10 Best Fitbit For Men (Review) In 2020

The best Fitbit for men listed below were chosen by Demystifying Digital because of their exceptional smart features, design, and utility.

What smartwatches and fitness trackers will be great for any man? When choosing a gadget, you must take into account the features and several other things to ensure you buy the right one for your needs 

For example, what kind of training does the tracker support? Can I swim with it? How accurate are counting steps and calories among other things? In the 21st century, people are very accustomed to the fact that tech and they are more than able to use such gadgets.

This article presents the best Fitbit for men 2020. For each product, we will discuss everything that will help you easily make the best decision.

The Best Fitbit For Men

Therefore, you could find the best Fitbit for men that’s where we’ve come to play. It’s the buyer’s guide to help you out. Here they are:

1. Fitbit Charge 3 Best Fitbit For Men With Advanced Software

Fitbit expanded its Charge lineup in August 2018 by adding a third-generation device – the Charge 3 fitness tracker. It is appointed with a large screen, light waterproof case and all the advantages that made Charge 2 a bestseller.

In terms of functionality, Fitbit Charge 3 is the best Fitbit for men, where you get notifications from the calendar and SMS messages, PurePulse-technology for measuring heart rate, SmartTrack, and alarm for no activity.

The Fitbit 3 is waterproof, so you can dive to a depth of 50 meters. This is better than the Fitbit Charge 2, which could only be submerged up to 10 meters. Another convenient feature is that the gadget has a replaceable bracelet. Just like its predecessor, the Fitbit Charge 3 can be managed from a feature-loaded and intuitive app. 

It is available both in the web version and in versions for Android, iOS and Windows Phone. Since the gadget itself does not have a GPS sensor, we recommend using the bracelet in conjunction with a smartphone – you will have to carry it with you to record data. 

The accuracy of counting steps Fitbit Charge 3 – 97.3%. This is slightly less than the previous model but does not affect its performance. The battery life has improved compared with its predecessor from 5 days to 9 days. This is a good indicator, but some bracelets are available at the same cost but do not deliver the same performance as the Fitbit Charge 3.

2. Fitbit Versa Best Smartwatch Fitbit For Men With

Versa is somewhat reminiscent of Apple Watch, as the association goes with a more popular product. However, the roots of the design lie in the old models, which were released before the Apple device, but it’s hard to remember.

You can buy best Fitbit for men in different colors, but the color of the aluminum case is different – silver rose gold, but if you buy a Fitbit for a man, then it is better if it is black. As always, many different straps are easy to replace.

The inside of the watch with sensors is rounded off and therefore there is no dirt there, unlike Ionic. And this is good, the watch can be washed less often. By the way, Versa has protection against immersion in water up to 50 meters, so you can swim, dive deep with it, but the manufacturer does not recommend using it in the sauna.

Here you will find several different dials, and you can choose one that suits your taste. In addition to the dial itself, the animation changes when it reaches its goal, the number of steps per day.

In addition to sports functions, music service, and other useful applications, Versa has an excellent web interface, which is true for any Fitbit smartwatch. On the Fitbit website, as well as in the app, you can view all the information about your activity during the day (and for other periods). 

Of the many options available – the ability to enter data about food, as well as your weight. And getting to the most important thing is the social component. You can add other people as friends, see their distance traveled as many people are motivated to do small things, especially when they are good friends. 

The measurement accuracy of the Fitbit pedometers is one of the best on the market, they can be considered the benchmark, almost no false positives.

3. Fitbit Ionic Best Running Fitbit For Men

In general, Ionic has a nice design that will look good with the both sporty and classic styles of clothes. Also, in this, you can change the dials, which also allows you to change the design of the watch.

The focus here is on tracking physical activity and playing sports. However, these smartwatches have the potential to install applications as well.

If we talk about sports functions, the Fitbit Ionic, although inferior to multisport hours, but in general, provides more features than what the best fitness trackers have to offer. Ionic is equipped with an altimeter, a three-axis accelerometer, and a hygroscopes, as well as a GPS module, an optical heart rate monitor and a vibration motor for feedback. 

This best Fitbit for men counts steps, rises, pulse, calories burned, sleep, can track running, cycling, swimming and other sports, including in the gym. Also, the watch case has water protection up to 5ATM, so you can swim with it.

But what Ionic tracks in detail are a dream. The device can automatically determine not only the actual sleep time but also its different phases: light, deep, as well as REM sleep. All this helps to assess how much your body is resting during sleep.

All data collected by Ionic is synchronized with the Fitbit application, which is available for smartphones on Android, iOS, and Windows. You can record music on the clock; for this, 2.5 GB is allocated in memory. Ionic directly supports the connection of wireless headphones, so that you can listen to music on a run or in the hall without using a smartphone.

4. Fitbit Inspire HR Best HR Tracking Fitbit For Men

Fitbit Inspire HR – a version of the tracker with more advanced specifications and therefore, it is slightly more expensive but worth every penny. This is by far the most stylish tracker created by Fitbit, and it is noticeably lighter and thinner than the Fitbit Charge 3 that looks like a smartwatch.

Available in black, purple and white colors, silicone straps are supplied but are easily replaceable if you’d like to switch colors on the fly. The daily operation of the Fitbit Inspire HR will indicate all of its strengths: the display of information on the screen is instantaneous, the automatic start of tracking exercises and the device also records the daily number of steps and accurate heart rate monitor. 

It’s really easy to keep track of a clear picture of your overall health, but the best part is that it offers more than 15 training modes. Geolocation works well, but there is one inconvenience; if you want to track the route and distance, you will have to take a smartphone along with you when training.

The best Fitbit for men activity tracker has recommended breathing exercises that can be used for meditation. There is a choice of two-minute or five-minute exercises on the menu. If you need a few minutes to relax, they are enough exercises to help you recover and feel good. The Inspire HR keeps track of your nightly rest, so you know your sleep stats even when you’re not awake. 

The bracelet will show you the amount of time you slept, the time you woke up, and the time when you were awake or did not fall asleep. The application will divide the night into sleep stages, based on these data, so you can consult your doctor if you suffer from any sleep-related diseases, such as apnea.

An interesting point – tracker updates. The Fitbit application will update the tracker gradually, and the files will be downloaded in small parts each time you connect to Wi-Fi, and when all the necessary files are downloaded, you will be prompted to update the tracker.

5. Fitbit Flex 2 Best Fitbit For Men For Small Wrists

Fitbit Flex 2 is an improved version of the popular Fitbit tracker. It comes with greater functionality compared to its predecessor – the Flex, which allows you to process a larger amount of statistical information.

Two unique features that are available in the Flex 2: The SmartTrack system for automatic tracking of workouts without the need to open the app and the Fitbit Reminders to Move, which alerts you to move when you’ve been in the same position for too long.

The updated best Fitbit for men is fully protected from the harmful effects of dust and water, and you can safely use it in the pool. The pairing is also simple, regardless of the platform. With the installed application, you can configure everything from notifications to alarms, making it easy to use for beginner and seasoned professionals. 

Sleep tracking is fairly accurate and happens automatically. Due to its small size, the device is practically not felt on the arm, so you sleep well even with it on your wrist. In the application, you can configure exactly which notifications will be displayed on the tracker. 

You will receive a notification (in the form of vibrations) about the incoming calls. It looks cool when you don’t have the phone in your hand. It should be noted that even from hard-to-reach places, pairing works fine, which allows you to always stay in touch.

6. Fitbit Versa Lite Best Budget Fitbit For Men

Versa Lite is a simplified version of Versa. This best Fitbit for men is the most popular model of Fitbit smartwatches, which helped the company to return to profitability in early 2020. So, Lite costs $ 40 less than Versa. And this is probably the cheapest full-fledged smartwatch on the market if we talk about a device with an excellent OS and the ability to install third-party applications.

From the previous version of the new smartwatch is slightly different. Firstly, there is no barometer here, the clock does not know how to count the floors, cannot display help during a workout, and cannot play music from the internal memory. Besides, there is no Fitbit Pay and two physical buttons. There is only one so that it’s easy to manage and is slightly different from traditional models of the company. In general, restrictions for the majority will be insignificant, and the price is very low. Given that the regular Versa model has proven very popular, Versa Lite should also be in demand for its lower price and a long list of features.

7. Fitbit Inspire Best Battery Life Fitbit For Men

Fitbit Inspire is an affordable but beautiful fitness tracker that should appeal to a wider audience. Its screen lights up when you turn your wrist, and then goes out again, which increases battery life, which is 5 days on a single charge.

The device counts the steps, the number of calories burned, the number of active minutes and the distance traveled, and these indicators are easily available in the order indicated, where you simply swipe up from your device’s main screen.

You can also organize competitions with friends. The goal is to get the most steps in a given day, weekend or week. The choice of periods and the ability to have up to 10 participants give a slight advantage over the Apple Watch (which allows only two competitors and always holds competitions in the last week), as well as a significant advantage over the Google Wear OS, which does not support competitions at all.

Swimming tracking is not supported, but Inspire is waterproof up to 50 m, so you can safely walk with it into the shower. Also, the device cannot calculate the number of floors covered during the day, because it does not have an altimeter. You will need Fitbit Charge 3, Ionic or Versa to get this popular feature.

Sleep tracking is supported but the Inspire does not have a heart rate monitor, so on the brighter note, you get more runtime per charge. This is the best Fitbit for men fitness tracker with a simple look and a basic set of features. It is recommended for people who are not involved in professional sports or are just starting with exercising. 

8. Fitbit Alta HR Best User-Friendly Fitbit For Men

The latest s Fitbit Alta HR now offers much more than the original Alta. One of the best deals is the automatic tracking of physical exercises to make it easier to work with the recording of training data. Alta HR itself recognizes when you are doing fitness and what exercises you perform. The best Fitbit for men records the exercises in the Fitbit app along with an exercise summary.

Tracking heart rate 24/7 makes it possible to monitor your heart rate throughout the day. Simply raise your hand to activate the screen and see the data about your heart rate. This is convenient for those who usually have to click on the display of a fitness tracker while riding a bicycle or exercise bike.

Heart rate tracking in Fitbit Alta HR is accurate compared to the Apple Watch, Charge 2, LG Watch Sport and even the Polar H10 chest strap. Inspired by the Apple Watch, Fitbit has included in all its trackers a new feature Reminders to Move – motion reminders. These are short tips for exercises, for example, to reach the goal of 250 steps every hour (about 2-3 minutes walk). 

These tips can be personalized with an individual schedule, for example, to set the Do Not Disturb mode during lengthy meetings or meetings. In addition to the PurePulse heart rate sensor, Fitbit also introduced two new instruments that use heart rate data: Sleep Stages and Sleep Insights.

The Sleep Stages tool is designed to use the accelerometer, heart rate variability, and Fitbit algorithms to accurately indicate when the owner of the tracker is awake or in shallow, deep, or fast sleep. Adding to this, small histograms are also useful, which show the 30-day average sleep statistics, and allows you to compare it with other Fitbit users of the same age category and gender.

All this makes the lightweight and thin sports bracelet Fitbit Alta HR a universal best Fitbit for men for fitness lovers, professional athletes and just people who love accuracy.

9. Fitbit Charge 2 Best Overall Fitbit For Men

Charge 2 is large and slightly similar to a wristwatch. The quality of materials is good, but the rubber strap easily collects dust and dirt due to its coating. Despite the sports orientation, the bracelet does not have full protection from water, and the manufacturer does not recommend using it around water such as washing dishes or in the shower. 

The monochrome OLED display of the Fitbit Charge 2 displays the time, pulse, steps, distance, rises, active minutes, and also allows you to start running track, stopwatch and breathing relaxation exercise. All data is recorded in the Fitbit program, which collects information from the bracelet. 

On Fitbit men main screen information is displayed in blocks, but you can independently change their position, delete and add new ones. The fitness tracker can be synchronized with devices on Android and iOS, as well as with smartphones and PCs on Windows 10 through Bluetooth 4.0 connection and Fitbit application. There are no problems with synchronization, and the connection is often stable.

Daily best Fitbit for men automatically counts the steps, rises, time spent in a dream, as well as the pulse. The pulse is measured almost continuously when the device is on your arm. The accuracy of the optical heart rate monitor is great, and the differences between the chest sensor are negligible. But during sports, the gadget should be well secured on the hand, so that the sweat that drops on the skin does not affect the results.

Fitbit Charge 2 is a relatively large activity tracker with a monochrome display and an optical heart rate monitor. It is geared towards those users who do not need excessive functionality of smartwatches. 

10. Fitbit Blaze Best Sports Fitbit For Men

Fitbit Blaze looks like a typical smartwatch, however, the device does not claim this role at all. It is an improved version of the sports bracelet. Fitbit Blaze functionality is enhanced so its better suited for those who play sports, and not just want to count their steps. 

It is equipped with a good heart rate monitor and can track their workouts. In addition to this, there is an excellent pedometer and automatic sleep tracking function. Blaze design looks pretty rough and is suitable for men. The hull is octagonal and made of aluminum. 

It is designed to protect the best Fitbit for men from external influences. The design is modular, where the block with the screen is removed from the aluminum frame. The user can select only four options for displaying time on the Fitbit Blaze screen. Unlike most smartwatches, you cannot install third-party dials on your device.

The screen of the Fitbit Blaze has a diagonal of only 1.25 inches and supports the display of 16 colors. At the same time, it is touch-sensitive and equipped with a light sensor, which allows the device to independently adjust the brightness. 

The sensors built into the device are responsible for monitoring physical activity: a 3-axis accelerometer, an altimeter, and a dual optical heart rate monitor. It accurately counts the steps, rises and heart rate. The heart rate monitor checks are taken with almost the same accuracy as the chest pulse meter while running.

Unfortunately, there is no built-in GPS in the mens Fitbit, and to accurately determine the distance, you still need to take a smartphone with you for a run. With constantly active synchronization with a smartphone via Bluetooth, Fitbit Blaze works for about 5 days, as the manufacturer claims. However, if you disable synchronization, you can increase the battery life by around 7 days.

Best Fitbit For Men Buying Guide

Fitbit for Men


When we chose the best Fitbit for men, we noticed what the gadget is capable of and divided the smartwatches from the fitness trackers. Smartwatches have more functions and you can install additional applications. They will become good helpers in everyday life, but not all smartwatches will perform well when monitoring health or sports training.

Best Fitbit for men, for this reason, are a preferred choice, as their primary function is to monitor your health and improve your physical performance, and they can also show you notifications about calls and messages from your smartphone. However, you will not be able to install other applications on this class of trackers. 

User trust

Products from Fitbit are popular and most of the gadgets already have a large number of reviews. And so that you don’t have to read them all and compare them with each other, we chose smartwatches and fitness trackers, which proved to be the best in this segment. 


For an athlete or a simple person to measure the effectiveness of their workout, a fitness tracker or smartwatch must accurately count the steps, the distance traveled and the calories burned. We set the permissible error of 10% for each indicator and carefully studied all the gadgets to form the list of best Fitbit for men


Anything you wear should be comfortable. Here we looked at what the bracelet was made of and whether it is possible to replace it. We took this indicator into account last after all the smartwatches and fitness trackers for our list were gathered.

Display and Design

Pay attention to how the best Fitbit for men will look with your gear or clothes. Also, select a color if available. Fitness trackers are usually simpler in terms of looks and design. 

Fitness and Health Features

If you are seriously involved in sports, then this feature will be one of the most important for you. Pay attention to what workouts the gadget supports, whether there is a count of calories burned and whether heart rate monitoring works during sleep.

If you are swimming, you need a waterproof smartwatch or a fitness tracker. In this case, the gadget must provide support for swimming in a pool or open water.

Charging and Battery Life

Best Fitbit for men has good battery life, unlike competitors. On average, this time is from 4 to 8 days. But if you need more time, then pay attention to the gadgets with an energy-saving display. 

Smart features

If you need a smart assistant, then choose a smartwatch. You can install applications on them and use them with or without a smartphone. With their help, you can order a taxi, pay for purchases in stores and much more, and with standalone smartwatches, you can make calls too.

As for fitness trackers, they can only monitor your workouts, monitor the work of the heart and the quality of sleep. They cannot download any third-party applications. However, this can be done in your Fitbit application on a smartphone or computer to expand the capabilities of the fitness tracker.


How to Choose the Right Fitbit Size?

First, pay attention to the diameter of the watch face. This is the most obvious and noticeable parameter of the tracker. Best Fitbit for men usually range in size from 38 to 46 mm. Anything over 46 mm looks ridiculously large and is usually intended for themed costumes or extravagant outfits.

Anything less than 38 mm is equal to jewelry or it’s already lightweight female models. To find out the size of the dial that is right for you, measure your wrist with a tape. 15-16.5 centimeters – you have a small or medium size. The diameter of the tracker’s face for you should be within 38-42 mm. If the wrist has a length of 17 to 19 centimeters, which is considered a large size, the proportional diameter of the face will be 44-46 mm.

Do fitness trackers work in treadmills?

Best Fitbit for men read data from the hand by counting the moves for the steps. If you walk on the treadmill, but at the same time, your hands are still on the rail, the tracker will not count the steps.

Do fitness trackers cause diseases like cancer?

Men’s Fitbit are safe. With their regular wearing, no side effects were detected for the body. However, constantly wearing any accessory on your wrist is not recommended whether its technological devices or the usual wristwatches. 

Even modern and 100% hypoallergenic strap material can provoke an unpleasant reaction on the skin. All because of – the accumulation of moisture, dirt, grease, and sweat under the bracelet.


We reviewed with you 10 best Fitbit for men. Now I would like to hear from you: what do you pay attention to when choosing a gadget? Do you prefer a smartwatch or a fitness tracker?

Leave a response in the comments. We will reply to you.

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