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Should I get a Fitbit? [5 Main Reasons]

While the fashion for wearable electronics is becoming increasingly popular across the world, more and more people are still debating if a Fitbit is right for them!
People often wonder if a Fitbit is great for exercising or is it just another fashion gimmick, and the short answer is that if it one of the best things to hit the fitness segment.

Should I get a Fitbit?

Let’s look at all the advantages of this device below.

Know yourself

The first biggest benefit that a Fitbit offers us is the ability to learn more about your body. As a rule, it is difficult to objectively evaluate the mode of the day, food and rest, without having exact figures to rely on.

If the road to work takes two hours and consumes a lot of energy, it seems to us that we are active. At the same time, we often do not think that these two hours spent during commute and we end up walking for just 5-10 minutes.

It may seem that not having breakfast in the morning or not eating after 18 hours, we will lose weight and feel good. But although the lack of breakfast does slow down the metabolism rate, you can hurt yourself if you maintain this type of eating habits.

But wrist gadgets help you improve daily activity and save it in the form of graphs and statistics, and view your lifestyle from a whole new perspective. Based on accurate data, you will be in a better position to make smart, future fitness decisions.

Motivation and discipline

All fitness enthusiasts go through the same routine each week, where, it starts with Monday exercising coupled with a diet started, but yet there are still no visible results. Not seeing any immediate results may be demotivating and users end up giving up on their workout and diet.

It is really hard to force yourself to continue if you do not see what you have achieved. How to see it? With Fitbit, achievements are visible from day one and in real-time. And the positive results of each hour of training, the daily results and their dynamics, presented clearly, are the best motivation to move on and do more.

Analyzing your statistics, comparing the results with the average and goals allows you to adjust the mode of activity, nutrition and activity goals. Another nice thing is that you do not need to spend time on keeping a sports diary and counting calories because the data is recorded automatically in the backdrop.

Especially in the gym, you can choose the best Fitbit for men and show and share your results with friends, but no one wants to be the worst, do they?


Imagine, you’re a woman who watches her figure and religiously follows a diet in the hopes of maintaining it.

How do you to make it more comfortable and reduce discomfort?

For dieters, choose a Fitbit for women that offers a convenient nutrition analytics system. Gone are the inconvenient calorie counters, where you had to put the ingredients and then record the amounts.

Do you know the calorie content of your favorite treats? It always seemed to me that snacking “snickers” is not a big deal and will not affect the figure. But when you put the food into the application, the results can be surprising, as it turns out that the above snickers bar is almost equal to one-third of my daily intake in terms of calories.

In other words, more than one meal. It is disappointing, even if we consider only the energy value and do not go into its nutrient composition. So, here comes an easy way of understanding where the extra kilos came from and how to avoid them.

Changing or maintaining weight

Speaking of kilograms. Many fitness trackers prove helpful towards losing weight, or conversely in gaining weight.


First, they help you monitor the activity and secondly food intake. This data should not be considered separately but should be analyzed collectively. Most often, the gadget itself considers the steps and calorie consumption in motion, but these two figures are not enough to control the weight, so if you want to lose or gain weight, carefully analyze the results and data visible in the app.

For example, a schedule of calorie consumption by time of day allows you to understand when and for what you spend maximum energy and how the load is distributed throughout the day and week among others.

It is important to be able to estimate how many calories are spent on a particular type of activity. After all, by changing the ratio between different types of activity, you will be able to easily regulate the number of calories burned and consequently keep tabs on your weight.

However, it is important to remember that calories are consumed both during rest and sleep. Good news is that, when a wrist device also counts this, the main thing is that it takes into account personal data (gender, height, weight, age) as well. However, do not forget that for everything, balance is important and the weight depends on the calories consumed. With regards to the aforementioned calculations, nit all fitness trackers provide these abilities and features.

Sound sleep and vigorous morning

Sleep is a crucially important component of the body’s recovery and regulation of biological rhythms. According to world statistics, more than 40% of residents of large cities suffer from sleep disorders. Insomnia often provokes exacerbation of chronic or recurring diseases and is fraught with serious health consequences and this is where Fitbit with sleep monitoring function proves handy.

Fitbit will help evaluate the duration and effectiveness of your sleep night after night. The next plus and one that is not seen in most fitness trackers is the smart alarm clock. When configured, it will select the sleep phase most appropriate for your sleep patterns, so you wake up on time and in a good mood from the time interval you specify such as deep sleep, light awakening, and an alarm clock, without not disturbing your loved ones.


Main functions:

• Activity Monitoring
• Sleep monitoring
• Smart alarm clock
• Counting distance

To summarize the answer to your question of “Should I get a Fitbit?”, I would like to briefly note a few more useful things:

• Many trackers have watches
• Ability to set vibration memos
• Setting goals and monitoring their achievement

In general, we get a rather weighty list of functions designed to motivate us to lead an active lifestyle and monitor our health. But many will agree that they do not need an expensive tracker (although there are many inexpensive, functional models) because similar functions exist in ordinary mobile applications. What is the fundamental difference?

  1. If you have Fitbit – all your data is stored a single application, which makes it easily accessible. You do not need to download 100 applications, register and enter data in each, synchronize them with each other and clutter up the memory of your smartphone.
  2. For accuracy of the results by steps, distance and activity in the application, due to reminders, you need to constantly carry your smartphone with you. While jogging in the gym or on the track, this may get in the way of your performance.
    And at the office, your cell phone generally lies on the table for hours on end and then its in your pocket when you leave work. With a Fitbit, this problem will not arise – it is always on hand or a special garment holder.
  3. Many applications work only as included or require that any functions be enabled on the phone. This inevitably affects the battery life of the mobile device. Fitbit does not require constant pairing with a smartphone, but you can synchronize it once a day and less often depending on the model. This will help save considerably on battery juice so your cell phone will last for longer periods.
  4. In applications, many functions are not available without the Internet, and with the tracker, you can see the activity directly on its display and more in a smartphone, without the need to be connected to the internet.
  5. For universal results, statistics for a long time is needed, and the guaranteed data logging period can be dramatically less for different applications in comparison with Fitbit.
  6. If you are looking for a great kid’s fitness tracker * internal link *, then Fitbit is a great choice. Believe your child will love this comfortable and stylish bracelet. And you, in turn, will always know about their health performance.
    Fitbit is not an expensive pedometer, but it is a convenient and functional device that will save you time and help you to be in good shape, monitor your health and improve physical fitness. The main thing is to choose the functionality that is necessary for you, and start working towards your goals.

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