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How can a GPS Watch Help with Parenting?

Have you thought about buying a child’s smartwatch with a smartphone function, but you aren’t sure if it’s right for them? In that case, this article is for you.

For starters, you can always determine for yourself what you’d like to get for your child, the kind of functionality the device offers, etc. But, what’s important here is to understand if your child likes it or not? One thing’s for sure, the purpose of the gadget will be different depending on the age of the child. 

If your kid is a preschooler, then I think the answer is obvious – buying a smartphone is still not the best choice. But a smart GPS watch for kids is a device that combines three features into one: a watch, a mobile phone, and a GPS tracker.

These gadgets are very simple and easy to use, even for a toddler that’s between 4-5 years old. However, one of the pitfalls of this type of watches if that they don’t do well in terms of battery life, but on a brighter note have a durable case that can resist a fair amount of moisture and shock.

It is difficult to lose the gadget, since it is on the hand, and if the child removes it, you will be notified about this action via a special integrated sensor – a sensor that alerts you when the device is removed from the wrist. 

Now let’s look at some of the important/common situations of parents whose kids are attending school. Here, making a choice is a little more difficult, most notably because at this age, the child already clearly desires a smartphone.

A school-going child will not be satisfied if you buy him/her a simple button mobile phone. And if you do buy a feature-rich modern smartphone, then you will have to deal with the problem that the student will be distracted by unnecessary games on the mobile and unauthorized access to the internet.

And then there is adult content that the internet is plagued with, and a lot of everything else that the child still can gain access to easily. For starters, it’s not worth it and next, it will simply distract the child from school activities and other things that are more useful at their age.

Well, if the child still needs to watch something on the Internet, you can put a restriction on adult content or temporary use from your home computer or tablet. 

How do Kid’s GPS watch Work?

How do Kid’s GPS watch Work

Here ‘s why you will glad to know why innovative smart children’s watches with a SIM card and GPS tracker is an ideal option. 

You can make calls to 10 or 15 phone numbers, as well as receive incoming calls from 10 or 15 authorized numbers, which you previously had to jot down in a notebook. Another plus compared to a mobile phone is that an unauthorized subscriber will not be able to call your child’s smartwatch. Also and like with a mobile phone, your child will be able to send and receive voice and short text messages.

In an emergency, when the child may be confused about what best route to take it would be difficult to select the desired number from the notebook of the watch phone with GPS, so they can just press the SOS button and you will receive an alarm call. Thanks to this feature, which is available in all smartwatch for kids models, you can come to the aid of your baby in time and know-how to act in a difficult situation.

Also, the child will be pleased with such an original solution i.e. a fun children’s watch with a smartphone function. A child will be happy to boast to his peers a fashionable and cool gadget that’s on his/her wrist. 

What will you receive as a parent? 

Answer: a sense of calmness for your baby knowing that your child is safe and here’s why:

1) You can always contact your child by just calling him/her or her or sending a message, just as you would do with a mobile phone. 

2) You can at any time look at the electronic map and know where the child is at that moment. Viewing the map is carried out from a special application called SeTracker or similar, which is pre-installed on your smartphone or tablet.

The ability to determine the location is possible thanks to the tracker functionality integrated into the GPS watch, which maintains constant communication with the satellites. I think it’s more difficult to do this from a smartphone, although in principle it is possible, but not be accurate at times. 

3) Besides, in the SeTracker application, you can use the “Movement History” function, which allows you to watch in the form of a video clip the routes your child takes in real-time. For example, you need to know exactly where the child was at 3:16 pm yesterday, this app will provide you with access to those details. 

Or you want to see what route the kid was moving from school today; you can get that information with just a couple of taps. And it’s not about just being curious but sometimes it is crucial to know your kid’s whereabouts at all times. 

4) Another great ability that a children’s watch tracker has is the ability to install the so-called “geo-fence”.

What it is?

From your application, you configure on the map the perimeter in which it is safe for children to be within. Suppose this is the territory of a school or a children’s yard, or, let’s say, the area of ​​the city where you live and whose limits your child should not leave. If they along with the smartwatch worn on his hand leaves the specified boundaries, you will immediately receive a message alerting you of their movements.

5) Hand-off sensor. Why is it needed, I think it’s clear from the name. This is another advantage of smartwatches for children over a smartphone. After all, a mobile phone can always be lost or left somewhere.

The watch is on the hand, and losing it is much more difficult, and when removing it from the hand, using the sensor, the watch itself sends you a notification with the coordinates where the watch was taken off.

6) There is another interesting feature for a watch with a GPS tracker for your peace of mind for a child, which is known as the “wiretap” function.

“Listening” allows parents to remotely turn on the gadget’s speaker so that the watch itself does not emit any signs of this. That is, you can listen to what is happening around the smart gadget in a radius of about 5 meters or so and the best part is that the child will have no clue about this function.

But there is one feature, where you “listen” to your child’s watch when you press the last button and the watch doesn’t respond. That is, when the “wiretap” is on, so the clock buttons do not respond to pressing, and the clock display remains dark.

This function should not be considered unethical or immoral. After all, it was created for greater safety of children and your peace of mind, and not total control. With this function, a watch for children with a phone and a navigator enables you to come to the aid of a child at the right time or to help make the right decision in a difficult situation.

Final thoughts

So, to summarize, smartwatch for kids is a multifunctional smart stylish and just cool kids watch that your child will like for its fashionable design and intriguing ability to make calls, send voice messages and the inclusion of entertaining applications.

This is an innovative device that allows you to provide your child with communication while limiting it from unnecessary games and unauthorized access to the Internet. At the same time, you get peace of mind knowing where your child is at all times, and not being afraid to allow him to be independent and stay wander off somewhere.

A watch with a built-in phone for children allows you to always know where your children are and your child gets lost somewhere, you will know where to find them.

And as you can see from the context of this article, not a single smartphone is yet capable of giving you that level of peace of mind for your child, which these wonderful smartwatches give.

We hope that we helped you make the right choice for your beloved child!

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