7 Practical Uses for a Smartwatch

No one is surprised by smartwatches these days. These devices are as common to come across as, for example, smartphones. But unlike smartphones, smartwatches are not considered absolutely necessary devices.

This is a rather unusual accessory that can expand your capabilities.

So, if you need help deciding whether to buy one, Demystifying Digital has provided 7 practical uses for a smartwatch.

Practical uses for a smartwatch

1. For social status

The very first relatively ‘smart’ watches appeared in the early seventies. They were rather cumbersome and strange devices that only the most dedicated fan of technology or science fiction would wear.

With the release of the Apple Watch, everything has changed. In less than two years, the smartwatch has turned from geek toys into an expensive status accessory. Now Apple Watch can be seen in the hands of people accustomed to wearing mechanical Rolex.

2. To listen to music

A very important advantage of any smartwatch is the ability to remotely control some applications on a smartphone. Such functions can be especially valuable for music lovers. When you listen to music through headphones, and the smartphone is in your pocket, it can be inconvenient to fish it out every time you want to switch songs or adjust the volume.

In particular, this problem is relevant in the winter, when the user has to unbutton their jacket and forage for their iPhone among inner pockets. In such situations, a smartwatch can take over the functions of the player control panel.

3. To monitor health

Smartwatches are gradually becoming a tool for monitoring the health of the user. Basic functions that are found in almost all models are pulse measurement, pedometer and calorie counter. Every year new features appear.

For example, now smartwatches for women help monitor women’s health, and Apple Watch can collect medical information about the user and pass it on to the attending physician. In the latest models, manufacturers have begun to add pressure measurement. A few years ago it seemed impossible to see my blood pressure by pressing one button. Experts are confident that wearable electronics can have a huge positive impact on the modern healthcare system.

4. Better etiquette

Glancing at the screen of a smartphone during a business meeting or corporate meeting is simply indecent. Even if you are waiting for some important message, it is often best practice to have your device on silent to ensure the only notification is a vibration in your pocket. You will have to check the content of the incoming message after the end of the meeting.

With a smartwatch, however, things get a little easier. An accessory, like a smartphone, can vibrate you to notify you of a new message and a sneaky look at your watch is far more polite.

5. For travel

A smartphone with a GPS navigator can help a tourist who is lost in an unfamiliar city. But, as in the case of music, it is inconvenient to check the map, again and again taking the gadget out of your pocket. In addition, it is not always appropriate to get a smartphone in an unfamiliar area, because cities and districts are different.

Smartwatches can guide users along the route in the same way. For tourists sensitive to looking out of place, their smartwatch can prevent a judgment from the locals. The person who checks with the smartphone is probably not local, but just another man looking at his watch may just be in a hurry.

6. To help in everyday life

Some of the functions of smartphones migrated to smartwatches. The most popular of them are a clock, alarm clock, reminders, notifications, and contactless payment. In some models, you can even make calls.

I would like to talk about the implementation of the alarm. In most models, this is a pleasant vibration that wakes a person up effectively. Everyone is familiar with the jarring sound of smartphone alarms during which you want to plug your ears.

It should be noted that some models have a smart wake-up function that keeps track of your sleep and wakes you up in the lightest phase. You wake up with a good mood and energy.

7. For the safety of children

What is most important for parents? Their children’s health and safety. Especially when mom and dad are not around, like in school or in the classroom.

Modern technical devices, as always, offer a way out – smartwatches for kids. The device looks like a toy, but if you pay attention to the functionality, it becomes clear that this is a useful gadget.

The wrist device has several advantages over a mobile phone from the point of view of caring parents. There is a built-in GPS tracker, a simple interface, the ability to stay in touch with parents and of course interesting games. By the way, parents can limit the time of their use, for example, when a child is in school.

However, if smartwatches for children are not the best option for sports, then, in this case, it is better to purchase a fitness tracker for the kid.


Smartwatches and fitness bracelets are quite useful and even irreplaceable for some. The main thing to know is what you need them for.

The main disadvantage of such gadgets is the need for constant recharging. Smartwatches hold enough battery power for a day or two, and bracelets for a week and a half maximum.

If you believe the functions described in this article are essential for your life, we recommend you go and buy a smartwatch!

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