10 Best Fitness Trackers For Kids (Review) In 2020

The best fitness trackers for kids listed below have been selected by Demystifying Digital because of their activity-tracking functions, design, and ease of use, and because they’re made by the best manufacturers. 

Looking for a way to motivate your child to be more active? A great way to do so is by purchasing them a fitness tracker. 

This review covers the top 10 best fitness trackers for kids.

The Best Fitness Tracker For Kids

Fitbit Ace 2More playful than other fitness trackers and has some design changes that will make it more suitable for small wrists. Key Features
  • 5ATM water resistant
  • Various character icons such as Captain America, Princesses, Spiderman, Star Wars, Avengers etc
  • The Fitbit app shows how often the child needs to move
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Garmin vívofit jr. 2The games on this tracker depend on which character they chose. Key Features
  • 1 year battery life
  • Various character icons such as Captain America, Princesses, Spiderman, Star Wars, Avengers etc
  • A child can swim and bathe with a fitness tracker
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Fitbit AceThe tracker looks typical for this class of devices and is quite suitable even for teenagers. Key Features
  • See child’s progress in Fitbit app
  • Accurate pedometer and sleep control
  • Designed for users aged 8 years and up
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Garmin vívofit jr.For a small price, you get a water resistant and multi-functional gadget with. Key Features
  • 5 ATM water resistant
  • A handy app for parents with lots of features
  • ​Counts steps and monitors sleep
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LintelekHas all the features of adult fitness trackers at a low price. Key Features
  • Monitor sleep, heart rate and blood pressure
  • 7 days of battery life
  • ​Works with Android and iOS devices
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You might find it hard to choose the best kids’ fitness trackers from the crowded market, and this is where we come into play. Demystifying Digital has reviewed the top 10 best fitness trackers for kids on the market today and we’ve also given you a buyer’s guide to help you make your choice. 

1. Fitbit Ace 2

Which Fitbit is best for a kid? The Fitbit Ace 2, of course!

The best kids fitness tracker Ace 2 is more playful than other Fitbit gadgets and has some design changes that will make it more suitable for small wrists. The tracker is water-resistant up to 50 meters, so your child can swim and play in the rain while wearing it.

The activity tracker kids counts not only your child’s steps, but also how long they spend in motion. Given that kids are inherently active, the Fitbit’s strap is made of silicone and protects the device. The strap is interchangeable, so your child can choose their favorite color. Also, virtual rewards and avatars encourage your child to meet their activity goals, and you can monitor this activity with an app on your phone.

This kids Fitbit tracker is also great for teaching your child healthy sleep habits. The Fitbit can remind your child to go to bed, and wake them in the morning by vibrating. You can also use the phone app to evaluate their quality of sleep. Of course, the Fitbit also comes with clock functions, including a stopwatch and timer. The battery lasts five days between charges. 

2. Garmin vívofit jr. 2

Garmin makes fitness trackers for kids and adults. Is your child crazy about their favorite characters? Then you should buy the vívofit jr. 2. You can choose from a range of designs that include Marvel and Disney characters. Show your child all 11 design options and let them choose the one they like best. 

The games on the jr. 2 depend on which design your child chooses. Your child can only access games after completing various activity tasks.

You can assign daily tasks for your child. Use ready-made instructions or create new ones through the mobile app. There are many options, from cleaning their bedroom to doing homework and walking the dog.

But that’s not all.

Through the app, you can see how long your child slept, see how many steps your child takes per day, and how long they were active during the day. 

3. Fitbit Ace

Ace is designed for users aged 8 years and up. With it, parents can keep in control over their kid’s activity during the day. The tracker looks typical for this class of devices and is quite suitable even for teenagers.

A feature of Fitbit for kids pedometer products is a family profile function. It makes it easy to see progress and saves private information. The application offers two viewing modes -“Parent” and “Child”. The first gives adults the opportunity to track the progress of their kids. The second one provides access to the personal account to the child themselves, where they can view all the achievements, and also change the settings using the Fitbit program.

The charge lasts for up to five days, so kids can play more and be less distracted by recharging their favorite device. The watch face is bright and easy to view in sunny weather and the bracelet is adjustable on the arm. It has ten funny screensavers to choose from. However, there are only two available colors for the device – purple or blue.

4. Garmin vívofit jr.

The Garmin vívofit jr. has earned the trust of parents, and despite the fact that the improved vívofit jr. 2 has been released, this tracker is still in demand.

The tracker is suitable for ages 4 to 9 years. Its functions are simple and straightforward. It counts steps and monitors sleep and activity. It also makes sure that your child is active for at least 60 minutes per day. 

Does your child enjoy swimming? The vívofit jr. is water-resistant up to a depth of 50 meters, so your child can shower, swim, or play in the rain with no worries. 

There is also an app that you can download to your phone and sync to your child’s watch. In the app, you can see all the data that the gadget collects, and analyze that data. You can also assign tasks or even create competitions with your child if you have your own Garmin device. 

5. Lintelek

This is the best budget fitness tracker for older kids, as it has all the same functions as an adult devices.

The Lintelek tracker monitors heart rate, calories burned, and sleep. The sleep monitor tracks how long you’re awake, in light sleep, and in deep sleep, and records this data in the VeryFitPro app on your phone. You can also see other activity data in the app.

The tracker comes in 6 colors: black, blue, pink, red, purple, and green. 

The device has a protection level of IP67. This means that it resists dust and some water (like raindrops). You can take a shower while wearing your tracker, but swimming is not recommended.

The tracker also notifies you of smartphone notifications. If your child is old enough to have a phone, this feature may be useful. 


This device resembles more serious models. But its compact size clearly shows that it is designed for kids. It fits wrists from 4.5 to 6.9 inches in circumference. 

One great feature of this tracker is that it comes with 2 different color wristbands. There are 5 colors to choose from. Changing between the two wristbands is very easy.

The BIGGERFIVE tracker can records distance traveled, calories burned, and steps taken per day. Like the Lintelek tracker, it also uses the VeryFitPro app.

Are you afraid that your child may lose their device, or that they may wander too far away from you? There’s no need to be! The tracker comes with an anti-lost function that works when the tracker is synced to your phone via Bluetooth.


If you are after a fitness solution, then look no further than Letscom Fitness Tracker. For a small price, you get a water resistant and multi-functional gadget with a color screen.

This gadget is primarily suitable for kids from 12 years and above. If a child has a smartphone, then such a gadget will be a good helper for analyzing their exercise activity.

There are 14 sport modes. The most commonly used are walking, running and cycling. There is also a GPS. The child can keep track of the distance traveled and the time during which they did it.

The running time without recharging is a week which is an advantage of this gadget for kids. The Letscom tracker has a heart rate monitor and analyzes data during sleep. These metrics are useful to know for both the child and parents.


Do you need a gadget that will work for the whole family? TRENDY PRO will be a good choice.

In addition to sports functions and heart rate monitor, the gadget has various reminders in the palace. For example, the activity tracker will remind you when you need to drink water, shows low battery, notifies you of messages and calls on your smartphone and has an alarm clock.

In addition, with its help, you can even find your smartphone, if you lose it at home.

Parents can set goals for the child and there are a family and child reward chart. On it, you can celebrate the achievements of both yourself and the child.

Another feature of this gadget is that you don’t need a charging cable. Remove the strap and insert the tracker into the USB port.

9. Huawei Band 2 Pro

Does your child enjoy swimming? Huawei Band 2 Pro has water resistant up to a depth of 50 meters.

To activate the swimming mode, you need to double-tap the body of the bracelet, as in the water the sensor zone may not respond. The gadget will also display calories and time.

In addition to this mode, there is the Huawei TruSleep sleep monitoring function. The function monitors sleep and works out the quality: the length of deep, shallow and fast sleep, number of awakenings, assessment of breathing and grades the sleep directly on a 100-point scale, where 1 is bad and 100 is excellent.

There is also a GPS. While running, it turns on automatically to keep up with a distance.

This gadget is suitable for kids 12 years and older. It is primarily aimed at monitoring health and training in running and swimming. For its small price, the Huawei Band 2 Pro does an excellent job.

10. iBitz

IBitz Kids is another fitness tracker for kids that attaches to clothes with a clip. It works with iOS smartphones.

Interestingly, the activity tracker does not have its own display, all information and settings are displayed in the iBitz Kids iOS application. This application is a space cartoon in which kids go through an exploratory journey through space. The more a child moves, the more they can explore and receive rewards.

The ibitz kids activity tracker is protected from moisture and comes in seven different colors; black, blue, green, orange, pink, purple and red.

Best Fitness Tracker for Kids Buying Guide

Best Fitness Tracker for Kids

Features to consider


In all likelihood, younger kids will want fun, bright designs with decorations like their favorite characters and older kids will want more monochromatic designs. Based on your child’s preferences, you can narrow down your fitness tracker options.

Battery life

Some fitness trackers have replaceable batteries, while others need to be charged every few days. Deciding which battery type you prefer can help you narrow your search. 


It’s important to understand what functions you and your child need (and want) in a kids fitness tracker. The main functions of all fitness trackers are a pedometer, sleep monitor, calorie counter, heart rate monitor, and sedentary reminder. Functions like these are suitable primarily for kids who play sports and for older kids.

Some fitness trackers come with games, tasks, and the ability to compete with others. These trackers are useful for increasing your child’s interest in physical activity.

Should I get a fitness tracker for my child?

You probably want your children to be healthy. It is necessary to instill good habits from childhood, and a kid fitness tracker will help with this.

It is sometimes difficult to convince a child to go out and take a walk when they have the Internet, smartphones, video games, and TV. But with fitness trackers, activity can be turned into a game. You can organize a competition for the largest number of steps or set a goal for your child. Do not forget to reward your child for their efforts!


We hope that you’ve found the fitness tracker for your kid.

Now we want to hear from you!

Is it important for your child’s fitness tracker to have a GPS feature? If so, why? What other features do you want or need in a fitness tracker for kids? Let us know in the comments! We’ll also be happy to answer any of your questions. 


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