Best Point and Shoot Cameras Under 500 (Review) In 2020

The best point and shoot cameras under 500 listed below have been selected by FindTheDecision because of their dimensions, battery life, and reliability.

So, you may be wondering what kind of camera to choose a family?

Many people believe that the point and shoot camera is suitable for this purpose like no other.

However, there is a huge selection of different devices on the market, and choosing the best point and shoot camera under 500 dollars can be difficult.

Do not worry, to help you, our team has prepared you this reptile buyer.

Not sure where to start? Read on.

The Best Point and Shoot Camera Under 500

Everyone has different reasons for buying the best point and shoot camera under 500 dollars, and this is where we come into play. FindTheDecision has reviewed the top 2 best point and shoot cameras under 500 on the market and has given you a buyer’s guide to help you out. Here they are:

1. Canon PowerShot G9 X Mark II Best Point and Shoot Camera Under 500

Looking for the best compact point-and-shoot camera under 500? The Canon PowerShot G9 X Mark II is perfect for you.

The dimensions of the chamber are 98.0 × 31.3 × 57.9 mm (length, width, and height). The weight is almost the same – a little over 200 grams. However, despite its modest dimensions, this camera has great potential.

From the first minutes, the Canon PowerShot G9 X Mark II gives the impression of a camera that is comfortable and friendly to novice photographers, because it implements a very useful Smart Auto mode for them.

Today, auto mode is not just choosing the right exposure and white balance. The G9 X Mark II is capable of recognizing 58 different scenes and selecting many optimal settings for such situations. We are talking, for example, about the automatic inclusion of serial shooting, if the frame is a restless child. Or the transfer of the lens stabilizer to a specific shooting mode with wiring, if circumstances so require.

But to fully unlock the potential of SmartAuto is possible only after some “setup” of the camera. The fact is that 26 of 58 scenes use information about faces to select the optimal parameters.

If the same people often fall into your lens – friends or family members, then you should first enter their faces in the memory of the camera. And also their birth dates should be indicated: different story programs will be involved for adults and children.

Such an intelligent mode, a worthy pair is the autofocus system. She works on a contrasting basis and copes with her duties quickly and very accurately. In this case, the focus point can be reassigned by touching the display. The camera is aimed at the subject even in very low light conditions. And for the darkest scenes, and autofocus backlight system is provided.

One of the strengths of this best point and shoot camera under 500 is its built-in universal zoom lens. Thanks to this, the PowerShot G9 X Mark II can prove itself in a wide variety of photographic genres: from architectural photography, which requires the widest possible coverage of the scene, to the urban landscape, in which I prefer to use large focal lengths.

It supports recording with various quality settings. However, at maximum settings – 1920 × 1080 pixels at 50 and 60 frames per second – the length of the clip is limited to 10 minutes. With HD resolution and a lower frame rate in FHD, the recording length can be no more than 29 minutes 59 seconds or 4 GB in size.

During video recording, the work of many functions from the photo mode is preserved: for example, tracking autofocus. Zooming is also preserved. True, it was slowed down, and this was done to eliminate jerking pictures and smoothly scaling the scene. The image stabilizer works very well: it compensates for all vibrations and even automatically corrects the horizon obstruction.

2. Panasonic LUMIX FZ80 Point and Shoot Camera Under 500

If you need the best zoom point and shoot camera under 500, then look no further than the PANASONIC Lumix FZ80.

This point and shoot camera are equipped with a LUMIX DC VARIO lens with a focal length of 20-1200 mm. In terms of dimensions, the Lumix FZ82 resembles modern amateur SLR cameras with a small lens. Its dimensions are 130x94x120 mm, weight is 616 grams.

On the top panel of the device, there is a shooting mode selector with an integrated on/off lever, a video button, two function buttons Fn1 (4K photo mode selection) and Fn2 (post-focus), camera status and WiFi indicators, the shutter button inside zoom control rings. In the center, there is a connector for connecting an external flash and a stereo microphone under a plastic grill.

The LUMIX DMC-FZ82 is equipped with a three-inch touch screen. The picture quality on it is good, large viewing angles, good realistic color reproduction, the display practically does not fade in bright sunshine. The operation of the sensor layer is very good, the screen is responsive and it is light enough to touch.

The LUMIX DC VARIO lens provides a 24x optical zoom. The camera uses focus, by contrast, the minimum focusing distance of 1 cm in Macro mode.

Separately, it is worth noting the work of the optical stabilizer in the camera – it is excellent. It allows you to get perfect photos in the forest, in cloudy weather, at maximum focal lengths. If you turn off the stabilizer, then even the focusing process on the 1200 mm FR will be difficult, the picture jumps on the display as if you are on a ship in a storm.

The camera can record 4K video in the resolution of 3840 × 2160 at 30p / 25p (50 Hz). Recording stops when the continuous shooting time exceeds 15 minutes in 4K. The video is of good quality. Here a very important role is played by the optical image stabilization system POWER O.I.S. with an active mode that effectively suppresses blurring caused by a handshake during movie shooting.

An important parameter when using the camera is the battery life. The battery proved to be very good – when shooting without a flash and working, the display managed to make 495 frames and 8 4K videos lasting 10-20 seconds each on a single full charge.

This best point and shoot camera under 500 is suitable for traveling when you need a variety of focal lengths for shooting and there is no desire or ability to carry a camera and additional optics in a backpack.


I hope we helped you choose the best point and shoot camera under 500.

Your opinion is very important to us. To make us even better, please answer the question: for what purposes are you looking for a camera? Do you need the ability to shoot video in 4K?

You can leave an answer below. We will also be interested in any of your feedback and suggestions.

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