10 Best Smartwatches Under 100 (Review) In 2020

Looking for the best smartwatch under 100?

If your budget does not allow you to purchase the Apple Watch 4 Series or Samsung Gear S3, then do not break a sweat yet because there are several other options to choose from. 

I am going to present you with the top 10 smartwatches under 100 dollars, which will allow you to save money without sacrificing quality.

The Best Smartwatch Under 100

Therefore, it may be difficult for you to choose only the best cheap smartwatches from a large number of Chinese products. Demystifying Digital has tested the top 10 smartwatches under 100 on the market and also presents you with a buying guide to ease your decision. Here they are:

1. Amazfit Bip Best Smartwatch Under 100

If you need the best smartwatch under 100, then the Amazfit Bip is probably the perfect choice for you. 

Xiaomi’s Huami Amazfit Bip is a model for sports enthusiasts that is suitable for daily use. Extensive functionality and discreet design allow you to wear it for a run and to office environments as well. 

In short, it is water-resistant, can count steps, distance traveled and calories burned and offers GPS capabilities. These features are controlled from the screen and through the application on your smartphone.

This best smartwatch under 100 looks pretty neutral, with a plastic rounded rectangle. You may find a slight resemblance to the Apple Watch. Amid the plastic Pebble or Pebble Time, the Amazfit Bip seems to be a “serious” device.

Unlike fitness trackers, smartwatches support interchangeable straps, which increase their reliability and allows you to change its appearance. Further, the native rubber strap with a plastic retainer is quite pleasant and does not cause discomfort, and can be cleaned easily. 

The watch is controlled through an application on the smartphone and can also perform several functions without it. 

Here are a few features that Amazfit Bip can do:

  • Keep tabs on the distance traveled;
  • Motivate you to walk more;
  • Measure your pulse;
  • Record autonomous training data;
  • Monitor phases of sleep;
  • Show incoming notifications;
  • Vibrate when an incoming call arrives, show the number of the caller and there also a hang-up or mute button;
  • Remind you if you sit still for a long time;
  • Have access to an alarm clock.

The 190 mAh battery fits in a compact watch case. Battery life is 45 days without recharging depending on use. 

Xiaomi smartwatches are a decent budget alternative to the popular Apple Watch. If you need the best smartwatch under 100 dollars for sports and not for status and image, the Amazfit Bip is perhaps the best option for you. 

2. Pebble Smartwatch Best Proven Smartwatch Under 100

The main disadvantage of most smartwatches under 100 is their power consumption, where they cannot be constantly turned on since the operating time is drastically reduced. The solution could be found in the use of screens that do not consume much energy and Pebble uses the technology of “electronic paper”, similar to what we see in e-books.

The screen resolution is 144×168 pixels, while the word e-paper is not covered by eInk technology, as one might assume, but rather by Sharp’s Memory LCD technology. It outperforms traditional LCDs in terms of energy consumption, and the screen changes the picture almost imperceptibly to the eye, which allows you to create animations that do look surprisingly beautiful.

From a design point of view, this smartwatch under 100 is a stunner, but the rectangular shape is by no means suitable for everyone, as well as its size. You need to install the Pebble application on your smartphone, from where you can manage the clock and use it together with the smartphone.

There are not many possibilities in the company’s application, but you can see the name of the caller and their phone number (you can reject the call from the smartwatch), read the last SMS (previous ones will not be shown, there is no navigation), see the calendar entry and the likes. You can also control your smartphone music, skip between tracks and click to pause.

Basically, third-party programs are connected to the watch and the watch screen serves as an external display for data. For example, information about your runs is displayed in Runkeeper. But on a brighter note, the number of such programs is constantly growing.

By using a proprietary program, you can install Watchfaces, which are various dials that can be either be static or animated.

3. Garmin vívoactive HR Best Smartwatch Under 100 For Swimming

The Vivoactive HR looks sporty, from afar similar to a regular watch. And in terms of functionality, it surely doesn’t disappoint. 

  • Water protection – up to 50 meters;
  • Activity modes – yes;
  • Heart rate sensor – there is and the same as on the expensive Fenix ​​5S.

In addition to the touch screen, the best smartwatch under 100 has two physical buttons specifically for controlling and starting training in any conditions, including in water. The touchscreen is quite responsive and not buggy. The screen is made using special Garmin technology and it is readable in all weather conditions.

The watch has a built-in GPS module and an accelerometer for indoor activities – for example for running on a treadmill. Vivoactive is more compact, lighter, somewhat more accurate and cheaper by a fraction of the cost compared to some more expensive brands. 

Plus, it offers better functionality compared to conventional fitness trackers, so if you are an amateur athlete and feel the need for a more advanced training gadget – Vivoactive HR smartwatch under 100 is for you.

4. LETSCOM Best Budget Smartwatch Under 100

If you are looking only for sports functionality and receiving notifications, we recommend that you purchase a fitness tracker such as from LETSCOM. You can buy it in a choice of 5 colors and it’s suited for women, children, and men.

The main task of this best smartwatch under 100 is to count steps, distance, calories burned and minutes of activity. At the same time, it has 14 sports modes that have their algorithms for calculating this data.

Also, you will receive notifications about messages and calls to your smartphone. Moreover, WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram notifications and others can be accessed here. In terms of sleep monitoring, LETSCOM not only monitors time slept but also its quality. 

5. YAMAY Best Overall Smartwatch Under 100

Another good Chinese smartwatch, which comes with more features than you can ask for. For starters, there is a beautiful 1.3-inch color display that easily responds to your actions. The gadget has a waterproof level of IP68, but the manufacturer claims that you can swim and take a shower with it. YAMAY has an exclusive female health function, where women can their set menstrual length, period length, and last menstrual date.

However, these smartwatches monitor the health of a user of any gender. So, it uses heart rate monitoring that works 24/7 and advanced sleep monitoring. There are also fourteen sports modes to keep yourself in good shape. Autonomous operating time is 7-10 days. This is a very good indicator when you consider that the charge time is only 2 hours.

6. SKYGRAND Best Smartwatch Under 100 With Female Health Tracker

This Chinese smartwatch costs under 50 dollars and is a great example of a combination of quality and pocket-friendly price. With regards to functionality, SKYGRAND may surprise you, starting with its 14 sports modes. When synchronized with your smartphone, this watch can use GPS data and analyze the distance traveled.

SKYGRAND smartwatch under 100 monitors your health and activity 24 hours a day. At the same time, it will remind you if you sit for a long time without movement. Also, for women, there is a reminder of the menstrual cycles. The waterproof level is IP68. This means that with this gadget you can wash dishes, but swimming in the pool or taking a shower is not recommended. 

7. Surpro Best Smartwatch Under 100 For Sleep

If you need an under 100 smartwatch that looks like an expensive gadget, then try Surpro. Its design looks very elegant and minimalistic, from afar and slightly resembles an Apple Watch. Just like most smartwatches, you’ve got several sports function to choose from too. In addition to regular workouts, Surpro can be customized to your own goals and needs. 

Another useful feature is music control, which allows you to switch music on your smartphone. The same function allows you to control the camera. Just put the smartphone on the stand and press the button on the watch to take a photo. It’s as simple as that! 

This smartwatch under 100 uses advanced sleep monitoring with REM sleep. It takes into account several phases of sleep, namely deep and fast, which gives you a more holistic picture of its quality.

8. GOKOO Smart Watch Best Classic Smartwatch Under 100

Do you like classics? GOKOO looks like a conventional wristwatch with its 1.3-inch color display among other key features. However, it is not! This range of cost-efficient smartwatches can prove extremely handy in your everyday life. Its functionality allows you to increase the capabilities of your smartphone.

They have all the necessary functions for sleeping, playing sports, tracking activity, reminders and notifications, and much more. At the same time, smartwatches are compatible with 7.0 IOS and Android 4.4. So, you will not have any issues with synchronization.

Another nice point. The manufacturer provides a guarantee of 12 months, so you can buy GOKOO with confidence. 

9. VTech Kidizoom Smartwatch Best Smartwatch Under 100 For Kids

If you are looking for a children’s watch under $100, then look no further than the VTech Kidizoom. This is a smartwatch for children, which is ideal for young photographers and has a small amount of internal memory. Further, it offers a variety of entertainment options and provides young users with multifunctional technologies.

The watch comes in several colors: pink, blue, white, green and purple, and is appointed with a bright 1.4-inch color touch screen, which offers you more than 50 dial designs to choose from and the ability to choose between 3D digital and analog displays.

Like a watch, it displays time thanks to a huge selection of about 50 digital and analog dials – almost like Apple brand devices. Of course, they are not so stylish, but quite functional. Even the stopwatch has five different kinds of displays to choose from.

The camera has a resolution of 0.3 megapixels and allows you to take pictures in 640×480 and shoot video 320×440 resolution. You can’t expect high-quality photos or videos from this smartwatch. Smartwatches allow you to add various effects to your photos, such as cute jewelry or extremely bright color photo frames.

This smartwatch under 100 includes 8 games, and the company allows you to switch this set with new games and applications that can be installed from the Lodge service using a USB cable, which is also used when downloading photos and videos and to charge the battery.

10. ODFIT-M3 Best Heart Rate Monitor Smartwatch Under 100

Looking for a smartwatch under 100 for sports? Let’s take a look at this product. It is distinct due to its lightweight and when you wear it, you don’t notice that you have something on your hand because it is just so sleek and light. 

Odfit has a built-in GPS module that allows you to leave your smartphone at home when you go on a run. The watch will record and store in its memory the distance you have run and the route map and will display this information on the screen, and also write the data to the phone during synchronization. In addition to the usual training modes, you will find table tennis and even badminton.

The heart rate here is monitored using the PPG dynamic heart rate monitor, which allows you to receive data with almost 100% accuracy. Another advantage of the gadget is its easy setup and friendly customization. You can change the interface and personal profile to your taste. The battery life is good between 2-3 weeks depending on use. 

Best Smartwatches Under 100 – Buying Guide

Best Smartwatches Under 100

Dial type

A smartwatch with an analog dial is outwardly indistinguishable from ordinary mechanical or quartz watches.

Dot-matrix (reflective, transflective, LCD, TFT) – a display based on a liquid crystal matrix. Monochrome displays usually have a reflective backing and use external lighting. To see the display in the dark, turn on the backlight.

Color LCDs are usually transflective and have a translucent backing. Compared with LED and OLED displays, LCDs have lower power consumption, therefore, last longer on a single charge.

One of the main disadvantages of LCD screens about watches is their narrow temperature range – even at small negative temperatures, crystals begin to freeze and the image becomes unreadable.

Degree of protection

Most smartwatches are identified by IPXY, IP (Internal Protection), X is the level of protection against solid objects and particles, Y is the level of protection against moisture. The first digit of a smartwatch can be 5 or 6, i.e., dustproof (5) or dustproof (6).

Wireless connection

This is one of the most important features of a smartwatch and allows paired devices to communicate with the smartphone via Bluetooth. Support for ANT + technology will be useful for fitness bracelets and sports smartwatches and is designed to allow the device to exchange data with other sports equipment.


Should you buy Chinese Smartwatches?

Most of the best smartwatches under $100 are a product of Chinese manufacturers. However, this does not mean that they are bad. Now the Chinese manufacturers make very high-quality and cheap smartwatches that come with a large number of functions that are often not seen in big brands. 

What is the difference between a cheap smartwatch and an expensive one?

First of all, they differ in the material from which they are made. As a rule, inexpensive models use more plastic. Manufacturers of top-end gadgets create cases made of metal, glass and genuine leather. Secondly, cheap smartwatches have poor accuracy in measuring various data, such as measuring heart rate and monitoring sleep. 


A cheap gadget does not mean that it is bad. Smartwatches from this list will allow you to save money without compromising on the functionality of top expensive products. Yes, the software may not be as fast and not all functions are as accurate as we see in the top of the line models, but if you are an amateur athlete or you just like technology, then this range of smartwatches should work for you.

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