Best Point and Shoot Cameras Under 200 (Review) In 2020

The best point and shoot cameras under 200 listed below have been selected by FindTheDecision because of their exceptional design, compatibility, autofocus features and use of the best manufacturers.

If you are looking to purchase a new digital camera in 2020, it can be difficult to know where to begin. With so many brands available, finding the best point and shoot camera under 200 dollars can be challenging.

There are now a huge number of cameras on the market. This then leaves the consumer with a difficult choice.

Not sure where to start? Read on for our top picks for the best point and shoot cameras under 200 dollars around.

The Best Point and Shoot Camera Under 200

Therefore, it’s hard to choose only the best device from the market. Everyone has different reasons for buying the best point and shoot camera under 200 dollars. To help make your choice easier, we have organized the digital cameras by value for money. Here are the FindTheDecision’s top 2 best point and shoot cameras under 200 2020:

1. Canon PowerShot SX420IS Best Point and Shoot Camera Under 200

PowerShot SX420IS is a very easy to use, affordable and convenient point and shoot camera under $200. There is nothing superfluous, only the most necessary. The camera body is very small, but the shape of the handle repeats the bends of the hand, so the camera is very comfortable to hold. Due to the increased grip, the camera does not fit in a jeans pocket, but it can be put in a jacket pocket, backpack or a small bag.

The heart of the camera is a CCD sensor with a resolution of 20 megapixels and 42x optical zoom with built-in image stabilization. This number of megapixels is enough to print photos in a format up to A3 +.

The zoom level covers all possible focal lengths. A wide-angle with an equivalent focal length of 24 mm allows you to create wide photo landscapes. The maximum telephoto equivalent focal length is 1008 mm.

The maximum zoom can be doubled up to 2016 mm due to the ZoomPlus function without serious deterioration in image quality. Such zoom capabilities are more than enough to ensure that any detail is in the field of view of your lens.

So you can take sharp photos in low light conditions, the Canon PowerShot SX420 IS has an optical image stabilizer. Working with such a powerful zoom without a stabilizer would be impossible. The camera also records videos in HD quality.

It is designed for those who don’t want to think about the settings and prefer to rely on the camera’s automation. To quickly switch to automatic mode, the rear panel has a SMART AUTO button. In this mode, the camera selects the shooting parameters on its own and limits the number of settings in the menu. Pressing the SMART AUTO button again will put the camera into program mode, in which you will have more freedom for settings and creativity.

The camera has a lot of story programs, including creative filters. It is easy to create unusual photos with them. For fans of direct control over the effects, an interesting LIVE mode is implemented here (there is no manual mode.) In it, by moving the sliders on the screen, the image brightness, tone and color saturation can be changed.

It has Wi-Fi and NFC wireless modules. So you can immediately share photos and videos with friends by uploading them to the network using the Canon Camera Connect application installed on your tablet or smartphone. The application is free, released for Android and iOS platforms.

After installing the application, just click on the button with the Wi-Fi designation and you will see a menu of possible connections: to another camera, tablet, smartphone, computer, printer, or cloud storage. Each of these services provides its own set of unique services, but the most popular connection is the connection to a smartphone or tablet. To establish a connection, you need to bring the device to the NFC tag. Next, the Canon Camera Connect application starts.

2. Sony DSCH300 Point and Shoot Camera Under 200

According to the Sony H300 photo and in life, the camera is very similar to an SLR camera, but still, it is a point and shoots camera with a large lens. The lens does not detach or change. So this is not a mirrorless camera, but an ordinary large-sized digital camera with a good built-in lens.

The lens is telescopic, and it comes forward to get closer. It is about 12 centimeters long and about 9 centimeters high.

If you were scared that if the matrix is ​​CCD, not CMOS, then you should not even wait for good photos, then we hasten to reassure you. Here stands the very “bad” matrix, which shows excellent work for the camera.

The device can take pictures of decent quality at night, and with hands, and even shoots sporting events well. It is important to choose the right mode. Why should you first read the instructions for the camera, there are many details about all these modes? The camera has 20 megapixels, which is enough with the head.

The Sony H300 is announced as the best point and shoot camera under 200 with super zoom. The zoom here is really good, but only optical. Optical zoom allows you to zoom in up to 35 times, and all this without loss of quality. You can zoom in a large number of times with digital zoom, that is, simply with a software zoom, and not thanks to optics, and I do not recommend doing this.

There is a rather weak flash, but the ISO is good here, it is photosensitivity. The working parameter is up to 1600. Although there are further indicators, already their grain appears in the pictures. And at 1600, the pictures are smooth and bright. It is best to shoot at night with a tripod, then there will be no blurry photos.

The camera does not offer thousands of settings, everything is done fully automatic. Something can be twisted by hand, but for a price below $ 200, it takes good pictures in any condition with automatic mode.


I hope we helped you choose the best point and shoot camera under 200.

Your opinion is very important to us. To make us even better, please answer the question: How well do you know how cameras work? Would you like to know about cameras better?

You can leave an answer below. We will also be interested in any of your feedback and suggestions.

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