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In this article, our team has compiled detailed wearable tech statistics.

We analyzed data from 2014 to 2020. We looked at who uses wearable devices and why, what share of the market they take up, and other interesting data. We found 33 points that deserve your attention.

If you want to know what role gadgets play in the modern world, then we suggest that you take a look at our research.

Note: The Apple Watch is the most popular wearable device. Click here if you want to know more about it.

Now for some interesting stats!

The Wearable Tech Statistics

1. 27.4 million wearable devices were shipped in 2015 and over 178 million wearable devices were purchased in 2018. (3dinsider)

2. In 2019, 255 million devices were sold. (3dinsider)

3. Smartwatches account for 74 million out of 225 million wearable devices. (3dinsider)

4. 48.1% of the market for wearable devices is occupied by budget brands. (3dinsider)

5. Smart watches make up 52% of the global smart technology market. (BrandonGaille)

6. Profit by type of technology (Statista):

Revenues From Consumer Electronics Sales Worldwide In 2020

7. The market volume for wearable technologies was $50 billion in 2019. (IDTechEX)

8. In 2019, the volume of the wearable device industry increased by 25.8%. (3dinsider)

9. By 2021, 559 million wearable devices are predicted to be purchased by US consumers. (3dinsider)

10. China’s smart technology industry reported revenues of $4.5 billion in 2018. (BrandonGaille)

11. In 2014, FitBit had 40% of the wearable market, but that had decreased to 20% by 2019. (BrandonGaille)

12. In 2019, shipments of smartwatches totaled 74 million units. (BrandonGaille)

13. Wireless headphones made up 48% of gadgets sold in 2017. (BrandonGaille)

14. In 2017, 19 million VR headsets were sold. (BrandonGaille)

15. In 2017, 4.12 million items of smart clothing were produced. (BrandonGaille)

16. 38% of people aged 25-34 wear smartwatches. In total, 50.6% of adults wear smartwatches. Also, 13.2% of older people use smart technology. (eMarketer)

17. 25% of people who bought a wearable device did not have their expectations met. (BrandonGaille)

18. The average person spends $79.75 on a wearable device. (BrandonGaille)

19. 32% of people use smart devices due to health problems. (BrandonGaille)

20. Every third person believes that these devices will improve their lives. (BrandonGaille)

21. 20% of people who are interested in buying a wearable device next year are interested in how it can make their life easier. (BrandonGaille)

22. 38% of parents are interested in wearables because they help them keep their child safe. (BrandonGaille)

23. 30% of people leave their phone at home because a smart device performs the same function. (BrandonGaille)

24. 90% of people use a fitness app on their phone. (BrandonGaille)

25. 96% of users use only one health and fitness app. (FLURRY)

26. In 2019, the revenue of fitness apps was $327 million. (Statista)

27. The number of U.S. adults using wearable devices has grown from 39.5 million in 2015 to 81.7 million at 2018. (3dinsider)

28. 38.8 million US residents have purchased at least one wearable product, be it a smartwatch or a fitness tracker. (BrandonGaille)

29. Number of wearable device users in the US (BrandonGaille):

Number of Wearable Device Users In US From 2014 To 2019

30. Consumer wearables revenues in the US (BrandonGaille):

Consumer Wearables Revenues In US From 2014 To 2019

31. 56.7 million US residents use wearable devices at least once a month. (EMarketer)

32. 3.8 million American children use wearable devices. (eMarketer)

33. 90% of American consumers said they currently use a fitness tracker. (GALLUP)

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