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What Does a Fitbit Do?

Well, you did not accidentally get here, which means you’re eager to know what does a Fitbit bracelet do. Well, in this article I will tell you in detail about each of its functions and give an understanding of the principles of how it works.

But first, let’s talk about the conceptions and capabilities of a modern fitness tracker.

Things That Not Only Fitbit Can Do

Functions of the gadget – The functionality of the device depends on its focus, brand, and price. The range of “tricked out” sports models of well-known companies include additional abilities. But the average smart bracelet must be able to:

  • Count steps
  • Monitor pulse and heartbeat
  • Determine sleep time
  • Smart alarm clock
  • Measure Calories Burned

All these functions are useful and applicable in everyday life. Thanks to them, you can easily monitor your health, as well as improve it. Consider in more detail the main abilities, so here they are without further ado.

Heart Rate Monitor

This feature comes first because in most cases, users buy a tracker for the convenience of counting the pulse, for example, while jogging. The purpose of each load requires a certain indicator of the pulse. If it exceeds the norm or falls short, accurate results will not be achieved. During a run, a fitness bracelet helps to control the pulse within the required limits.

By providing accurate performance, the serves as an indispensable tool for any workout. Now specifically about Fitbit, it is backed by a proprietary technology called Pure Pulse, which allows you to determine the amount of blood that passes through your wrist, hence rendering the most accurate data.

But of course, we have already a similar algorithm for almost every manufacturer, but the question is how Fitbit processes this data. I will tell you honestly that is one of the best in the market.

What about heart rate?

Using your heart rate sensor, the bracelet will monitor your heart rate at rest, which is the main indicator of your health.

Now let’s talk about the active heart rhythm.

Everything is simple, where your heart rate will be recorded at all times and compiled into detailed statistics. If you follow this, you can easily find the data in your Fitbit application and see how your heart works during any period, especially during training.

Fitbit also has another excellent feature called VO2 Max.

What is VO2 Max?

VO2 Max is the amount of oxygen that our body can process. The more of it, the better. If you often play sports, you will see that his number will quickly increase.

Sleep Monitoring

Rest time control is important for all users. In modern life rhythm, normal sleep is disturbed. Its correctness affects not only the state of health but also the rate of aging of a person. The product shows accurate rest numbers by the daily load.

The word “load” means not only physical activity but also generally intense daily activity. Thanks to constant wear, the gadget reveals the level of fatigue and exposes the right time to sleep. Also, the device tracks the phase and maintains statistics of healthy recreation.

And now in more detail. How it works will be analyzed using the example of Fitbit:

  1. Suppose you are motionless for an hour. What does this mean? That’s right that you are sleep. Therefore, the bracelet understands this and starts tracking your sleep.
  2. And if at the same time your heart began to beat slower than usual, then the fitness tracker determines that you are in a phase of slow sleep. Realizing how much slower it beats, Fitbit understands what a dream is, deep or light.
  3. Suddenly, you start tossing or turning over in your sleep. Your heart rate is accelerating, and the tracker understands that now the phase of REM sleep has arrived.
  4. If you succumb to a vertical position or actively move, it is obvious that you have woken up.
  5. At the end of the tracker collects statistics of your sleep.

Who can it be useful?

If you use this data, you can easily create your sleep mode. If you care about your health and want to feel more productive, then I highly recommend that you pay attention to this function.

But what exactly does a Fitbit do?

It’s simple…collects data for 5 days and the application summarizes the average. The result indicates the number of hours you have to spend in a dream to go through all the phases of sleep and fully relax. And of course, you can customize everything at your discretion. For example, the best time to sleep among other metrics. According to the results, the application will monitor correctly whether you sleep enough every day.

Smart Alarm Clock

This feature is tailored to individual needs and is directly related to sleep monitoring. By tracking the degree of fatigue, the device wakes up the user based on the metrics configured. With the support of daily activity parameters and the desired quality of sleep, the “smart” alarm clock itself decides when the wake-up time, so you do not have to set it up manually each time. This contributes to the clarity of the parameters, where if you remove the device, it will not be able to accurately track all the necessary data.

Calorie Count

The function allows you to control the weight and proves useful not only for weight loss but also for the general wellness of the body. For the right parameters, you must independently configure in the tracker the type and quantity of food eaten during the day. It is not always possible to measure grams exactly, as finding the product itself in the device may be challenging.


This is not a comprehensive list of all the features of this device. But is more than enough to correctly evaluate it and understand whether it suits your needs. And if you’re still not over the fence and do not understand whether you need to purchase such a tracker, I highly recommend that you read the article should I get a Fitbit.

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