot of watch bands? Would you mind showing the audience your favorite? Maybe someone will like it 🙂

[ps2id id=’reneritchie’ target=”/]Rene Ritchie – iMore Editorial Director

Rene Ritchie1. Quantified life. Keeping track of what you’re doing helps you mindful of what you need to do.

2. ApplePay, if it’s available in your region. Once you can pay easily and securely from your wrist, you don’t want to have to pay any other way.

3. Siri everywhere. You may not be close to your iPhone or HomePod, but with Apple Watch you can tell Siri to control your lights, send a message, or get you the weather with just a few words.

Thank you for such a detailed response, I also agree with the use of Apple Pay, it’s really convenient. I’m also glad you mentioned Siri. How often do you use it and for what purposes?

[ps2id id=’robinwauters’ target=”/]Robin Wauters – Founder

Robin Wauters1) You have way too much money

2) You have way too little taste

3) You work at Apple

Funny reasons Robin, you made me smile thank you. Do you use any other watches and if so which ones and why?

[ps2id id=’rolandkarim’ target=”/]Roland Karim – Coupon Pro

Roland1. Quality. Everything about the way it feels, speed, and colors are superb. The watch looks awesome too!

2. Convenience. When I’m working, driving or just relaxing at home, I rather not be attached to my phone the entire time. The fact that I could answer phone calls, reply to messages, and receive reminders makes life so much easier!

3. Fitness. If you’re pretty active and like to workout, you’ll love the fitness portion of the watch. Whether you’re into Yoga, Dance, CrossFit, or Strength Training, you can get a summary of your daily activities. Very helpful!”

Thank you for mentioning the quality of Apple Watch, this is for why I respect the technique of Apple engineering in general. Perfect input Roland.

[ps2id id=’scottgardner’ target=”/]Scott Gardner – Raywenderlich author & IOS developer

Scott Gardner1. Exercise, e.g., running. I play music on Apple Watch paired with AirPods.

2. Tracking health, in particular, heart health.

3. Quick notifications/reminders, messages, and an occasional call without having to pull out your iPhone.

You mentioning the most important and significant benefits of the Apple Watch. I have nothing to add, but I would like to say thank you from myself and my readers 🙂

[ps2id id=’sebastienpage’ target=”/]Sébastien Page – Founder of iDB

Sébastien PageApple Watch has quickly become an indispensable accesssory in my daily life. So much so that there is not one day that goes by where I don’t wear it.

Here are 3 reasons to get an Apple Watch:

– Notifications right on your wrist. No need to pull your iPhone out of your pocket. Just give a quick glance at your watch.

– Step tracking. I walk a certain amount of steps every single day. Apple Watch helps me keep track of that effortlessly.

– Music controls. I can easily control music playing in my house right from my wrist.

Do you use a smart house system in your home? If so, could you please tell us a bit about which type and the devices that you use?

[ps2id id=’serenitycaldwell’ target=”/]Serenity Caldwell – iMore managing editor

Serenity Caldwell answer

Thank you Serenity for your answer. I would like some more feedback about messaging by voice. How well does it work in your opinion? Are you satisfied with everything?

[ps2id id=’shellypalmer’ target=”/]Shelly Palmer – Business advisor, author & commentator

Shelly Palmer1. Notifications

2. Notifications

3. Notifications

I have 100 reasons not to get one. – s

Shelly, you can easily set up notifications on your Apple Watch to receive exactly what you need. I hope this and other advantages of this watch will change your opinion. In any case, thank you for your comment.

[ps2id id=’stefansvartling’ target=”/]Stefan Svartling – YouTuber & Watch Geek

Stefan SvartlingPersonally, I wouldn’t get an Apple watch. Android Wear is better if you want to have great watch faces. I use Android Wear.

But if you have to use an Apple watch, the only reason I can see is health and fitness.

And what specific watches do you use Stefan? I think some would be interested in that answer. 🙂

[ps2id id=’susieochs’ target=”/]Susie Ochs – This Is Bananas

Susie Ochs

1. Fitness

2. Telling the time

3. Notifications

Brief, clear, and to the point. Thank you Susie.

[ps2id id=’zachholman’ target=”/]Zach Holman – Founder of During 

Zach HolmanHonestly I’m just going to stick with one: tracking your health. I think having your health data is going to be orders of magnitude more powerful in the future, and by tracking things now you have a decent benchmark to compare against in the future. Personally I use my Apple Watch to track my steps, my heart rate information (including VO2 Max), and sleep tracking. Big fan of it.

For some, this is really the only reason to buy an Apple Watch – there’s so much more that you may not need.

What is the difference between series of Apple Watches?[ps2id id=’differencebetweenapplewatchseries’ target=”/]

Speaking of Apple Watch, we can say that when comparing main and additional characteristics of the device to current and previous watch versions, Apple Watch can not be as bright as I thought.

Structured information on the differences between smart-watch models is available in the following table:

SpecificationSeries 1Series 2Series 3
CPU780 MHz Dual-Core780 MHz Dual-CoreDual-Core
Storage8 GB8 GBNon-LTE: 8 GB
LTE: 16 GB
RAM512 MB512 MB768 MB
OS VersionswatchOS 3.2.2 to 4watchOS 3.2.2 to 4watchOS 4
RequiresiOS 10 or lateriOS 10 or lateriOS 11 or later
Battery38mm watch: 205 mAh
42mm watch: 246 mAh
38mm watch: 273 mAh
42mm watch: 334 mAh
Non-LTE: 262 mAh (38mm), 330 mAh (42mm)
LTE: 279 mAh (38mm), 352 mAh (42mm)

In addition, we can not fail to recognize that due to the presence or absence of a key innovation, the LTE module, the difference between the Apple Watch Series 2 and 3 for different countries is very significant.


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Reasons To Buy an Apple Watch (as voted by 53 experts!)

#1 Health & Fitness Tracking tied with 43 votes
#2 Quick Access To Notifications & Apps (Time, Weather, Calendar etc) tied with 40 votes
#3 Apple Ecosystem (Including ApplePay and Siri) – 17 votes
#4 Leaving Phone & Music Opportunity (LTE version) tied with 15 votes
#5 Style & Customization tied with 7 votes

Also after quite a few useful reviews, I’m more than sure that you have a desire to buy an Apple Watch Series 3 right now, do not deny yourself the pleasure of buying one of these wonderful watches! I will say only one thing, the device improves the quality of life, provides an opportunity to receive new emotions, and of course motivates you to move forward.

And finally, for my wonderful readers:

Is the Apple Watch worth it?

Share your thoughts in the comments 🙂

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