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Sam Pierce - Resident Editor-in-Chief and Founder of FindTheDecision

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By Sam Pierce – Founder & Resident Editor-in-Chief Of FindTheDecision

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Jaxson Patel Editor and Wearable Devices Specialist

Jaxson Patel – Editor & Wearable Devices Specialist

I’ve been repairing watches from the time I was in high school. For me, smartwatches and fitness trackers are more than just a job. Repairing these devices is also my hobby. In the future, I hope to re-open my repair shop. In my free time, I enjoy baseball and reading electronics forums.


Maxim Goncharov – Professional Photographer & Content Editor

I’ve been a photographer since 2006, and have experience using cameras and lenses from many brands. I’ve entered many photography competitions, including the 2018 35AWARDS, and I’ve won many photography prizes. I have over 20K Instagram followers, and I hope to reach a global audience.

Sam Pierce - Resident Editor-in-Chief & Founder of FindTheDecision

Sam Pierce – Resident Editor-in-Chief & Founder Of FindTheDecision

I’ve worked as an engineer for 8 years and have contributed to various technological innovations. I know that choosing the right gadget is difficult. For this reason, I decided to create a blog to help everyone choose the best gadgets for their situation. 

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