Our Review Process

The goal of FindTheDecision is to provide the most reliable and complete information for readers.

To create quality articles, we dedicate a large amount of time to our review process.

How We Review

We don’t currently have the financial ability to buy gadgets or cameras and test them personally. However, our specialists have come across most of the technology that we describe. Therefore, our review process looks like this:

1. We choose the category of equipment that we will write about.

2. We make a plan for studying and then writing. To do this, we hold a meeting and appoint a person responsible for the topic.

3. We carefully research the product, using all the knowledge we can find from product instructions, customer reviews, YouTube videos, and other resources.

4. We supplement our research with the practical experience of those team members who already have experience with similar equipment. 

5. We select the best products from this category and arrange them in the order of our rating.

6. We write a detailed article: we describe the selected products, compile a buying guide, and find answers to frequently asked questions.

You Can Influence Our Review Process

Honesty between us and our readers is vitally important to us. We help you make the right decisions, and you can help us understand whether we are going in the right direction.

How can you do this?

Leave a comment under any article. Have a question? Found a typo? Disagree with something? Please let us know! If you do not want to leave a comment, then you can send a message by e-mail.

Offer your ideas. Invest in helping your fellow readers. Really good suggestions will be used when writing our reviews. 

Our Data Collection & Writing Process

In order to get the truest and most complete information, we spend a lot of time researching and analyzing electronics data. The data collection process consists of three stages: discussion, research & analysis, and writing a review. 

After discussing which product categories to review and assigning a specialist to the article, the specialist researches and analyzes the category, searching for reviews and other materials that will help him most fully describe the products. Then the team gets together again and discusses the research. If everyone is happy, then the specialist writes reviews for each product in the category.

Once the reviews and buying guides are written, the whole team checks for any missing or incorrect information. Thus, all three stages of research and writing are verified by each team member, which gives us the most reliable result. 

Then we rank the products in that category from best to worst.

How We Rank Products

The best products are those that can solve users’ technology problems easily and efficiently. Here are a few points that we focus on when ranking the products:

– Customer reviews

– Number of sales

– Demand in the market

– Price

– How often the product is returned

– Product features

Considering these factors helps us suggest those options that are most likely to suit our readers. It takes a lot of time, but the result is worth the effort.

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