10 Best Kids GPS Watches (Review) In 2020

The best kids GPS watches, listed below were selected by Demystifying Digital for several reasons, most notably the presence of a GPS module, great accuracy and an easy to use and convenient application for parents to monitor their child.

When a child goes to school on the streets of big cities, various dangers can lurk him. Given this, each parent probably wondered:

How to stay calm when a child cannot be controlled?

The popularity of smart devices is rapidly gaining momentum, and as a result, there is currently a wide variety of products from different manufacturers to choose from. And with this wide range of choices, the purchase decision becomes more difficult.

But not to worry as our team has done the hard part for you, and in this review, we have compiled a list of the best kids GPS watch on the market in 2020 that will help you get a first-hand view of your child’s whereabouts.

The Best Kids GPS Watch

Therefore, it is difficult to choose only the best GPS watches for kids from those on the market. If you perfectly understand why you and your child need a GPS tracker, then to simplify your choice, we put together a list of Demystifying Digital’s 10 best kids GPS tracking watches for 2020:

1. TickTalk 3 Best Kids GPS Watch

If you are looking for the best tracking device, then try TickTalk 3. This gadget can do just about anything, so without further ado, let’s take a look at this device in more detail.

TickTalk 3 has a SIM card slot, but you can only use AT&T or T-mobile networks. If you already have one of these operators, then you can simply add another user to your family plan.

What gives mobile communication?

4G works here and thanks to this and geofencing tracking has become faster and more accurate by 50% than in the previous model. You can see the location of the child using the application in the smartphone in real-time.

This GPS tracker has a front camera and you can use the FaceTalk feature. This is a two-way video calling and works only between the smartwatch and the parent’s smartphone. But also you can communicate through messages. The child only needs to select the predefined messages in the kids watch such as “I’m on the school bus” or “I’ll call you later.”

In terms of design, the TickTalk 3 screen may seem large for a child’s hand, but the watch is not heavy and the touch screen is more convenient to use. The gadget also can replace straps, and TickTalk provides a large selection of them for every taste.

2. Themoemoe Kids GPS Watch

Need waterproof GPS watches for kids? Themoemoe has a water resistance rating of IP68. With this watch, it can be washed and you do not need to be afraid that getting it wet will affect its performance.

For its low price, this watch has advanced features. There are camera, games and the ability to make calls. Note that Themoemoe does not support Sprint, Verizon, and AT&T. The manufacturer recommends using T-mobile. Cellular services also help in determining the location of the child, so be sure to insert a SIM card.

If your child is in school, then he/she should not be distracted by this GPS tracker for kids. After all, this is not a toy in the first place. Set a non-disturb period. This function eliminates the possibility of using the camera, games, and calls. But at the same time, the SOS button will also work seamlessly.

3. Spy Tec STIGL300 Kids GPS Watch

Spy Tec is not a toy, but a real gadget to locate anything and everything. It can be used for both a car and a child and senior persons as well. It is very compact and measures 2.65 x 1.57 x 0.82 inches. The GPS tracker is easy to put in your trouser pocket or backpack.

The GL300 provides location updates every 5 seconds with an accuracy of 10 meters. Its battery in most cases lasts up to 2 weeks or longer. When buying a tracker, you need to subscribe, which costs $25 per month. When you subscribe to the service, you do not need to pay extra.

4. OLTEC Kids GPS Watch

Looking for a good present for your child, but want it to be useful? There is nothing better than OLTEC. The functionality of this GPS tracker will leave both parents and the child satisfied and as ease knowing that their child is safe at all times.

For a small price, you get a gadget that will allow you to stay calm. Does your child go to school and are you worried about them? Thanks to the use of AGPS, you can be calm. No matter where your child is, you can always see their location. Did something happen? For any unforeseen situation, there is an SOS button. After pressing it, the watches will ring three predefined numbers automatically.

5. Jsbaby Kids GPS Watch

This beautiful smartwatch with GPS location that will appeal to your child. Pay attention to the silicone bracelet. It is made in two colors, which makes it more interesting. Having put on this watch, children can play with water guns and even wash in the bathroom without affecting its performance. This is possible due to the IP67 waterproof rating.

To the right of the display, the watch has a camera and a flashlight. The SOS button is also located here. Jsbaby has an accurate GPS tracking that works with LBS. You need to use a SIM card to activate it. The watch uses an only a 2G network, but you can use 4G without any problems.

Cellular communication allows you to make two-way communication between kids GPS watch phone and a smartphone of parents. Communication can be both with the help of voice messages and with the help of text messages.

6. SZBXD Kids GPS Watch

One of the most elegant and powerful children’s smartwatches is the SZBXD children’s smartwatch. It has many intellectual easy to use functions that we will consider. The main feature of this best GPS watch for kids is positioning using two PSAGPS and LBS. This makes it more accurate and provides greater safety for children, but keep in mind that in the city there are a lot of obstacles that sometimes affect its accuracy.

Track your child’s location in real-time using the iOS or Android app. If something happens to the child, he can use the SOS button on the watch. You will immediately receive a message with the location of the child.

It uses a micro SIM card and you can call the child’s smartwatch and hear what is happening around them to ensure everything is in order from a remote location. Smartwatches have two colors: pink and blue. They are made of rubber and have an IP67 water resistance rating, which ensures a long service life and facilitates its cleaning.

7. Top Kids GPS Watch

Looking for device for kids for the little ones? Top Watch is suitable for preschool children. With regards to design, this is a quartz watch, but at the same time, it has most of the functions of a smartwatch.

Management here is carried out by buttons. The three buttons to the left of the dial are responsible for three numbers, which can be it mom, dad, and anyone else. On the right are the power button, SOS button, and time adjustment button. There is a microphone on top of the dial.

To set the numbers of friends on the watch, parents must install them in the application on the smartphone. There is also a geofencing. However, it is used in conjunction with LBS, which makes positioning more accurate. You can also set a safety zone.

8. Mandorra Q50 Kids GPS Watch

Looking for a budget option? Try Mandorra Q50. This smartwatch can be used for a two-way conversation. And the child can not only send messages but also call on your smartphone.

A choice of six colors from black to white allows your child to choose the color they like best. So, their interest in this GPS tracker will not decrease over time. GPS tracking accuracy is up to 10 meters. Further, dual monitoring base station positioning is used here to determine the location of the child. Its accuracy is worse, but thanks to their collaboration, the signal will not disappear even indoors.

9. CMKJ Kids GPS Watch

Do you want your child to have GPS watches with advanced multimedia? Look no further than CMKJ. This is possible due to the ability to use an external memory card. There are a camera, games and an MP3 player. Let’s check out each function individually.

A child can take photos and they are immediately sent to an external memory card, which can be installed in a smartwatch. After that, they simply transfer their desired media to a computer or other mobile device.

As for the games, there are seven of them, where all of them are aimed at developing a child’s mental abilities or motivating them to be active. You can upload MP3 music to a memory card. Make sure that the child does not want to remove these best GPS watches for kids from his hand.

10. Owl Cole Kids GPS Watch

Owl Cole is a smartwatch for kids with geofencing support and elements of an kids fitness tracker. Also, unlike other smartwatches in this segment, Owl Cole supports 3G cellular communication.

3G provides faster messaging, both text and voice.

To determine the location, not only GPS is used here, but also LBS and WiFi. Triple location technology provides the most accuracy. This watches for kids gives you up-to-date information about your child’s whereabouts. To do this, open the map in your application on your smartphone and click on the “Locate” button.

There is a built-in pedometer, which is designed to count the number of steps your child takes in a day. This will help you find out if the child is active enough and whether it is time to force them to play sports. Another difference from competitors is the long battery life. Owl Cole can last up to 3 days without recharging thanks to a 550 MAH battery.

Best Kids GPS Watches Buying Guide

Best Kids GPS Watches

What to Look for

GPS Tracking

This module is responsible for geolocation, which sends the coordinates via satellite. After that, the smartwatch transfers data to the parent’s phone using the SIM card inside the watch.

GPS tracking is the most accurate method for determining the geolocation (the error on the street is from 5 to 50 meters), but it can give an error of up to 500 meters sometimes. Therefore, children’s watches are equipped not only with a geofencing sensor but also with an LBS scanner and Wi-Fi network capabilities.

Wi-Fi – the scanner works well in rooms and helps to correct coordinates on the street. It doesn’t matter if there are networks near the passwords, it’s enough for the device to catch this signal and transmit it further through the Internet. But if the building has no or insufficient Wi-Fi sources, then the error rate will be high.

LBS (Location-based service) determines geolocation using the nearest cell tower, and the more the operator has towers in the area, the more accurately the location will be determined. However, as an independent location service, LBS works much worse than GPS tracking and Wi-Fi.


LBS – from 50 m to 1 km (distance to the nearest GSM translator, because the map does not display the device itself, but the nearest tower).
GPS – from 5 m to 30 m.
WiFi – from 5 m to 50 m.

Almost all smartwatches work in 2G networks. Although modern smartphones have switched to 3G-standard communications, 2G-coverage is available in all cities at all tariffs of mobile operators, but it’s better to check with the operator in your city when choosing a tariff plan.

Battery life

The longer the device works, the more children will love them more. When choosing kids GPS tracker, pay attention to the battery life. Think about how often you can remove them from your child’s hands. In the characteristics of the watch, the capacity of the battery installed in it must be registered. This indicator is measured in milliampere-hours (mAh). Information is available both on the battery and in the product user guide.

SOS button

It allows parents to keep peace of mind. The SOS button informs parents if something happened to the child. To make an alarm call, the child must press the SOS button for 5 seconds and hold until an outgoing call is made. If no one answered the first number, the watch will call the second number, etc.

Two-way calling

Parents have the opportunity to call the child and the child to the parents. The number of rooms available for communication on average varies from three to ten. Smartwatches “cut off” calls from banks and random unfamiliar numbers.

A parent can also communicate using voice and preset text messages. If the kids watches have a camera, then you have the opportunity to communicate via video. Please note that this cannot be done in all smartwatches.


Children wash their hands, sometimes even too carefully, walk in the rain, check the depth of snow and can easily forget to take off their watches while going to the shower.

But not to worry, you should choose a smart GPS watch with an IP67 or IP68 waterproof rating to avoid affecting its performance. Please note that no matter how resistant the manufacturer offers, do not press the buttons underwater.

Now It’s Your Turn

So, what do you think are the best kids GPS watch that your kids will love?

I’d like to hear from you:

Are you going to buy GPS trackers or phone without smart features? What smart features would you like to see on a gadget?

In any case, let me know by leaving a comment below.

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