Best Cameras Under 200 (Review) In 2020

The best cameras under 200 listed below have been selected by Demystifying Digital because of their dimensions, photo potential and use of the best manufacturers.

What inexpensive camera will satisfy both the parent and the child?

When choosing a digital camera you need to consider the features.

For example, does it have autofocus? What type of stabilization are you want? How many photos or videos do you have enough camera power?

If these questions confuse you, then you can be calm.

This article presents the best camera under 200 in 2020. For each product, we will discuss all the relevant features that will make it easy to make the best decision.

The Best Camera Under 200

Therefore, you might find it hard to choose only the best digital camera under 200 from the crowded market, and this is where we come into play. Demystifying Digital has reviewed the top 2 best digital cameras under 200 on the market today and has given you a buyer’s guide to help you out. Here they are:

1. Sony DSCW830 Best Camera Under 200

If you are looking for the best compact digital camera under 200 dollars then try Sony DSCW830.

The camera has a very lightweight and dimensions. And this is very noticeable even compared to smartphones. This is how our camera looks on the background of a modern smartphone with a 5.5-inch screen:

The camera is much smaller than the smartphone in length and width, and only surpasses it in thickness; which is understandable: somewhere you need to put a retractable telescopic lens!

Its front side is made without deviations from the traditions of its class of digital compacts.
Here we find the lens itself, a flash and an LED for highlighting autofocus in the dark. The lens is equipped with automatic shutters that protect it from damage when the camera is turned off.

On the backside, as usual, there is a viewing screen (aka the viewfinder), buttons for increasing/decreasing the zoom, buttons for settings and modes (made in the form of a circle), buttons for the menu, viewing and deleting photos.

Screen – with a fixed position, without the possibility of rotation.

The screen has a low level of glare (reflections from external lighting) so that for good image visibility it is not necessary to set the maximum brightness. The screen has 5 gradations of brightness, and for comfortable work with it even on a bright sunny day, it is enough to set the 4th brightness level. And when working indoors or outdoors on a cloudy day, the brightness can be further reduced, which will save battery consumption.

Screen resolution – 230400 pixels, i.e. approximately 554×416, the pixel density is 256 / inch. This seems to be not bad, but the “graininess” of the screen or the steepness of the inclined lines can be seen with the naked eye because due to the small size of the screen you have to bring it closer to the eyes.

When viewing a shot photo on the screen, its size can be increased by 8 times, which allows you to reliably assess the sharpness of the shot.

The camera is not rich in manual settings. True, in it, and automatic settings work well; but, as the old joke said, “there are different cases.”

Of the manual settings that are there, we note as the most useful for the “advanced” photographer the ability to manually set the sensitivity (in units of ISO), exposure compensation (in increments of 1/3 EV) and color balance.

Some elements of the camera’s photographic settings menu can be seen in the following photos (I apologize for the quality of the photos, because, as I just stated, there are problems with the screen):

So, the camera is more aimed at shooting in automatic modes, with only a little intervention of the photographer; and even then in cases of emergency.

The camera turns on and goes into a “combat state” very quickly – about a second after pressing the power button.

The camera allows you to shoot video in HD (1280×720); and large formats, such as Full HD (1920×1080) and higher, do not allow shooting. But then, and within HD video shooting is quite high quality. During shooting, image stabilization works (possibly electronic or electronic + optical).

2. Canon PowerShot ELPH 180 Camera Under 200

Want something that has proven itself over time?

The Canon PowerShot ELPH 180 has a 20-megapixel sensor with a physical size of 6.17 x 4.55 millimeters. You can take photos at a maximum resolution of 5152 x 3864 pixels. The native ISO range is from 100 to 1600.

The average number of frames per battery charge in this class of cameras is 255. The Canon PowerShot ELPH 180 can make 220. Housing dimensions without lens: 95 x 54 x 22 millimeters, weight – 126 grams.

This digital camera is suitable for street and everyday shooting.

The minimum distance from which the camera can focus is 1 centimeter. This is useful for macro lovers. Known only for cameras with non-replaceable optics. For interchangeable cameras, it depends on the lens installed.

You can shoot video with a resolution of 1280 x 720 (25p) and 640 x 480 (30p). For a digital camera under $200, this is a very good indicator. Video is recorded in MPEG-4, H.264 formats.

The camera focuses on detected faces.

What can we say about this digital camera? It is small, comfortable, supports large flash drives up to 32 GB inclusive, well-assembled, connectors are closed with a tight rubber cover. As for the photo and video shooting, then considering that this camera costs less than $200, its quality is at a high level.

3. Samsung WB350F Camera Under 200

As for digital zoom, this camera is compact enough where it has a size slightly larger than the standard digital “soap” camera and this resembles a device that was available in the market nearly two years ago. The model comes in five colors – black, brown, red, white and ultramarine, so it is not difficult to choose one that matches your style.

The camera’s body is made of plastic, and it can be divided into three parts like a sandwich. The central layer just has a color coating as well as an interesting texture that mimics the skin. There are also two extreme inserts that are made from silver.

The camera menu does pose any issues, where the user is provided with eight sections on the selector, and they are slightly different from the usual shooting modes. Among them, you will find Auto, Wi-Fi, “Settings”, “Effects”, “Best Face”, “Intelligent Mode”, combined into one mode “Shutter/Aperture Priority and Manual” and “Program”.

The photo quality in the best digital camera under 200 is good at the compact level, but nothing outstanding, but in all fairness is much better than budget devices. The automatic mode quickly and accurately selects the plot, but on a cloudy day, there were still overexposures of the sky. Macro failed. A digital camera can focus only at a distance of at least 10 cms from the lens, and even zooming does not help.

The color reproduction is excellent, and the shades are as close to natural as possible and not overly bright, which pleases. The detail is clear, sharpness is good, and the picture becomes noticeably noisy already starting at ISO 200. Zooming is very slow, and it is slightly depressing. In addition, not only do you lose time when approaching, it’s not the first time you can take a photo, because the device needs a few seconds to “rebuild”.

And also, during video shooting while zooming, the digital camera does not focus for a long time. This is perhaps the only significant minus. The model uses a 1030 mAh lithium-ion battery, which is enough to create about 350 shots.

4. Sony Cybershot DSC-WX220 Camera Under 200

Best compact camera Sony Cyber-shot DSC-WX220 displays very good photo quality. A fast autofocus and a minimum shutter lag allows you to take instant photos. This best digital camera under 200 successfully proves that a good digital camera does not have to be large. The camera weighs only 120 grams, but under its hood hides a ton of performance.

Immediately noticeable is the good image quality. The resolution of 18 megapixels gives an average of 1450 pairs of lines per frame height with minimal photosensitivity. In daylight, with the Sony WX220, you get excellent sharpness images that make noise almost invisible

A 10x digital zoom (25mm in 35mm equivalent) with image stabilization gives a sharpness loss of up to 30 percent to the edges of the image. This was already a problem with the predecessor model Sony WX200. But such imperfections of the image such as chromatic aberration are almost not noticeable, where the latter become visible only with a large zoom.

In terms of speed, the Sony Cyber-shot DSC-WX220 showed its best side. First of all, we liked the work of autofocus. The camera has a very small delay in shutter release, so that even in poor lighting conditions, it can create snapshots. The burst speed is also quite convincing, and rings in at 8.8 frames per second. True, the series is only 10 frames long. The battery could work longer, but it does last for a maximum of 390 pictures, as well as for 53 minutes of Full HD video at a speed of 50 frames per second.

The small size of the Sony WX220 camera is probably to blame for the short battery life. The camera controls are also quite small, which can be inconvenient, as well as a sharp, but small (only 2.7 inches) screen. But the rest of the best digital camera under $200 makes a positive impression starting with a flip-up flash, Wi-Fi, NFC, as well as an intuitive menu that includes 26 filters that allow you to apply artistic effects to pictures with a simple click of a button.

If you were wondering, “What is a good cheap camera?”, then the Sony Cybershot DSC-WX220 is the perfect answer to this question!

5. Canon PowerShot SX620 Camera Under 200

This simple, portable digital camera with 25x zoom, NFC-enabled Wi-Fi is equipped with all the features you need to create stunning photos and videos, and send them to mobile devices. Get closer to wherever you go with this miniature pocket-sized camera with a large 25x optical zoom and a body only 27.9 mm thick.

Take amazingly clear pictures in any light thanks to the HS system, and create spectacular landscape photos with an ultra-wide viewing angle of 25 mm. Wi-Fi with NFC allows you to connect the camera to a compatible mobile device with one touch. Use the Camera Connect app and the remote shooting management feature to create interesting self-portraits, and post your work on social media networks.

Use the image synchronization feature to automatically save new images to cloud services. Making great videos is easy and fun. At the touch of a button, you are already shooting Full HD (1080p) video in MP4 format. Feel the freedom of creativity when shooting movies using optical zoom, and let the camera automatically select a composition to automatically frame.

Experience consistent image clarity and smoothness with dynamic image stabilization in the best digital camera under $200. Just point the camera and take fantastic photos or videos in hybrid automatic mode, which itself selects the appropriate camera settings, and then use the Story Highlights function to create a video digest of the day or event.

Intelligent optical image stabilization ensures crisp photos and smooth videos in all conditions, and a large 7.5 cm LCD screen makes shooting and playback easy. If you were wondering, “What is a good cheap camera?” Then the Canon PowerShot SX620 is a great answer to your question!

6. Sony DSCH300 Camera Under 200

With its powerful 35x optical zoom, the Cyber-shot™ H300 zooms in on your subject so you can take great, clear pictures. 20.1 megapixel matrix, HD video and art tools make it easy to shoot in detail. Confidently capture close-ups with the Cyber-shot H300. Its 35x optical zoom zooms in on the subject, allowing you to take clear pictures, or zoom out to create wide-angle shots.

Create crisp, detailed images with the 20.1 MP Super HAD CCD. Enjoy stunning clarity and vibrant images even when enlarged to A4 or larger. Just press the record button and instantly start shooting 720p HD video. Recording in MP4 format at 30 frames per second is ideal for quick editing.

This best digital camera under $200 features a rugged SLR-style case for assured use. Enjoy a comfortable grip and intuitive easy operation, and get great shots every time. Capture everything around you, and just press the button to activate the Sweep Panorama function, and move the camera, which combines a series of frames into a panoramic image.

The freedom to capture crystal clear photos on the go and without a tripod. Optical SteadyShot dynamically calculates movements, and keeps the image in focus. Whether shooting close-ups or portraits at dusk, the levels and focus are automatically adjusted, so you can quickly and easily get the desired results.

7. Nikon Coolpix S7000 Camera Under 200

The ultra-powerful compact 16-megapixel digital camera COOLPIX S7000 with 20x optical zoom expandable to 40x with the Dynamic Fine Zoom function allows you to capture all the details of the subject regardless of distance. The stylish digital camera COOLPIX S7000 will always help to capture the elusive moments of life.

Communicate easily on social networks and share high quality images. To do this, just press the Wi-Fi button or use the NFC technology – you just need to touch the smart device with the camera. Capture in detail the facial expression of a person even at a distance, taking advantage of the lens with a 20x optical zoom, expandable to 40x using Dynamic Fine Zoom¹, which covers the focal length range from wide angle (25 mm) to 500 mm.

The high-sensitivity matrix makes the most of the available pixels, allowing you to achieve excellent performance, and get beautiful detailed pictures with a minimum of noise even in low light conditions. Magnificent landscapes deserve special attention. Create high-quality panoramas while traveling by simply turning the camera vertically or horizontally.

Thanks to the 4-axis Hybrid Vibration Reduction (VR) system, which corrects for the best digital camera under $200 shake even at maximum zoom, you always get sharp images with minimal blur.

Be ready to instantly shoot the desired story by recording a Full HD video (1080/60i) – just press the video button. While watching, you can edit the footage and delete unnecessary episodes. Incredible power is enclosed in a lightweight compact case of this model. The camera is convenient to take with you everywhere, where its size does not affect its performance! A clear color screen with anti-glare coating and brightness adjustment allows you to frame and view your photos even in bright sunlight.

8. Fujifilm FinePix XP130 Camera Under 200

The FinePix XP130 is Fujifilm’s new highly durable compact digital camera of 2018. It has a 16-megapixel image sensor size, as well as a lens with 5x optical zoom (equivalent to 28-140 mm). Among the new features of this model is a Bluetooth-connection, increased battery life, automatic focus on the eyes. Let’s take a closer look at these and other features in the Fujifilm FinePix XP130 review.

At the top of the FinePix XP130, there is a shutter button with a notched texture, an on/ off button, and a video button. On the rear panel there is a 3-inch LCD screen, next to which there are buttons for controlling the zoom, as well as the playback mode, and a four-position button around the “Menu” button, which allows quick access to various controls.

A small play button is used to view images and delete everything that is not needed. You can set up a wireless connection to transfer any available pictures to your smartphone or tablet for quick sharing on the Internet. Each of the buttons on the four-way joystick has a dual function. The Up button allows you to get exposure compensation (or delete it in playback mode). The right button gives access to the flash mode, the left button turns on and off the macro, and the Down button turns on the self-timer.

In the middle of the navigation panel, as already indicated, there is a button on the main menu, which gives access to the main shooting menu, in which you can make additional changes to the settings. The last two buttons on the back of the best digital camera under $200 include direct access to the frame rate increase button, which also works like a WiFi button. There is also a display button that can be used to change the way information is displayed on the screen.

The Fujifilm XP130 has simpler functionality than many rugged compact cameras. It does not have a built-in GPS or compass, but it has Bluetooth and Wi-Fi for connecting to a smartphone. Thus, you have access to an alternative way of geotagging photos and videos with location data. The LCD display is surprisingly bright, so even on sunny days you won’t have much trouble viewing everything on the screen, regardless of whether you are viewing already captured photos and videos or creating new frames.

9. Polaroid Z2300 Camera Under 200

Today, Polaroid is trying to regain its former glory by launching the new Z2300 instant digital camera with an integrated printer. The device, first of all, can be used as an ordinary 10 megapixel digital camera. There is a flash, a three-inch LCD screen on the rear panel, a memory card slot and a mini USB port for downloading pictures to a computer.

Most users will use the auto mode, but white balance, exposure, and ISO are also available. The choice of focus is limited to two modes on the side on/off switch – landscape and macro. In order to print one of the photos, you just need to select an image from the screen, specify the number of copies, and that’s all – after about 30 seconds, the printed image will appear from the slot on the side panel.

The best digital camera under 200 uses Premium ZINK Photo Paper, which doesn’t require toners or cartridges of any kind. Instead, each sheet contains special crystals of yellow, purple, and blue that are activated by the heat generated inside the camera. The size of the sheets for printing photos is quite small – only 51 by 76 millimeters. 

Printing quality has its drawbacks, of course, and cannot be compared with modern photo printers, but given the specifics of the device, you can still achieve great quality. Additionally, each of the sheets is equipped with a special substrate, having removed which, the photo can be used as a sticker. This undoubtedly opens up more opportunities for leisure with such a camera.

10. Canon – PowerShot ELPH 360 Camera Under 200

Wondering “What’s the best digital camera under $200?” one of our favorites is the Canon PowerShot ELPH 360, and here are a few reasons why. One of the changes to the new 360 HS compared to its predecessor is the increase in burst speed. According to Canon, the new 360 HS offers a rather modest 2.6 frames per second for full resolution images, offering more useful 7.2 frames per second, despite using the same sensor and processor.

Another change, according to Canon’s specifications is that the battery life of its rechargeable lithium-ion rechargeable battery has slightly decreased to 180 shots per charge compared to 185 at 350 HS. This best digital camera under $200 is centered around a 12x optical zoom lens that offers a focal length range equivalent to 25-300 mm with a variable aperture of f / 3.6-7.0. To help combat camera shake, the 360 ​​HS lens also has optical image stabilization.

Behind the lens is a 20.2-megapixel 1/2.3-inch CMOS sensor, the same as in the previous model. In combination with this sensor, the DIGIC 4+ image processing processor is used, which should allow beautiful detailed images, and its own non-expandable range of ISO 80-3200.

Also, the Creative Shot mode was transferred from the predecessor, which captures several images simultaneously with a unique set of filters and effects, while preserving the original, unfiltered image file. Smart Auto is on, as well as Hybrid Auto, which captures still images and short video clips, and combines them into a video shell in the camera, and best part is that no video editing software or skills are needed!

Speaking of video, the ELPH 360 HS has a dedicated video button, and shoots video up to 1080p Full HD at 30 frames per second using the convenient MP4 format for mobile devices. You can also use the built-in Wi-Fi and NFC connection to easily connect the camera to a smartphone or tablet for transferring and exchanging images and movies, as well as remotely control the camera using a companion application (for iOS and Android). Digital camera is equipped with a special Wi-Fi button on the back of the camera for quick and convenient pairing of your device.


best camera under 200

I hope we helped you choose the best camera under 200 dollars.

Your opinion is very important to us. To make us even better, please answer the question: for what purposes are you looking for a digital camera? What type of stabilization would you like to see in such a camera?

You can leave an answer below. We will also be interested in any of your feedback and suggestions.

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