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10 Best DZ09 Smartwatches (Review) In 2020

The best DZ09 smartwatches listed in this article was chosen by FindTheDecision because of its quality and ability to make and receive calls and its affordable price tag.

If you want to purchase the DZ09 in 2020, it can be challenging to figure out where to start. With so many manufacturers, finding the best gadget can be a tricky affair. Now there are a huge number of Chinese smartwatches on the market and many of them are of poor quality, to say the least, so you want to stay away from them if you want something reliable.

Owing to this, you need to be very careful when on the shopping trail. Not sure where to start? Read on to choose to know more about the DZ09 smartwatch.

The Best DZ09 Smartwatch



  • Take a photo with the front camera
  • Ability to make calls with both a SIM card and Bluetooth
  • Battery life up to 7 days
  • Supports messages from social networks and instant messengers

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Best Media Supported


  • Has a pedometer and sleep tracker
  • Anti-lost function
  • You can make photos in the formats JPEG, GIF, BMP, PNG

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Internet Connection


  • Has the ability to access the Internet through the built-in browser
  • You can control the phone’s camera via Bluetooth

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Best for HR Tracking

Heshi Budget

  • Simple menu and easy navigation
  • Has sports and activity features

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Best Pedometer


  • IP67 waterproof rating
  • Look stylish

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It may be difficult for you to choose only the best DZ09 smartwatches from all available on the market and it is here that our expertise proves handy. FindTheDecision reviewed the top 10 DZ09 smartwatches on the market today and answered the most frequently asked questions to help you. Here they are:

1. Padgene Best DZ09 Smartwatch

DZ09 is a standalone range of smartwatches i.e. a gadget that can be used as a stand-alone device or synchronized with a phone to receive notifications or simply remotely control the smartphone interface. You need to insert a micro SIM card and then the gadget can be used as a phone.

Smartwatches have a battery capacity of 380 mAh., which is enough for 3 hours of continuous conversation or 7 days in normal condition. However, it is capable of more if synchronized with a smartphone. Some functions are available directly from the watch and some are activated on the smartphone from the screen.

There is a camera integrated into the watch, which allows you to take photos, record short videos, and audio fragments, etc. The formats in which photographs are taken are JPEG, GIF, BMP, PNG.

This best DZ09 smartwatch also has fitness functions and comes with a pedometer, sleep monitor and a reminder that you need physical activity. In a nutshell – the most basic set of functions. DZ09 is compatible with both Android smartphones and iPhones. However, there may be problems with the latter, so check to ensure its compatibility with your device before making a purchase.

2. Newbud Best Media DZ09 Smartwatch

This DZ09 smartwatch has several advantages over the competition – for starters, an improved version of Bluetooth to version 3.0 and a camera with award-worthy resolution. In terms of Bluetooth, it allows the gadget to be synced with a large number of different smartphones, as well as transfer and receive files faster.

The developers of Newbud have also improved the DZ09 and now you can make media files in the JPEG, GIF, BMP, PNG formats and store music in WAV in addition to MP3. Like all similar gadgets, there is a pedometer, sleep monitor and a reminder of physical activity.

3. CanMixs Best DZ09 Smartwatch With Perfect Internet Connection

Looking for the most advanced version of the DZ09 smartwatches? Look no further than the CanMixs. The unique feature of this gadget is that it not only receives calls and sends messages, but also allows users to access the internet through the built-in browser. Furthermore, it supports Facebook, Twitter, and WhatsApp.

But that is not all! You can control the camera of the phone after its synced with the gadget, but the coolest thing about this watch is that it has a built-in camera. Adding to this, it can record video with a resolution of 1.3 MP, which is one of the top features among similar gadgets in its segment.

The quality of the photos still leaves much to be desired, but the functionality allows you to take pictures and record videos, so needless to say does prove extremely handy in certain situations. There is support for a large number of languages. English, French, Spanish, Arabic, Greek, and others. Battery life is 3 days when used under normal conditions.

4. Heshi Budget Best DZ09 Smartwatch For HR Tracking

Heshi has two very useful functions – Mobile Search, which allows you to find the phone, and Anti-theft in the event of devices are detached from each other. When this happens, the DZ09 smartwatch starts to sound and notifies the owner. Given the price, this smartwatch rings in with a very good screen. This is not a display of top models from shockproof and non-scratch glass, but a high-quality solution display that gets the job done well.

A liquid crystal color display with a diagonal of 1.56 inches or 240×240 pixels is the standard size for a typical wrist device. The functionality provides the ability to use the keyboard from the screen. Moreover, the instructions indicate that the display can be used with your fingers and without the need to deal with styluses and other devices.

The menu is simple and the controls are intuitive. The date and time are always displayed on the main screen and there is also room for two shortcuts. The interface is presented in several languages.

5. ZOMTOP Best Pedometer DZ09 Smartwatch

If you need the best DZ09 smartwatch that supports social networks, then pay attention to ZOMTOP. QQ, WeChat, Twitter, Facebook? Now you can use it on your smartwatch.

What else?

Listen to music recorded on the watch’s memory card in MP3 format or on your smartphone. This model allows you to control the player without any problems. Sleep tracking involves starting the stopwatch at night and stopping it when you wake up. This great function allows you to record the total sleep time.

Another useful feature is Mobile Search, which allows you to find your phone if it is lost. When ordering, you are invited to choose the color of the gadget, which can be in gold, silver, white or black.

6. Heshi Best DZ09 Smartwatch For The Price

This best DZ09 smartwatch comes with a heart rate monitor. When you receive a call, it begins to vibrate, so you never miss a call. Unfortunately, this smartwatch only works with Android. Owners of the iPhone will have to look at other options. With it regards to connectivity, it connects with a smartphone via Bluetooth.

7. Porxintor Best Camera DZ09 Smartwatch

Do you need a DZ09 smartwatch with a better camera? Try Porxintor.

The resolution is 2.0 MP, which is one of the noteworthy features of the DZ09. Using the device’s camera allows you can take photos, record short videos and audio fragments on the recorder. Some functions are available directly from the watch and some are activated on the smartphone from their screen.

The model’s designed is claimed to be unisex, but it is best suited for a man’s wrist. And Porxintor is not a smartwatch for children since a large square-shaped screen will be very large for a child’s wrist.

8. Qiufeng Best User-Friendly DZ09 Smartwatch

Qiufeng has a wide variety of functions, starting with making and receiving calls and calorie counting. The device supports 2G internet and to configure it, you need to insert a SIM card into the slot and turn on the DZ09 smartwatch. The network search is performed automatically and the operator is registered on the network and connected to the internet.

Colors are bright enough and the information is visible both indoors and outdoors under the sun. A wide viewing angle allows you to glance at the clock and see the time. Standard settings include 5 brightness levels and using it on the C grade allows you to comfortably work with the screen under direct sunlight.

9. Brotherhood Best Amount Of Memory DZ09 Smartwatch

The internal memory of this smartwatch is 128 MB, but there is the option to insert a 32 GB memory card. Sleep tracking involves starting the stopwatch at night and stopping it when you wake up, which is a function that allows you to record the total sleep time.

There is also a good 1.3 MP camera, which is decent for the DZ09 smartwatch. In terms of battery life, the average is 2 days under normal use.

10) iSTYLE Best Waterproof DZ09 Smartwatch

iSTYLE look stylish as it is similar in design to the Samsung Gear 2. It features a textured metal case that is mated with a standard with the rubber strap. Additionally, you can order a strap made of metal or leather in different colors.

The manufacturer claims that the DZ09 smartwatch waterproof rating is IP67. However, the instructions indicate it is recommended not to get the device wet and is necessary to protect it including from splashes of water and not touching the screen with wet hands.


What is a dz09 smartwatch?

DZ09 is a smartwatch of a Chinese manufacturer. They are an alternative to smartwatches from Apple and Samsung and are available at a cost that is much lower than that of the gadgets of leading brands, so everyone can afford to buy these smartwatches.

How good are they?

This is a budget smartwatch, but because of this, sometimes the quality may be questionable. The most problematic were the first models, which hit the shelves first, but after a slew of major improvements, the quality has greatly improved and makes this range of watches hot-sellers.

In the latest versions, the pitfalls that remain are the fastening of the strap to the watch case, where the strap may need to be replaced in a couple of months. The problem is solved by buying a second set of straps or another bracelet, which on a brighter note is highly affordable.

A huge plus was a removable rather than a built-in battery, as well as increased battery life. One of the main disadvantages of the gadget is just weak software support, but this is said to improve with upcoming releases.

What are the analogs of DZ09?

The most basic analog is the prototype of the product – Samsung Gear 2, but it is 10 times more expensive. Externally, the DZ09 strongly resembles Gear 2: a square dial, a navigation button at the bottom, and beveled edges of the case.

Should you seriously buy a DZ09 smartwatch?

Many buy this Chinese DZ09 smartwatch to get their feet wet with the technology world and the DZ09 does look stylish and inexpensive. Some people are trying to make practical use of smartwatches as this range allows users to measure the distance traveled, hence helps keep track of calories burned and some even can monitor sleep.

The DZ09 smartwatch alerts the user about calls, letters and other notifications received on the smartphone. Also, the model supports a SIM-card, which allows you to call directly from it and you also get with a dozen additional features that will be useful to active users. As you understand, smartwatch DZ09 can do a lot, so it will be useful for everyone.


We reviewed with you the top 10 DZ09 smartwatches. It would be great if you leave your thoughts about the purchased gadget in the comments. Which manufacturer did you choose and why?

You can also write any question on any topic and we will answer you.

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