Our Team

Who We Are

We are technologically savvy people who find it important to help others in their technology choices. 

Our goal is to help you find the right solution for any technological problem. Each of us has extensive experience working with gadgets and technology, and we strive to convey this knowledge in a way that can be understood by people with varying levels of technology experience.

What We Do

FindTheDecision gives you interesting and useful information to make the process of finding the right product simple.

We will help you choose a gadget by discussing the advantages, disadvantages, and features of each product. 

We also collect the best productivity tips, write explanations of complex technical terms in simple language, help you understand whether you need a particular gadget and why, and explain how gadgets work. If you don’t find what you’re looking for, you can write to us. We will answer all the questions, and if your question is also asked by others, then we will write an article about it.

We are developing this blog, and in the future new sections will appear and additional issues will be covered.

How We Work

Every member of the FindTheDecision team knows that in order to create quality content, we need to put ourselves in the place of the reader. Therefore, we write articles that will be as clear as possible to anyone, from those who have hardly used technology before to those who consider themselves gadget geeks. 

We also know that we can’t create quality content without the first deep analysis of the topic. Before we start writing, we study the product from all angles, look for the most detailed information, and study the instructions and customer reviews. You can read the full discussion of this process in the Our Review Process section.

We are not influenced by money. All our reviews are independent. We take into account the opinions of others who have used each product. We are also always open to advise or criticism from our readers. You help us to become better.

FindTheDecision’s Writing Team

Our team consists of gadget specialists with experience in the technology industry. You can meet the team below.

Sam Pierce – Resident Editor-in-Chief & Founder of FindTheDecision 

Sam Pierce - Resident Editor-in-Chief & Founder of FindTheDecision

I was born and raised on the west coast of America. For eight years, I worked as a design engineer in the field of electronics. During this time I had to deal with a large number of electronic devices, and now I know how any gadget works. 

Because I worked with technology for so long, I used to think that everyone must understand it as well as I do. But when my brother and I had trouble choosing a gift for our parents, I realized that not everyone has this high level of understanding. 

I realized what an advantage I have to understand technology, which is becoming increasingly ubiquitous in our world. 

Now I have gathered a team of other technology enthusiasts and together we help people make the right choice. I love that we share our experiences with each other and prepare quality content for our readers.

Maxim Goncharov – Professional Photographer & Content Editor

When I was growing up, Instagram was gaining in popularity. The platform determined my future. I had a desire to take pictures, and my parents bought me my first camera in 2006. It was a Sony Alpha DSLR-A100. With this camera, I first experienced the field of photography. 

I tried different styles and shared my work on Instagram. After some time, my audience began to grow. 

Soon, I gained paying clients. This allowed me to buy a new camera, a Fujifilm X-T3 Kit. This was an important step in my career because a good camera equals good pictures. Over my career, I’ve been blessed to work with a variety of cameras and lenses from Canon, Panasonic, and more. I know everything there is to know about cameras. 

Now I can call myself a professional photographer. I have more than 20K Instagram followers and I have won various regional and international photography competitions.

I have traveled extensively in Europe, visited various photo exhibitions, and speak English fluently. In the future I want to reach a global audience, so now I am writing articles about what I know best: cameras. 

Jaxson Patel – Editor & Wearable Devices Specialist

Jaxson Patel Editor and Wearable Devices Specialist

I was born and raised in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. At school, I did not stand out among my classmates. I was quite ordinary and my only hobby was creating models. 

Once, my family’s wall clock stopped working. Instead of taking it to a repair shop or throwing it away, I decided to disassemble it and see what was happening. Having looked at the clock’s specifications on the Internet, I began to disassemble it. I did not solve the problem, but I came to realize that wall clocks and watches were very similar. 

When my watch broke a while later, I took it to the repair shop and asked the master to tell me what the problem was. As it turned out, the tooth of the watch wheel was bent, so the master simply replaced the watch wheel. I was intrigued and asked if he needed an assistant. The answer was yes.

After school, I would go to the repair shop and learn about how to fix watches. We repaired not only quartz watches, but also electronic watches. I learned more and more about electronics while I was there. 

When I graduated from high school, I continued to work at the repair shop. 2011 was a turning point for us. Customers began to bring smartwatches for repair. We realized that a new era was coming and decided to retrain. We began to deal exclusively with smartwatches.

Two years later, we were able to repair any electronic wearable device, including smartwatches, fitness trackers, GPS watches, and more. We constantly had customers, because new gadgets appeared every day. We made good money.

Eventually, I said goodbye to my mentor because I wanted to open my own service for repairing smartwatches and fitness trackers. 

Unfortunately, my business didn’t farewell. There were few customers, and the money began to disappear. My pride kept me from returning to my mentor’s shop, and I began to look for another way to earn a living.

Fortunately, I found FindTheDecision, which was hiring a specialist in wearable devices. I decided that it was perfect for me and decided to give it a try. Indeed, writing about what you know best leads not only to money, but also to joy. Someday I hope to re-open my wearable gadgets business, taking into account past mistakes, but for now I am happy to be part of the FindTheDecision team.

Why Trust Us?

We have received a large number of positive comments, which you can find at the end of our articles.

We know that we cannot be perfect in everything, and we have gotten some negative comments as well. But you will also notice that we respond to such messages and solve the problem. We value the opinion of each of our readers.

Before creating any article, we assign it to our writer who has the most experience with the topic. He devotes most of his time to research and produces an article that we evaluate as a team.

If you would like to join our team, simply contact us by filling out the form below.