10 Best Fitbit For Women (Review) In 2020

This article about the best Fitbit for women was chosen by Demystifying Digital owing to its useful smart features, measurement accuracy and overall great compatibility with thin wrists.

What smartwatches and fitness trackers will be right for any woman? There are several features to consider when choosing the right gadget. For example, how long does the battery last? Is there a burned calorie count? Is there a women’s health feature available?

Now it’s no surprise that there we live in a technology-oriented world and people are more than capable of using gadgets. Below are the best Fitbits for women in 2020. We will discuss all the nuances in the review of each product, which will help you easily make the best decision.

The Best Fitbit For Women

It is not so easy to select only the best Fitbit for women from a large number of gadgets, and it is in this regard where we’re here to help. Demystifying Digital reviewed the top 10 best Fitbit for women and presents you with a buyer’s guide to ease your buying decision. Here they are:

1. Fitbit Charge 3 Best Fitbit for Women

Fitbit has long been a leader in the world of fitness trackers and Charge 3 is just adding to the company’s massive lineup of products. Looking for the best fitness tracker? Charge 3 Fitbit is perhaps the best option for you. In addition to standard calls and text notifications, you can now also receive notifications from all third-party applications on your phone.

Another important change in this best Fitbit for women is a full touch screen. Charge 2 works with a combination of taps on the display to switch between screens and hardware buttons when making a selection. Charge 3 is a touch screen model with one inductive button on the side that serves as a wake-up and goes back button.

In terms of ​​health and fitness, Charge 3 provides doesn’t fall short with its long list of features that including sleep stages tracking. Combined with seven-day battery life, Charge 3 lets you gather quite a bit of data before you need a recharge the device again.

In addition to sleep tracking, there are also improvements to your workout-tracking, including 15 different workouts preloaded on your device. One of the smartest features is that the tracker can now automatically detect when you’ve started your workout, when you paused and when you stopped your workout, which means you’ll be less distracted during your workout and more productive.

But the most important thing that the best Fitbit for women needs is the new female health tracking feature. It helps women track periods, record symptoms, and evaluate ovulation and fertility windows.

2. Fitbit Versa for Women

Versa is a full-fledged gadget and at the same time serves as a fitness tracker with which you can swim, store music for listening offline and works for several days between recharges. The touch screen on Fitbit Versa is small yet bright and offers great detail. It has nice colors, excellent outdoor visibility and since this is an LCD panel instead of OLED, the Always On Display function is not active unless you are tracking an exercise.

In general, the user interface is simple, so it will be easy for you to navigate your way around. You will quickly find frequently used functions and modes and even receive tips. Among the pitfalls are things like adding applications, changing dials and downloading music can only be done through a connection to a smartphone.

You can filter notifications so that unnecessary ones do not distract you. At the same time, you can’t react to them in any way and you can only answer them with a smart phone.

Smartwatch Versa uses a friendly approach to displaying data and the clock helps to understand your progress through tips and comparisons with the average person of your age and gender.

Heart rate monitoring, step counting, and altitude changes work 24 hours a day. You will also receive tips that you need to move if you’re in a sedentary position for too long. There is no GPS support, so tracking is only done when connected to a smartphone. Predefined activities include running, bicycles, swimming, tennis, yoga, martial arts.

Long walks around the city are automatically recorded in a journal and classified as exercises. Sports such as football or basketball are not present, but there is a general setting called Exercise, which is suitable for most of them. When the activity is completed, information is rendered on calories burned and heart activity.

Sleep tracking works without problems, where you go to bed with a watch on your wrist and everything is fixed automatically. In the morning, a soft vibration can wake you up.

One of Versa’s most interesting features is Fitbit’s female health tracking. It is also available on Ionic – through an update and users of the best Fitbits for women can try it (but cannot see the data on the screen in real-time).

3. Fitbit Alta HR for Women

Fitbit Alta is a stylish and highly accurate activity tracker. For those who first purchased a fitness bracelet, we recommend that you familiarize yourself with the included user guide since the device has a rather expensive price but is worth every penny.

The Alta HR has an OLED display, which is located in the center of the gadget. Replacing the strap is simple. In the previous model, I had to use pins metal buckle reliably secures the bracelet on your wrist.

The data on your physical health is displayed using the Fitbit application, which is compatible with Android, iOS, and Windows phone. Fitbit has implemented an additional function inspired by the Apple Watch to remind users when they move. You can set it so that reminders do not interfere with your work or important business meetings.

Alta HR tracks sleep in two modes, where the fitness tracker uses heart rate sensor data. Before the advent of new technologies, owners of smartwatches and activity trackers could only track the duration of sleep by time and how calm or restless they were during that time.

Fitbit Alta HR is now appointed with an improved heart rate monitor, which uses its algorithms and calculates the time between heartbeats. The data is then presented in a graph for the month. The gadget compares the owner’s data with similar data from other users of the same gender and age. The nutrition tracking feature is useful for women and girls who are on a diet. Furthermore, the Alta HR allows you to enter data on what the user eats and how much he/she weighs.

4. Fitbit Versa Lite for Women

Do you need the best Fitbit for women without breaking the bank? Then look no further than Fitbit Versa Lite. This smartwatch is a simplified version of Fitbit Versa, but worth a second look.

It may be a bit challenging to find the big differences between Versa Lite and regular Versa models, but here is what Fitbit has changed and improved.

  • No altimeter;
  • Counting laps for swim tracking is not supported, but at the same time it is waterproof up to 50m;
  • There is no built-in music storage and Wi-Fi, which is used to transfer music;
  • A single button on the left (two right buttons were removed);
  • Lacks Fitbit pay support.

What stays?

You still get 24/7 heart rate monitoring, advanced sleep metrics (including REM), over 15 targeted exercise modes, women’s health tracking, customizable facial support, and third-party apps.

5. Fitbit Inspire HR for Women

Fitbit Inspire HR is another excellent fitness tracker in the budget segment. It is appointed with a touch-sensitive display, which makes navigation and controls easier and more intuitive. It is also illuminated, so you will not have problems viewing the data displayed on the display, even under the bright sunlight.

This women’s Fitbit rings in with a long list of features that start with heart rate monitoring, which is monitored during activity and calm during the day. The application saves statistical data, turning it into a type of cardiogram. You can see at what moments your pulse is the same when it rolls over and what it is in a normal state – for example when you’re in a sedentary position.

Further, the tracker tracks the number of steps taken and the distance that you have covered during the previous day. All this data is also entered and stored in the mobile application. When we move (and even if not), we lose one or several calories, which is captured by the fitness bracelet.

Also, when eating food, we can enter data on the food consumed into a digital list of food eaten and the program itself will calculate how many fats, carbohydrates, and proteins the body has consumed. This is especially true for woman who has decided to stick to a diet to lose weight.

In case you stay at work or lie on the couch, the bracelet will remind you that it’s time to show a little activity to invigorate the body. The minimum for any person is 250 steps per hour: this is necessary for normal blood circulation, vitality during the day, healthy joints, blood vessels and of course for productive brain activity (and this affects any activity).

Inspire HR is the best Fitbit for women that offers crucial important data about the user’s health status, and best of provides details in a decrypted format in a mobile application. It allows you to monitor the processes of your body to understand how to improve your well-being.

6. Fitbit Ionic for Women

Do you need the best Fitbit for women with personal trainers with extensive experience? Try Fitbit Ionic.

To assess your fitness tracking, Ionic gains access to a variety of data such as the number of steps taken, the current heart rate, the resting heart rate, sleep data (including information on the phases of REM), jogging or riding a bicycle, overcoming different heights as well as calories burned.

To improve or maintain good physical shape, the watch will help you just like a live personal trainer with the help of a touch screen, from where you can choose various exercises that are selected based on data on your current state and training preferences.

A feature of this best Fitbit for women is that it will help you relax, and to help your breath with ease, Ionic will give several different breathing exercises after training.

The built-in GPS sensor serves not only accurately determine distances and speeds, but also helps the Fitbit Ionic automatically recognize different sports. If you run, all data will begin to be recorded with the corresponding running parameters.

Furthermore, you can choose one of 7 sports – running, cycling, aerobics, training on an ellipsoid, walking, swimming or sports in general (for example, weight training).

What is interesting for professionals is that the Fitbit Ionic knows the field of cardio training. And if you wear a watch constantly, day after day, the hybrid of a fitness tracker and a smartwatch turns into a full-fledged laboratory for analyzing your sleeping state, which also tracks the phases of sleep.

In a special application, you can see all the results of training and monitoring data, as well as record your eating habits.

7. Fitbit Zip for Women

If you need a cheap Fitbit for women, the Fitbit Zip is perhaps a great option for you. Zip consists of two parts – a small plastic gadget with a black and white screen and a rubberized cover with a clip in which to wear it. When assembled, it is comparable to the size of a matchbox.

Unlike bracelets that can constantly cling to, for example, the edge of the laptop during work, the Zip is completely invisible – it is supposed to cling to a pocket or belt and woman can also attach it to the middle of certain innerwear.

So what kind of data does Zip collect? Since this is the youngest model of all the devices from the company, it collects a fair amount of data and specifically three parameters.

  • Number of steps completed per day;
  • Distance in kilometers;
  • Calories burned.

This data can be viewed both in mobile and web applications and on the device’s screen. The functionality of mobile and web applications is quite similar. Firstly, there you can see the statistics of all the metrics taken into account for different periods – day, week, month, year. Secondly, with its help, you can get to know what you ate today to take into account calories consumed. Lastly, following the trend of gamification, Fit bit gives you badges for achievements and you can also see them in the application or on the site. For example, 2 top badges: 20,000 steps per day and 500 kilometers for the entire time you use the gadget.

8. Fitbit Flex 2 for Women

Compared with its predecessor, the new product has noticeably decreased in size. Its dimensions were only 31.7×8.9×6.8 mm, and weight – 3.5 oz. When compared with analog models, the difference is also visible to the naked eye, because the gadget does not have a display.

The design remains the same – a silicone bracelet and a removable capsule. But such an original ergonomic solution makes the fitness tracker not just a sports accessory, but a stylish and elegant addition for everyday use.

There are four straps to choose from. In addition to classic black, there is a more delicate color for women – lavender, austere dark blue and bright purple. Bluetooth technology allows you to connect the fitness tracker to smartphones on Android, iOS or Windows.

To start using the fitness tracker, you must either login to an existing account or create a new one. Of course, you will need to enter information about your height and weight – this is the only way the application will offer the optimal training program.

Much work has been done by developers in adapting the Flex 2 for swim tracking. The case is waterproof and it can be taken 50 meters underwater. But that is not all! Fans of swimming can get detailed information about the workout: type of pool, duration of the lesson, pace of swimming and the total distance.

Thanks to a set of only the necessary functions and thoughtful ergonomics, this best Fitbit for women has become increasingly popular among many athletes. Needless to say, there is nothing superfluous here – the emphasis is placed only on a convenient design and comprehensive list of sports modes.

9. Fitbit Inspire for Women

If you compare the Inspire with the Alta, which it replaces, then as is the case with the Inspire HR, you will notice a slight difference in design. The restrained, elegant design of its predecessor is missing and is replaced by the sporty design of the Charge 3.

You get a replaceable silicone wristband that’s embedded with a touch screen OLED display. The absence of a heart rate monitor means that it is slightly thinner than the Inspire HR, but not by much. It is lightweight and comfortable enough to wear day and night. Like Inspire HR, it supports a new accessory with a clip that allows you to attach it to a belt or other piece of clothing.

The most noticeable difference in design is the strap. While Inspire HR uses a clasp in the form of a watch, the Inspire uses a strap in the form of buttons, which is present on cheaper Fitbit trackers.

Inspire will track steps, calories burned, distance traveled, and active minutes. Also, it will track your hourly activity and give a goal to count the number of steps during the day. There is no altimeter to track floors climbed and no specialized sports tracking.

Like Inspire HR and in terms of smartwatch functions, you get support for notifications about calls, texts, and applications. In terms of performance, these functions work the same as in the Inspire version with a heart rate function. As a result, we get a more affordable gadget, while without compromising on basic functionality.

10. Fitbit Surge for Women

If Fitbit Flex is called the king of all Fitbits, then the product that allowed the company to become a leader in the market of fitness devices is, of course, its brainchild – the Fitbit Surge.

Surge is the first fitness tracker from FitBit, which is also used as a watch and is still a popular model. True, a cheaper Blaze appeared on sale, which will soon become a popular alternative.

This device allows you to track all those things that other fitness trackers do such as steps, calories, duration of sleep and general activity. The device is improved in comparison with previous Fitbit models and comes with an option for continuous monitoring of heart rate and built-in GPS.

Fitbit Surge certainly cannot be called smartwatch as there are no third-party applications, and notifications are limited. This fitness bracelet is rather an improved version of its younger brother – the Charge HR. Surge combines all the sensors and functions of previous Fitbit models, but in a stronger quality bracelet that is 1.34-inch wide.

And unlike its cheaper siblings, this best Fitbit for women comes with options for athletes such as GPS and heart rate monitoring, which makes it an ideal running device, hiking, or exercising in the gym, as well as for tracking parameters during specific activities such as weightlifting or yoga. However, outdoor enthusiasts should keep in mind that the GPS in this sports bracelet is not as responsive and accurate as on other devices sold in the market today.

Best Fitbit for Women Buying Guide

Fitbit for Women

Before buying the best Fitbit for women you need to determine why you need it. The following parameters and features that you should pay attention to will help you with get the best device for your needs.


Fitness trackers and smartwatches differ in size, the ability to replace a strap or bracelet, the material from which they are made and shape.

Here you should rely on your taste and the size of your wrist.

Women’s Health

This feature is not available on all Fitbit gadgets.

Tracking Fitbit’s female health allows woman to record and track their menstrual cycles and symptoms and compare data with activity and sleep to identify correlations. Women will be able to register their cycles in the application, receive tips and reviews. Tracking is done using a calendar.

Sleep analysis

All the best Fitbits for women presented on our list have sleep monitoring. However, when choosing the best Fitbit for women, pay attention to the following parameters that it analyzes when you sleep:

  • Determining hours of sleep;
  • Phases of REM and deep sleep;
  • The value of sleep;
  • Offering recommendations.
  • Improving the quality of your sleep means improving the productivity of life in general. A well-slept person is more active, always has fresh ideas, their general state of health is good and they are more resistant to diseases.

Sports Features

The function is useful for those who lead a sedentary lifestyle and do not engage in sports. Based on the age, weight, gender, and other data from the user, the tracker calculates the daily rate of activity and tracks it using the accelerometer (by hand movements). Some models additionally take into account traffic intensity, calculate calories burned and distance traveled per day.

Also, pay attention to the analysis of sports training, where some Fitbits for women have up to 15 modes in their database, each of which has its peculiar features.

Battery life

Smartwatches and fitness trackers from Fitbit on average can work up to 5 days before the next charge. The maximum battery life is Fitbit Charge 3, which works up to 7 days when fully charged.


What size Fitbit Should Women Get?

To find out the size of the strap that suits you, just measure your wrist with a centimeter tape. So, 5-6.5 inches is considered a small or medium-size and if the wrist has a diameter of 6.5 to 7.5 inches, then it is considered the large size.

What do you need to measure your wrist?

Many girls do not know the girth of their wrists and are afraid that the bracelet that they chose in the store may not fir well. Of course, the easiest option is to measure your hand with a tailor’s centimeter tape, but not every one of us has a flexible measuring tape at home. Therefore, you can use your hands to determine the size. You will need a ruler, pen and a thin paper ribbon.

Wrap a strip of paper around your wrist and make a note. Then flatten the tape and attach it to the ruler and you will find out the exact size of your wrist.

Final Thoughts

We reviewed for you the best Fitbit for women, which will help you analyze the state of health, maintain an active lifestyle and make life easier due to smart functions. We hope that with the help of this information, you will easily be able to make the right choice.

We would also like to know what you prefer: a smartwatch or a fitness tracker? Why?

Leave a response in the comments.

Also, if you have any questions, we will be happy to help you.

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