Best Smart Wireless Security Cameras 2018 – Buyer’s GuideBest Smart Wireless Security Cameras

What guide do people use in choosing a security camera for home?

Easy to install and setup, easy to use and reliable. That, as they say, is installed – and forgot. Here is the principle that works, “you’ve done your job, and now let the technique work”.

So what am I talking about?

A well-chosen security system will provide the necessary perimeter survey under existing conditions with the lowest possible procurement and operating costs.

But how to choose an ideal smart wireless security camera which will satisfy all the needs of consumers?

Let’s compare the most popular model before you compare the table.

Best Smart Wireless Security Cameras

Camera NameResolutionWeightSize 
Zmodo ZM-SH75D001-WA720p0.36 pounds2.1 x 4.5 x 6.8 inches
Wansview Wireless IP
(Editor’s Choice)
1080p0.83 pounds4.3 x 4.3 x 4.8 inches
Defender - Phoenix M2
(Editor’s Choice)
1080p3.4 pounds3.7 x 11.6 x 8.1 inches
Zmodo Wireless720p3.66 pounds4 x 9 x 9 inches
YI 4pc Home720p3 pounds3.2 x 3.2 x 4.5 inches
Tenvis HD IP720p1.55 pounds8.5 x 7.3 x 5.3 inches
YI Outdoor1080p0.5 pounds5.2 x 2.7 x 2.7 inches
YI Dome Camera Pan1080p0.5 pounds2.5 x 4.3 x 3.7 inches
Netgear - Arlo
(Editor’s Choice)
1080p4.2 pounds9.9 x 9.6 x 7.9 inches
DLink - HD720p0.4 pounds1.9 x 2.6 x 3.2 inches

Do you wonder why we do this research? To help you choose the most suitable model. Most people have no idea how to choose the most appropriate CCTV camera. For them, this market is not very well known. For this reason, we wrote this review to help readers in this market niche.By using our comparison as a guide, you can choose for yourself a model with the optimal parameters for daily use. Now let’s look at each of the models.

Let’s get started.

1. Zmodo ZM-SH75D001-WA – Small And CompactZmodo ZM-SH75D001-WA

Zmodo. Although this manufacturer has a wide range of models, it is not very well known in the world market. Even its sound of its name is peculiar. However, they have been on the market of IP cameras for 6 years, shipped 6 million cameras, are among the top three leaders of this industry in China, and this is an impressive market.

It hit me like a ton of bricks.

The camera itself resembles an action camera in shape and size. It also looks pretty enough.

Zmodo cameras are tightly integrated into the cloud, which gives a view of the camera through the site, wherever you are. Plus Zmodo has auto-recording of animations when moving and a create video feature. These opportunities are extremely rare.


 Compact and stylish appearance.

 Power supply from 5v, which expands the scope of the camera with power from the USB of a computer, a crib, etc.

 Good mobile app, fast connection and working speed.

 Cloud services (not yet available for all services).

 Ideal for house wide angles.


 No memory card.

Cannot connect the camera to the DVR.

 Recording video to a computer in H.264 format, which is played only by its own player.

2. Wansview Wireless IP – Very Easy To ConfigureWansview Wireless IP

Wow! This wireless camera is amazing. It takes great quality pictures (contrary to what we’ve heard) and we are pleased to see how well it takes photos at night. However, there is one negative feature – the images aren’t sharp enough for the price range.

Astonishing, right?

The setup is very simple. Its Android application programs the camera by connecting to Wi-Fi and scanning the barcode on the device. The device also comes with a CD, network cable, and instructions for connecting the device to a computer via an Ethernet cable or Wi-Fi. It should also be noted that the pan and tilt control in the application is quite simple. You need to drag a finger on your phone or tablet to completely move the device.

This camera gives the output a clear picture even in total darkness with the help of 10 IR LEDs providing night vision for a distance of up to 26 feet. Despite the fact that these are not the brightest LEDs that have used with similar products, the camera provides an outstanding quality picture. You can also share a photo with family and friends through social networks, such as Facebook.


 Very good image quality at an unbeatable price.

 The device has excellent pan, zoom and tilt functions that allow users to rotate and zoom in to see what they need. The camera can magnify up to four times, but other wireless cameras allow users to receive magnification up to eight times.

 Wansview has an easily accessible range of Wi-Fi. Users reported a distance of up to 100 feet.

 Easy set up that will not seriously bother the user. You can just use WiFi and QR code to download the application.

The memory is large enough to store images and videos.

The device has an excellent speaker so you can talk to your child or your pet. In case of hacking, you can set up your alarm system with the camera and grab everything.


 Users experience delays in audio. You must have an excellent WiFi connection for an uninterrupted two-way conversation.

When playing a recorded sound, there can be some static or noise.

 Extensive motion detection is a bit complicated. The device may not work from time to time.

 Night Vision seems pretty good, but other cameras offer 11 IR LEDs for better control during the evening, although Wansview has a good setting for night vision.

 Can be used only indoors.

3. Defender Phoenix M2 – Serious Little Surveillance SystemDefender Phoenix M2

The wireless tracking system Defender Phoenix is one of the most modern systems of its kind. The kit consists of a SD card, as well as eight inconspicuous infrared LEDs that are built into the cameras. The system also includes a mounting device that allows you to reliably place the surveillance camera on the wall or on the ceiling. There is also a recording function based on motion.

Clear Vu technology is one of the Defender Pheonix M2’s best features, given it allows you to get a crystal clear signal from a distance of up to 750 feet. When it comes to battery life, it should be said the power saving mode is certainly a great way to manage the battery levels without constantly having to recharge the system.

Further Advantages

Another enticing feature of the wireless Defender Phoenix system is that it automatically switches to standby mode if it does not detect a sound signal within a few minutes.


 Excellent picture quality in day and night modes.

 Easy navigation menu with functions that can be customized to your needs and requirements.

 High quality two-way communication system that allows for constant, multi-dimensional monitoring and surveillance.


 Loss of connection when there are multiple obstructions like more than one wall.

Lack of online or smartphone viewing of surveillance footage in realtime.

 There is no user-friendly user guide, only the installation guide is included. You will have to master many things by yourself.

4. Zmodo Wireless – Reduced Functionality At a Good PriceZmodo Wireless

One of the things that users usually praise about the Zmodo Smart Wireless kit is its design. In their opinion, it looks solid – and quite difficult ( to damage – I think). Like an indoor/outdoor camera, it is designed to withstand harsh weather conditions. The kit is waterproof and dustproof with a protection class of IP65. Zmodo claims that it will work in rainy or snowy conditions. Please note that the camera requires power from an outlet, so you will need to consider this when choosing a location.

In addition to HD video, the camera can see up to 80 feet in night mode, which is supported by automatic IR LEDs. Night vision is also regulated. If you place a camera where the lighting conditions are unstable, you can reduce the sensitivity of the IR LEDs to improve night vision performance.

Unlike more expensive cameras that have an exhaustive list of security and automation features, Zmodo has only one: motion detector. The motion detection function is slightly improved by the motion zones; the ability to create virtual zones around the zones that you want to monitor.


 Live streaming quality is excellent at 720p and very fast, even on cellular data. You can take screenshots live and record video directly to your phone.

 The system uses 256-bit AES encryption and transport layer security (TLS) for all images and videos, which makes it difficult for your information to be accessed by hackers.

 Easy installation and installation with excellent clear motion monitoring and good support for the Zmodo product.

 Night vision works very well.


 The Zmodo motion sensor is not as good at detecting motion; it is often unable to detect relevant events.

The system will connect only to the standard of 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi. If you have a two-band router on a 5 GHz network, the kit will not work.

 Zmodo Smart Wireless also does not have a two-way audio connection, and an extremely important sound detection function. Although it is equipped with a microphone and speakers, both functions are not yet activated.

 Technical support confirms the impossibility of adjusting the volume.

5. YI 4pc Home – Chinese Home EditionYI 4pc Home

Cameras of the brand Yi have long been on the market. However, they were limited to the Chinese version, which is intended for their domestic market.

What next?

Since the presence of Yi is growing rapidly outside of its homeland, the company began to produce “international” versions of some of its products with an English interface and support. Despite the price, this security camera works exactly the way it is advertised to work, offering a combination of quick setup, excellent video quality, reliable communication and a fully functional mobile application. The light from the camera indicator is clearly visible in daylight and especially at night; it can be disabled using the application if you want a camera for hidden recording sessions.

In the back of the camera module, there is a speaker through which the owner can talk to someone nearby. Using a Yi home camera is incredibly simple.

Why do I say this?

After downloading the Yi Home application (available on Android and iOS) and creating a Yi account, just click the “+” button to add the camera. The application will guide you through the rest of the steps, for example, by connecting the camera to a Wi-Fi network. In just a few minutes you will be able to control your Yi home camera from your smartphone wherever you have an internet connection. The camera uses push notifications on your smartphone to alert you if it detects any movement. When this happens, a 6-second clip is uploaded to the Yi servers, letting you see what the camera has caught. This can be turned off, but it’s incredibly convenient, letting you see if there is something that you should worry about at first sight.


 Intuitive setting, easy operation.

 Excellent mobile app.

 Excellent night vision mode.

 A wireless connection is present.


 Resolution of 720p may be too low for some people.

No applications for viewing cameras on PC.

 Some users may have problems with Chinese servers.

6. Tenvis HD – Futuristic DesignTenvis HD

Tenvis is a relatively inexpensive manufacturer of security surveillance systems. The camera itself comes with an integrated application that allows you to control all functions comfortably with just your smartphone. In addition, although you can connect to a PC, there is no need to use it as a host. The product can memorize 6 preset positions for quick navigation, everything works perfectly. Setting up the camera is easy, although you need to either connect directly to it or use a wireless device, such as a mobile phone.

The main problem with the camera is that not all functions are accessible through a computer if you do not use Internet Explorer.

The video quality is good for this price segment, for a smooth video, a slower speed is used when panning. The possibility of adjusting the light of this camera is outstanding. The image from this camera is excellent for this price, the pan and tilt control is very smooth.

You can configure the camera to send by e-mail to user-defined thresholds and intervals when motion is detected. This is a very useful feature. The camera also has 2-way audio and works very well. Pan & tilt is a great feature if you want a broad overview.


 Single-contact connection does not require a host computer.

 The large 340-degree viewing angle with a slope of up to 90 degrees offers full coverage.

 Excellent mobile application allows you to fully control the camera through your smartphone.


 Resolution of 720 is not as large as it could be.

No ability to store records in cloud services.

7. YI Smart Outdoor – Inexpensive MonsterYI Smart Outdoor

This camera is designed for indoor and outdoor use. Yi Smart Outdoor Camera allows you to record video clips up to 1920 x 1080 pixels, its lens has a viewing angle of 110°. Also, the camera is equipped with a night vision mode, in which it switches automatically in conditions of insufficient illumination.

The device allows you to take high-quality pictures at night at a distance of up to 15m. The camera itself has an IP65 protection standard, it prevents dust and moisture from entering the housing of the device. It can be used in the rain and wind, dust and drops of water will not enter under the lenses, and will not affect the quality of the received video.

Thanks to the twelve LEDs, the Yi Smart Outdoor camera can record video without problems even in poor light conditions. As for the inclusion of this mode, do not worry, it is activated automatically, as soon as the automatics deem it necessary. The device will do color correction, adjust the white balance and other settings to get the best quality video.

The camera is multifunctional, it can be used both outdoors, and inside warehouses and factories, apartment buildings and other premises. The quality picture, obtained on video, “smart” software, autonomy of video recording – all of these work for a long time, reliably guarding the entrusted territory. In addition, you can always check what is happening online.


 Setting the camera takes less than 2 minutes – this is a very good result.

 Very high quality of video material.

 Simple setting, easy to use, very fast application response (especially in-house).


 Signal from the camera does not have the most pleasant shade.

Night vision requires many improvements.

Problems with camera focusing in low light.

8. YI Dome Camera – Dome TrackingYI Dome Camera

YI Dome is a very stylish dome IP camera, made in black, with elements of steel color. The camera looks beautiful, futuristic and positive. It resembles the head and shoulders of some small robot from a fantastic film.

This YI dome model offers reasonable performance at the lowest price. This camera can rotate 345 degrees. Also, it has a function of free movement, in which the camera automatically moves. It can also tilt to 115 degrees. The camera has a 112-degree wide-angle lens, is equipped with a night vision mode, includes built-in two-way audio and motion tracking (during recording the camera will track and record any moving object).

Due to the possibility of recognizing children’s crying, the gadget can be placed near your little child to monitor his behaviour and, in case of any problems, to reassure the baby with its voice.

To synchronize with your smartphone, you use the Yi Home application that supports English. The synchronization itself is quite simple: you connect the camera to a power source, then add a camera on the smartphone in the Yi Home application and follow the voice and text prompts in English. Two important points should be noted: synchronization is via Wi-Fi, so it must be included; for operation, the IP camera must be connected to some power source: outlet, paver, PC, etc.


 The transfer is at a very high level.

 Easy installation, easy remote camera control.

 Pretty impressive video quality.


 Relatively low video quality.

Review in real time can be uneven.

Not suitable for outdoor use.

9. Netgear Arlo – Small ComplexNetgear Arlo

The Arlo cameras have a built-in wireless network and run on batteries, which, according to the company, should last up to six months before replacement is required – a small price for such flexibility. The kit consists of two cameras and a base station that connects to your router and loads your records into the cloud. With a very wide field of view of 130 degrees and LEDs with a wavelength of 850 nm for night vision, one camera can cover most of the room.

Since each camera records only when it detects motion, the battery power is not lost in useless frames. You can also set the schedule so that the cameras automatically turn off in the evenings when you are at home and are activated when you leave for work in the morning. You will need to connect the base station to the router and use the application for smartphones to configure everything, create an Arlo account and connect your cameras. This is a relatively simple process that takes only a few minutes to get everything hooked up.

Once everything is set up, you can completely control the system through applications for smartphones and tablets, or through the Arlo web portal. You can access the direct channel from each connected camera with a delay between capture and playback for about two or three seconds, watch any previous recordings, save clips so that they are not deleted after a specified period of time, and customize your schedule with the 7-day scheduler. Notifications can be sent to your phone or to the specified email address with each motion recorded.


 Excellent image quality.

 Secure connection.

 Cheap subscription to web services.

 Easy to set up and install.


 The required base station adds value.

Detection slows down a bit.

No support for HomeKit.

10. D-Link DCS-936L – Attractive Appearance And Rich FunctionalityD-Link DCS-936L

Excellent camera choice for its size and price. It looks pretty good and has a lens with a wider angle of view than other products from similar companies – no less than 180 degrees. The optics are excellent, the video quality is good, and the microphone fixes a decent sound.

This camera is small and light; the design is elegant and modern. It is larger than the average webcam, but not so large that it takes up too much space in the house. The application is easy to download and does not take up much space on the phone or tablet, and the camera itself is quite easy to set up.

A successful connection to a smartphone or tablet will take only a few minutes, and for convenience, the QR code will be included on the special installation card. To set up everything and get acquainted with the functions takes about an hour.


 Very compact camera, nice design.

 Direct recording to an SD card using built-in slot.

 Easy to use the application.


 No speakers.

The night vision mode is too sensitive.


Why do you need video surveillance?

Is it worth buying a camera, if you need video surveillance not on an ongoing basis, but only for a few times?

In this case, you can quickly create an excellent video surveillance system directly from what is at your fingertips.

For example, a smartphone/tablet on Android or webcams.

If a video surveillance system is constantly necessary for you, of course, it is better to look at the camera with a suitable set of functions. It is not so difficult to organize a video surveillance system on your own – the main thing is to do it competently so that it will facilitate your life.

We hope that after reading our material, you will easily carry out the task of selecting and purchasing this product.


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