10 Best Smartwatches For Kids (Review) In 2019

Smartwatch for kids

The best smartwatches for kids listed below have been selected by FindTheDecision because of their exceptional child safety features, variety of games, education options, and use of the best manufacturers.

What smart watches will satisfy both the parent and the child?

When choosing a watch you need to consider the features.

For example, does it have GPS tracking? What is design like? Is it important to have games? Do you want to track how active your child is? Are you wanting to buy one for a teenager?

Children in the 21st century are now very used to having technology around them and are more than able to use such gadgets.

This article presents best kids smart watch in 2019. For each product, we will discuss all the relevant features that will make it easy to make the best decision.

The Best Smartwatch For Kids


TickTalk 3

  • Video and voice calls
  • Triple positioning system for greater location accuracy
  • SOS button
  • IP67 waterproof
  • Long battery life

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Best For Games

VTech Kidizoom DX2

  • Two cameras
  • A huge number of games
  • Blue and pink options
  • Photo and Video Effects

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Budget GPS


  • Triple Positioning: GPS, WiFi, LBS
  • There is a fitness tracker
  • Voice messages

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Best For Communication


  • Communicate with your child using calls, voice and text messages
  • The built-in camera allows the child to take pictures and send them to you
  • SOS button and GPS/LBS positioning

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Best Water Resistant


  • Waterproof and dustproof IP68 standard
  • Do not disturb function for school activities
  • GPS and LBS positioning

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Therefore, you might find it hard to choose only the best kids smart watches from the crowded market, and this is where we come into play. FindTheDecision has reviewed the top 10 best smartwatches for kids on the market today and has given you a buyer’s guide to help you out. Here they are:

1. TickTalk 3 – Best Kids Smart Watch For Calls & GPS

What are the best smartwatches for kids today? Definitely the TickTalk 3!

The main thing about this apple watch for kids is that it aims to have everything you need as a parent when buying smartwatches for children.

Want to keep track of the movements of your child?

Well, this watch has a triple positioning system: GPS, LBS and Wi-Fi. At the same time, the accuracy of determining the location on these smart watches is better than that of gadgets of other companies.

As a parent, you are always going to be worried about your child. What if something happens to them?

If a child is in a dangerous situation, TickTalk 3 has an SOS button. Should something happen, the child can press it and you will immediately receive a notification and coordinates, as well as hear what is happening nearby. We sincerely hope that your child will never have to use it, but be assured that this feature of the TickTalk 3 works instantly.

If you need your child to be constantly in touch, then this kids smart watch phone will please you.

The most important feature of this watch is that the watch supports a 4G SIM card.

Not all smartwatches for adults have such a feature!

You can call your child and they can answer you. They can also send messages, using emojis and even photos.

Yes, TickTalk 3 has a built-in front camera.

But it is designed not only for taking photos or videos. The apple watch for kids has the function of two-way video. Open the app on your smartphone, call the child and you will see an image with good quality and sound.

Who is this smartwatch for?

First of all, parents who need a high-quality and reliable product. This watch is hardly a toy because there are no games. But it is an excellent gadget to monitor the safety of the child, as well as a tool for education due to the ability to set reminders.

Key Features:
-2-way video calling
-Messaging and phone calls
-IP67 waterproof
-Triple positioning system for greater location accuracy
-Long battery life
-Ability to connect to Wi-Fi
-Set up to 60 reminders for child
-Ability to change the wrist bands

Best Feature: Video and voice calls
Recommended Age: 4-14
Battery life: 24 hours
SOS button: Yes
Camera: Yes
Games: No
Activity tracker: No
Location: GPS, LBS, Wi-Fi
Waterproof: IP67
Voice Calls: Yes
Video Calls: Yes
Messaging: Yes
Network: Yes
Wi-Fi: Yes
Connect to smartphone: Yes
Weight: 1.2 oz
Size: 1.7 x 0.7 x 1.8 inches
Color options: Black/White


Accurate location determination.

Large display.

Сomfortable wrist band.


No games.


TickTalk 3 Replaceable Wrist Band

  • Orange
  • Royal Blue
  • Midnight Black
  • Neon Pink
  • Rainbow
  • Violet

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2. VTech Kidizoom DX2 Best Gaming Smartwatch For Kids

These kids smartwatches were developed by VTech Electronics North America, LLC, the largest electronics manufacturer. The company specializes in creating products of the Electronic Learning Toys category and is a recognized world leader in the production of innovative educational products for children of all ages.

How does it look?

The square case with an elegant metal edging has two mechanical control buttons. One of them controls the camera. The elastic silicone bracelet is convenient even for the child’s wrist, and the convenient clasp securely fixes the smartwatch in place. The watch is made in two standard versions: blue and pink.

It is a rather multifunctional device designed for children aged 4 to 9 years.

The main advantage of VTech watch is the presence of two cameras: front and one on top of the watch allowing the child to take photos and videos. A variety of effects and filters give them the opportunity to develop their creative abilities. Additionally, with the help of a micro-USB cable you can upload photos onto a laptop or computer.

What else?

A huge number of games for every taste. These can be active games: the child jumps, dances and looks at the number of steps per day. There are games for the development of logic – mostly puzzles. Games can also be downloaded from your home computer.

Other useful features for the child.

There is an alarm clock, timer, and stopwatch. In addition, children can use the calendar and calculator to cope with simple calculations. It is also possible to customize the theme of the watch screen from 55 available layouts.

If this is not your central concern when purchasing though then this watch will be the best smartwatch for kids. It’s easy to set up and use, and the available functions work perfectly. It is worth considering this model like a toy for a child or a gadget that will prepare the child for more advanced technologies in the future.

Key Features:
-A huge number of games
-Two cameras
-Micro-USB cable for uploading photos and videos to PC
-Ability to download more games
-256MB memory

Best Feature: Games
Recommended Age: 4-9
Battery life: 2 weeks
SOS button: No
Camera: Yes
Games: Yes
Activity tracker: No
Location: No
Waterproof: No
Voice Calls: No
Video Calls: No
Messaging: No
Network: No
Wi-Fi: No
Connect to smartphone: Yes
Weight: 1.76 ounces
Size: 0.7×8.8×1.7 inches
Color options: Blue/Purple


A lot of games.

Two cameras with different effects.

Cool design.

Support various games.



3. DUIWOIM Best Budget Kids Smart Watch With GPS

Looking for a kid’s smart watch with precise location positioning?

Then DUIWOIM phone watches for kids are the best choice.


Many users of this watch note the excellent location accuracy when worn by the child. This is achieved through the use of three methods: GPS, WiFi and LBS. This triple positioning system allows you to continuously receive data on changes in geolocation. Note that location accuracy will only work with a SIM card.

Let’s take a look at the design.

The design of the watch can be called minimalistic. A square case that has a charging connector on the side and an SOS button. The screen is large and convenient to use, the front camera is located below. There are two colors: blue and pink. Thus allowing you to choose the color of the smart watch for boys, and for girls.

The watch is waterproof to IP67. This means that the watch is protected from dust and you can stay under water for up to 1 meter for 30 minutes. You can read more about this here.

What about communication?

The child can call, send texts or voice messages. In order for DUIWOOIM to become a kid’s smart watch phone, you need to buy a GSM network sim-card. Then place the SIM card in the back of the watch. Then all that remains is to follow the instructions to configure it.

What useful features does it have?

There is a pedometer and fitness tracker. There is also a restriction of use features. These applications are useful to parents, as you can watch the activity of your child. But there is little entertainment. This smart watch cannot be called a toy. There is only one game that focusses on developing logic and the child will likely not want to play it for a long time.

Consider this before purchasing.

There is another drawback. The clock supports only a 24hour time format.

If you take into account these facts, then DUIWOIM smart watch is a great choice if you want to have peace of mind about your child’s whereabouts. It will not distract them in the classroom and you can get the necessary information. If something bad were to happen, you will be immediately informed.

Key Features:
-IP67 waterproof
-Triple Positioning: GPS, WiFi, LBS
-There is a fitness tracker
-SOS button
-24hour time format

Best Feature: GPS
Recommended Age: 5-9
Battery life: 7 days
SOS button: Yes
Camera: Yes
Games: No
Activity tracker: Yes
Location: GPS/LBS/WiFi
Waterproof: IP67
Voice Calls: Yes
Video Calls: No
Messaging: Voice message
Network: Speed talk SIM, T-mobile
Wi-Fi: No
Connect to smartphone: Yes
Weight: 2.08 ounces
Size: 2×1.5×0.5 inches
Color options: Pink/Blue


Accurate location determination.


Ability to make calls.


Only 24hour time format.

4. Owl Cole Modern Smart Watch For Kids With Lots Of Features

This watch by Owl Cole has all the necessary functions at a low price.

So, what about the design? The watch is a vibrant gold color. The screen size is 1.44 inches. You can conveniently insert a SIM card. However, do not remove the bottom cover, as the slot is located on the side. This device also has a USB connector.

Additionally, there is a call function. To do this you need to buy a SIM card separately. Vibration lets the child know when their parents are trying to reach them. Keep in mind that the watch only supports 2G technology.

Voice messages can be used through the application on the parent smartphone.

The watch has a feature where when the child removes the watch from his hand, they immediately give a signal to the parent phone. If you set the “restricted zone” on the map in the application, then when you exit the zone, the smartphone will also receive a message. The child can also send voice messages to the list of numbers stored in the memory.

It uses the dual positioning method: Owl Cole is kids smartwatch with GPS tracking and LBS. The positioning error is 0.4 miles.

Owl Cole smart watches for children are recommended for children from 4 to 12 years old and support work with iOS and Android devices. To implement all the functions on the parent smartphone, you need to install the application SeTracker 2.
Also, the watch counts calories and steps and also features an educational game. Restricted zone feature

Owl Cole smart watches for children are recommended for children from 4 to 12 years old and support work with iOS and Android devices.

To implement all the functions on the parent smartphone, you need to install the application SeTracker 2. Also, the watch counts calories and steps and also features an educational game.

Key Features:
-Double position determination
-SOS button with three contacts
-Photo camera
-Blocking unknown numbers

Best Feature: Overall
Recommended Age: 4-12
SOS button: Yes
Battery life: 3 days
Camera: Yes
Games: Yes
Activity tracker: Yes
Location: GPS/LBS/WiFi
Waterproof: IP67
Voice Calls: Yes
Video Calls: Yes
Messaging: Video messages
Network: AT&T, T-Mobile or Speedtalk GSM
Wi-Fi: Yes
Connect to smartphone: Yes
Weight: 4 oz
Size: 2.2×1.7×0.64 inches
Color options: Blue


Big screen.

Ability to call.

Restricted zone feature.


Large weight.

5. Garmin Best Kids Smart Watch For Tracking Activity

Garmin has a huge range of smart watches and fitness bracelets, but they are not only for adults, but there are also several models of fitness trackers for children. They were designed to encourage children to be active and carry out tasks from their parents in an interesting, playful way.

The first generation of such a gadget Garmin Vivofit Jr was released in 2016, and at the end of 2017, the manufacturer decided to update this series by introducing Vivofit Jr. 2

What changed?

Let’s start with the design.

Thanks to Garmin’s collaboration with Disney, Marvel and LucasFilms, there are now a number of signature themes: Minnie Mouse, Captain America from the Marvel comics and the BB-8 droid from Star Wars and other characters known to your child, which they should like.

The new version has received several new features and updates, including an active color screen.

The process of setting up the gadget is very simple, especially if you already have a Garmin Connect account. In this case, the entire setup process will take no more than 10 minutes.

For children, everything is simple. By default, the screen displays the time. By pressing the button below the screen, the date is displayed, with each next click, the number of steps completed, the minutes of activity, the number of completed tasks, coins earned, and stars earned per day are displayed.

What is offered to parents?

Parents can view all indicators of the child’s activity in the application. Such as the number of steps taken, the hours of activity of the child during the day, the duration of sleep.

Also, parents can remotely assign daily tasks for the child. To do this, in the mobile application, you can select a standard task or create your own. There are many variations of tasks – such as doing their homework, cleaning their room, washing the dishes and brushing their teeth.

To motivate a child to exercise, a mini-game has been developed. The child needs to be active 60 minutes a day or on time to complete all tasks from the parents in order to gain access to the next level of play.

Another feature that was not in the bracelet of the first generation – the ability to compete with other children in a two-minute quest. As soon as the contest ends, both children will be able to see who won.

Vivofit Jr. 2 is a very high-quality, beautiful and useful device but, despite its beauty and usefulness, there are some drawbacks.

Here, in essence, there is only a pedometer. There are not many such useful features as a pulse sensor, GPS, SOS buttons, and the possibility of calls and messages. That is, there are a few functions.

Also, the size of the tracker can be cumbersome for the child, while the screen is small.

What is the result?

The first activity tracker by Garmin is designed to encourage children to be active and help around the house. A child, through the game, can perform different tasks and have more exercise. But if you need to control their location, then this tracker is unlikely to suit you.

Key Features:
-Themes tracker design Marvel, Disney, Star Wars and others.
-Parent application
-Ability to compete with other children in quests
-Daily tasks

Best Feature: Design
Recommended Age: 5-12
SOS button: No
Battery life: 1 year
Camera: No
Games: No
Activity tracker: Yes
Location: No
Waterproof: Swim
Voice Calls: No
Video Calls: No
Messaging: No
Network: No
Wi-Fi: No
Connect to smartphone: Yes
Weight: 0.96oz
Size: 2×1.6×0.9 inches
Color options: 11 color options


Long battery life.


Beautiful design.

A large number of functions.


Screen is small.

There is no GPS.

6. Xiaomi Amazfit Bip Best Smartwatch For Kids & Teens

If you can trust your child with a more serious gadget, or if they are slightly older, then the Amazfit Bip smartwatch for a teenager from the Huami brand, which was created by the famous Chinese company Xiaomi, would be an excellent choice.

In appearance, Amazfit Bip looks solid and resembles Apple Watch for kids. Such watches will fit in small pockets as it is small and neat. Weight with a strap is only 1.1oz. There are 4 colors: black, white, black with orange edging and dark green.

The kid smart watch case is made completely of plastic, and the display is covered with a protective Corning Gorilla Glass 3 glass with an oleophobic coating and a 2.5D effect. The finger slides on the glass easily, the prints are not very noticeable and can be easily removed.

The case itself is strong and well assembled. There is protection against splashes according to IP68. That is, you can take a shower and wash your hands. But a long swim or going to the sauna with it is not advised.

What about geolocation?

Since this device is a personal device, only the user has access to all functions that work with GPS. Their smartphones must be synchronized with the device.

These kids watch does not allow parents to track the user via their smartphones. All the same, these watches are designed for teenagers and they will not be grateful to you if you track them.

A feature of the watch is the presence of dual positioning. It uses GPS and GLONASS . This makes location determination accurate. The clock periodically synchronizes with the satellite.

You can track your distance and speed on the device as well as their route. In the settings, you can turn on the vibration notification when reaching certain distances.

In addition, the watch has a barometer and altimeter, which allow you to track ascents and descents while running and cycling.

What else can Amazfit Bip do?

The watch is synchronized with your smartphone. It will display notifications about upcoming events for example, or from a range of instant messaging services, mail and other applications. Unfortunately, you cannot answer using a smartwatch, but on an incoming call, you can see the name of the contact, reject the call or ignore it.

But the main advantage of the watch is the time it can last without recharging. Even the best smartwatch for adults works no more than a week.

Amazfit Bip beats all records because it lasts for 30-45 days on a single full charge.

It’s hard to believe, but true. On average, the charge of the clock drops by 3% per day, with a high number of notifications the hours are discharged to 5% per day.

Full charging time takes almost 3 hours. The battery is not removable and its capacity is 190 mAh.

When the backlight is turned on, display flaws immediately strike the eye – low contrast and minimal viewing angles, but considering the price and functionality of the watch, this is not a critical drawback.

All the same, videos and photos don’t look good on the display. In everyday life and in training, the quality of the display is enough and even its relatively small size does not become a problem.

To sum up, Amazfit Bip is a pretty good, functional smart watch for kids with a good battery life. They are well-assembled, easy to use and equipped with a heart rate monitor, which sports fans will appreciate.

I think Amazfit Bip is a smartwatch for 12 years old and older, but it can be used as smartwatches for women as well. Given the cost and functionality, it is still a great gift. This is just a convenient watch for every day that does not need to be put on charge even once a week.

Key Features:
-Waterproof and dustproof IP68 standard
-Battery life 45 days
-Tracker activity and heart rate monitor
-Official app syncs with the watch

Best Feature: Battery life
Recommended Age: 12+
Battery life: 45 days
SOS button: No
Camera: No
Games: No
Activity tracker: Yes
Waterproof: IP68
Voice Calls: No
Video Calls: No
Messaging: No
Network: No
Wi-Fi: No
Connect to smartphone: Yes
Weight: 1.1oz
Size: 9.6x1.41x0.42 inches
Color options: Red/Green/Black/White


Long life without recharging.

Precise geolocation.

High degree of protection against moisture and dust.

Compact and lightweight.


No opportunity to respond to notifications and calls.

The low contrast of the display.

7. Fitbit Ace Kids Smartwatch For Activity Tracking

Fitness trackers in 2013, fitness trackers have become very popular. Since then, various variants appeared, but they were all for adults.

In 2018, Fitbit introduced its first children’s device. It is quite suitable for older children.

What do parents get?

The child is provided with a gadget that will occupy them. The tracker offers daily tasks for the user who receive messages or virtual badges from their parents.

The application offers two viewing modes – parent and child.

The first gives adults the opportunity to track the progress of their kids, while the second gives access to the personal of the user, where they can view all their achievements, and also change the settings using the Fitbit program.

This is a very useful smart watch for kids, but there is one central issue.

If you need to know the location of your child, then, unfortunately, with this device you cannot do it. Fitbit Ace does not have a GPS tracker.

What about charging? The device is able to work without recharging for up to five days. This is a good indicator, but some customers note that after a few months the battery begins to discharge faster.

Also, another negative is the fact that the tracker strap may be too small. Consider the wrist size of your child before purchasing. The tracker is adjustable from 4.6 inches to 6.1 inches in circumference.

Summary: Fitbit Ace activity trackers allow children to organize real competitions and win virtual trophies thus allowing them to create friendships. They can compare their achievements directly on their wrists, without removing the accessory, but they can also exchange messages or congratulations in the application.

Such a tracker will not give you the exact location of the child, but it will keep an eye on the night’s rest so that you know if your child is sleeping well enough. It tracks the duration of sleep, sends a reminder when it’s time to go to bed, and allows you to set a silent vibration alarm.

Key Features:
-Your child’s activity tracker
-Fitbit APP with family account for parents and child
-Battery life time up to 5 days
-Rain protection
-Tracks the steps and sleep cycles

Best Feature: Sleep tracker
Recommended Age: 10
SOS button: No
Battery life: 5 days
Camera: No
Games: No
Activity tracker: Yes
Location: No
Waterproof: No
Voice Calls: No
Video Calls: No
Messaging: No
Network: No
Wi-Fi: No
Connect to smartphone: Yes
Weight: 1.12 ounces
Size: 1.36×3.9×8.74 in
Color options: Blue/Purple


Helps to track the sleep of a child.



Does not determine the location.

The tracker strap may be small.

8. GBD Best Camera Smart Watch For Kids

Looking for a cheaper option? Kids smart watch from the Chinese company GBD is made for you.

GBD already had a similar device and they improved it thus creating the GBD Gen3 Pro smart watch for kids.

Gen3 Pro design hasn’t changed much. A gold bezel was added, as well as the opportunity to customize 20 different dials.

More attention was paid to the functions of watches and their efficiency.

Let’s take a look at them.

This watch has 5 useful features: walkie talkie voice chat, games, photo camera, fitness tracker-pedometer and time-limited parents control management.

We’ll go through everything now.

In terms of communication, this is not a kids phone watch, but a walkie talkie. You can communicate with your child using voice messages. It is also possible to send images via chat.

You can also send photos that the child has taken on their watch. It uses a 1.3 MP camera. For a smartphone, this is not good quality, but for a smart watch for kids, it is enough.

The camera is not the only entertainment for the child. There are 12 puzzle games and a voice changing the game. These games are primarily aimed at the development of logical thinking.

If parents believe that a child should not get involved in games for a long time, they can put restrictions on the use of games.

Parents will also like fitness tracker-pedometer function. It shows how active the child was during the day.

Unfortunately, the location function was removed and there is no SOS button.

From all of this, we can conclude that these kids smart watch is a good toy for children from 3 to 7 years. Older children will perhaps not be so interested.

Key Features:
-Communication via walkie talkie voice chat
-Format time for 12 and 24 hours
-Photo camera 1.3 MP
Pedometer counts the number of steps
-Parental control of using the clock

Best Feature: Camera
Recommended Age: 3-7
SOS button: Yes
Battery life: 7 days
Camera: Yes
Games: Yes
Activity tracker: Yes
Location: No
Waterproof: No
Voice Calls: Walkie talkie voice chat
Video Calls: No
Messaging: No
Network: No
Wi-Fi: No
Connect to smartphone: No
Weight: 2.11 oz
Size: 8.76×1.95×0.78 inches
Color options: Black/Pink/Blue/White


Voice chat.

Low price.

Good camera.


No geolocation.

Large weight.

9. ABARDEEN Best Cheap Smartwatch For Kids

This product of the well-known manufacturer of smart watches for kids ABARDEEN has a nice and very childish design with a plastic dial in a choice of pink, blue or green colors.

The SIM card slot is inserted into the back of the watch case. There is also an SOS button, two control buttons, and a charging connector.

From a technical point of view, everything is good: the apple watch for kids is capable of tracking the coordinates of the child, there is Bluetooth for communicating with the smartphone, you can create and monitor safe zones, there is support for voice messages.

In the application on the phone, the parent can observe the movements of the child and view the weekly archive of its activity.

When you press the SOS button, not only are the coordinates of the child sent to the parents, but also an audio recording of what is happening around the child, which will help you to understand whether the child accidentally pressed the button or something really happened.

This inexpensive phone watch for kids is perhaps not the best gadget but look at the specifications. Other apple watches for kids do not have the ability to have up to 60 contacts. Perhaps this will suit you, and your child will be happy.

Key Features:
-IP65 waterproof
-Ability to have 60 contacts
-4 positioning method
-The ability to set a safe zone

Best Feature: Price
Recommended Age: 4-12
SOS button: Yes
Battery life: 5 days
Camera: No
Games: No
Activity tracker: Yes
Location: GPS/LBS/WiFi/China Beidou
Waterproof: IP65
Voice Calls: Yes
Video Calls: No
Messaging: No
Network: T-mobile/Speedtalk 2G SIM Card
Wi-Fi: No
Connect to smartphone: Yes
Weight: 1.9 oz
Size: 1.8×1.4×0.6 inches
Color options: Green


Good for calls.


Low price.


There may be problems with geolocation.

It’s hard to tune.

10. Kidaily Best Educational Smart Watch For Kids

Looking for a budget smart watch for kids with a location feature?

Watches for kids from the company Kidaily, will suit you. It has all the necessary functions for parents who are worried about the safety of their child.

How is this achieved?

On one side of the clock there is an SOS button. If they are to get into any trouble, the child will prrss it. You will immediately receive a notification on your smartphone. Your smartphone must be listed in the contact list; you can set three numbers.

You can also make calls and send voice messages, but you will have to purchase a SIM card yourself. It is inserted behind the clock.

What about GPS?

GPS in this smartwatch for kids allows you to find out the location of the child. You can also set a safe zone. If the child strays out of it then you get a message on your smartphone.

Regarding the design, the watch has a compact case and a beautiful silicone strap. On one side of the watch is a power button and an SOS button.

On the other side, there is a micro USB connector. Furthermore, you needn’t worry about water as the developers claim that this watch is waterproof.

There is a camera for shooting video and photos, puzzles, math games and other educational games and applications. Thanks to this smart watch kids, the child will not be bored.

In conclusion, I’ll say that Kidaily kids smart GPS watch is a combination of communication, security and entertainment. Plus, all this in combination with a fairly small price. An excellent choice if you have a limited budget. Positioning may have errors

Key Features:
-Double positioning: GPS + LBS
-Ability to take photos and videos
-Availability of SOS buttons
-Educational games

Best Feature: Price
Recommended Age: 3-14
SOS button: Yes
Battery life: 5 days
Camera: Yes
Games: Yes
Activity tracker: No
Location: GPS
Waterproof: No
Voice Calls: Yes
Video Calls: No
Messaging: Voice messages
Network: Speedtalk/T-Mobile
Wi-Fi: No
Connect to smartphone: Yes
Weight: 1.76 ounces
Size: 9×0.8×0.6 inches
Color options: Blue/Pink


Compact case.

There is a camera.

Low price.


Positioning may have errors.

Kids Smart Watches Buying Guide

How we chose

You may notice that kid watches are very different from each other in their characteristics. If there is a GPS in one watch, then in others there may not be one. But anyway, every watch has its own peculiarities. The price, precise location, a large number of games and more. This review presents those gadgets which have features I can discuss.

When I was looking for the best kids smartwatch for this review, I came across a huge amount of smart watches for kids. Many of them had no reviews. This does not mean that they are bad. This means that I prefer products that have already been tested. I tried to include in the list of smart watches that already have reviews.

Normally you are buying a smartwatch for yourself, but here, with smart watch for kids, you have to take into account the interests of the child. When making this list, I singled out for myself the criteria of usefulness for both parents and children. Below is written about the features of kids smart watch. If you read them, you can easily choose the criteria for utility.

Why consider kids smart watches

Unlike a smartphone, children’s smart watches have a lot of useful features. They are small, securely fastened on the arm and at times cheaper.

This gadget also often has games (often educational) and cameras that will entertain your child.

What else?

You can choose a watch with GPS tracking functions, SOS button, activity tracker and one that has the ability to make calls so that when your child is not with you, you have peace of mind.

If you have an older child, then it is worth thinking about purchasing a more serious gadget. Here it is better to have a fitness tracker, pedometer and other functions for analyzing activity. At the same time, teach your child to analyze the information received and use it to improve the effectiveness of sports activities.

Features to look at


When you choose a smart watch, pay attention to the design. The choice depends on the age and gender of the child, as well as their individual preferences of course.

The point is that kids love bright colors. Just look at the design of children’s’ playgrounds. Bright colors inspire a playful and happy mood.

The design attracts the child’s interest in the gadget. Also, if it is made in the form of their favorite cartoon characters, then they will definitely love it.

As for older children, then perhaps the opposite is true. As a rule, in adolescence, a teenager wants to appear older. Here it is better to choose gadgets with a minimalist design and one color.

Parental Safety Features

If you choose apple watch for kids, then most likely you are wondering how you can help to control your child. You probably want to know where they are and immediately be aware if something happens.

The watch will help you to determine the location, the SOS button and remote control also helps to give you peace of mind.

GPS is also used to determine the location. Sometimes WiFi, LBS, GLONASS and even Chinese BeiDou can be used with it. This is done to increase accuracy and continuous operation.

Some smartwatch for kids with GPS have a safe zone function. Thanks to this, parents can set restrictions on the movement of the child. If they leave it, then a message about this will appear on the parent’s smartphone, which is synchronized with the clock.

The SOS button allows the child to immediately let you know if something has happened to him. As a rule, you can choose three numbers and they will receive a notification at the same time.

The remote control feature allows you to hear what is happening next to the child. Some watches that have a camera also allow you to see it what is going on.


For communication kid’s watches are used as a phone. The child can call, send text or voice messages. To do this, you need to purchase a sim card for kids apple watch.

If your watch uses the walkie-talkie, you can only send voice messages. To do this, you need to synchronize them with the parent smartphone.

Fitness Features

So that parents can monitor the activity of the child, some smart watches have a sleep duration tracker, as well as a pedometer, and a feature that tracks the hours of activity child does during the day. With the help of some gadgets, parents can stimulate the child to the activity via the creation of daily tasks with achievements and competitions.

With some watches, the child can even swim due to its waterproof protection, a lot of waterproof smartwatches also available on the market. Before buying, look at the IP rating of the water. This will show you how well the gadget is protected from dust.

Applications and Games

Children love to play, and in many smart watches aimed at children, you will find games for the development of logic and games that stimulate movement. However, not all kids smart watch has a large number of entertaining applications. Depending on what you want, pay attention to the number of games available on the device.

Also, children will love if there is a camera. Some watches have photo editing applications like Snapchat.

If you think that a child may be distracted by a gadget at school, then you need to buy a smart watch with usage control. This allows you to select the time at which the functions of the watch are limited.


How do I know if my child’s smartwatch is compatible with my cell phone?

To do this, you need to know if your operating system supports the application from the manufacturer of the watch. As a rule, manufacturers make their applications for IOS and Android.

Do I need a SIM card for my child’s smartwatch?

If the watch phone for kids can be used to call and send messages, then they need a SIM card. It also allows you to determine their location.

Do I need to buy a sim card?

In the children’s smart watches a micro sim card is used, which supports 2G network. Each of the kids watch phone on this list that can make calls work well with a SpeedTalk Mobile SIM card.

What is the distance of the electronic fence? How does it work?

You can independently configure the allowed zone within which the child is allowed to be. If the child goes beyond the specified zone, you will receive a message on the phone, and you can take action.

Is it silicone safe for my kid?

Yes, silicone straps are safe for children.


I hope that now you have decided what features you want in your kids smart watch and which ones you do not need at all. Do not forget that the gadget should be useful not only for you but also for the child.

If you have experience with such gadgets, then you can tell us about it in the comments.

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  5. I’m looking for a Smartwatch for my kids but am having a very difficult time find a Smartwatch that works off a 3G or 4G network. In my area 2G is no longer available. What would you recommend

  6. I’m looking for a watch that can send text and voice calls, but I don’t want to have family members download apps to text or calls them. That way they don’t need to GPS them all the time. I think that’s a little weird. Is there something to where I can be the only one that can GPS them and no one else, but they can still call and text child?

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    • Hey Tracy,

      Yes, it’s the best choice.

      As for battery life it’s one of the best on the market. I’m pretty sure after school it would still have over 50% battery. You can check Amazon reviews there is a lot of stuff about how good it is.

      But if you’re still afraid you could a small power bank designed especially for kids. It will look good and be helpful to charge smartphone of watches if it needs.

  10. Hi! I’m using this to help narrow down our options. We DO want our (11) year old to send/receive texts and calls. Ideally it would include “facetime” option and a camera.
    playing music would be grand but not essential.
    We DON’T want playing games on it, or surfing the web.

    Help! Alas, her group of friends have phones. We’re trying to be cautious but we also want her to be able to chat with friends.
    thank you!!!
    Jennie (mom)

  11. Hey I just wantes to know what watch is best for my duaghter I need a watch thT can reach us apart I work far away about a 25min drive and I need to call my duaghtet text her and doest need wifi

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