BEST GoPro Alternatives in 2018 (Cheaper & Better Action Cameras)

GoPro Alternatives Want to shoot vlogs, outdoor sports or underwater excursions but sure that GoPro isn’t good enough or too expensive?

Then you’re in the right place.

Because today I’m going to show you the exact Best GoPro Alternatives that worth your money.

The best part?

I also prepared cameras for you that are not only better but cheaper than GoPro.

And all of them work GREAT in 2018.

The Best GoPro Alternatives

I reviewed 10 different models in each price segment to help you with this question.

And I must say that choosing the right action camera is a difficult task, mainly because of the variety of available options and your own preferences.

So, let’s take a look at all the amazing best GoPro alternatives in 2018.

Action CameraWaterproofVideoImage 
AKASO V50 Pro30m with case4K/30FPS20MP
Dragon Touch30m with case4K/30FPS16MP
Campark ACT7430m with case4K/30FPS16MP
FITFORT30m with case4K/25FPS12MP
AKASO Brave 510m w/o case4K/24FPS20MP
Crosstour 4K40m with case4K/30FPS20MP
YI Lite40m with case4K/20FPS16MP
Yi 4K+40m with case4K/60FPS12MP
Sony FDRX300060m with case4K/30FPS12MP
Garmin VIRB Ultra 3040m with case4K/30FPS12MP

1. AKASO V50 Pro Native Action Camera – Best Overall

AKASO V50 Pro Native ReviewAKASO Company is a strong player in the market of action cameras. Someone could hear about the good and cheap AKASO EK7000 (6k+ customer reviews on Amazon), but not that long time ago there was a new and improved model called AKASO V50 Pro.

The camera is insanely small and light, compared to the previous version of AKASO V50, the display became larger due to the fact that it now occupies the entire surface of the camera.

In a word, the camera has become more compact and pleasant.

And want to note that the camera is already supplied with necessary accessories. Waterproof case, two batteries, a remote control and a lot of mounts. And I’m really glad that you do not need to buy additional accessories.

AKASO V50 Pro has built-in Wi-Fi. This allows you to manage your device from your smartphone or remote control.

This is very convenient.

Another interesting feature is the ability to set the viewing angles yourself according to your needs between Super Wide, Wide, Medium and Narrow.

Video quality.

Let me say that in spite of the fact that AKASO V50 Pro is cheaper than the famous GoPro Hero 6 almost 4 times, the quality of shooting is really at a decent level.

You can shoot video in 4K at 30fps that can only please for such price. However, the best quality will be in Full HD 60fps.

If you plan to shoot a lot of content in 4K, you obviously need more memory, I advise you to buy a good memory card, about 64GB, this should be enough.

What else?

The AKASO V50 Pro uses Electronic Image Stabilization with a 6-axis gyroscope and I want to say that it really works great. Agree with me, that it’s really important, for example, to drive a bicycle and have a smooth image.

One of the weak points of the camera is shooting in low light. But you should understand this because it’s a cheap action camera and for its price, V50 Pro shoots in a high quality.


It is worth noting that AKASO created a really great and affordable camera for many people, which more than justifies its price.

And I gotta say that It can be suitable for both beginners and professionals.


 Comes with a whole lot of accessories.

 Compatible with other brands mounting gear (GoPro, etc).

 Wireless watch remote included.


 WiFi feature is a bit iffy.

 Poor video quality in low light.

2. Dragon Touch 4K Action Camera – Budget Friendly With Interesting Features

Dragon Touch 4K Review

Are you curious when there are many functions in the camera at the same time, very interesting features and good quality of shooting?

Take a closer look at the camera with the unusual name Dragon Touch.

Enjoy your travels! With this fantastic camera, you will never miss an important event on land, in the air or at sea.

You ask me why I find this action camera so cool?

And here is my answer.

This device contains such a large number of functions that you will not immediately understand what to do with these functions. The camera is waterproof, so you can record different underwater scenes.

Dragon Touch comes with a wide range of mounting accessories, so you can shoot yourself on a bicycle, with a wide viewing angle of 170 degrees – you will not miss most of the details.

The camera records video in 4K format, many cameras have this video quality. However, it also has an impressive 4x zoom.

Yes, it is a really powerful feature.

Some advantages of this model:

As we said earlier, the video is recorded in 4K 30 fps format with 4x Zoom for shooting inaccessible objects. It is possible to record video 1080p 60 fps, and take photos in 16 megapixels using the matrix Sony.

There is a wireless remote control function on the wrist, if you need it, with a range of up to 10 meters. In addition, there is a large 2-inch screen for full viewing as well as a preview.

The built-in WIFI module allows you to save and quickly share your videos using a phone or tablet, through the XDV app.

The camera comes with a variety of accessories, including a waterproof case for underwater shooting.

Some disadvantages are:

Although the sound in the camera is not bad, this device does not support external microphones.

It is not possible to control the camera remotely while under water.

As for the conclusion. Dragon Touch is very versatile, with many features. There are several options for shooting, the functions of top devices, photography, and all this at a great price.


 Wireless range of 10 meters.

 16 MP Photo.

 4K Action Video recording and 1080P.


 The remote control is not waterproof.

 Does not support an external microphone.

3. Campark ACT74 Action Camera – Best Budget Choice

Campark ACT74 ReviewThe Chinese company Campark Electronics specializes in video and audio products, including action cameras. As you know, Chinese products are famous for their cheapness and Campark ACT74 is not an exception.

It really is a terrific camera for its price.

But, let’s take a closer look.

Campark ACT74 is a waterproof camera and you can take it on vacation at sea, make an amazing underwater shooting or how you are water skiing.

And it’s available only due to the fact that the kit contains a waterproof case.

Also, I like that:

In addition to the waterproof case, you will receive a helmet mount kit, 4 bandages, 1 handlebar mount and more, so you do not have to buy the necessary accessories.

The camera has Built-In WIFI and allows you to connect to your smartphone. Therefore you can control the camera in real time, view video or photos on mobile devices, set camera functions and recording modes.

Moreover, it allows you to instantly share photos and videos to anyone on social networks.

The main thing.

As for video quality, it is great for its price.

But not everything is cool.

For example, shooting at a resolution of 4K leaves much to be desired. Despite 30fps, the quality of video recording is still worse than you can expect.

In any case, 720p or 1080p is enough.

Also, I would like to say a few words about the sound. It can be a little messy and you need to be ready for it.

A little bit about battery life.

When shooting 1080P at 60fps the camera can work up to 90 minutes thanks to a 900mAh battery. And, you will like that there are two batteries in the kit, which doubles cameras lifetime.

Campark ACT74 cannot be called a professional camera, so if you are going to get acquainted with the world of action cameras and use it for yourself, then believe me, for such a price it’s really a good choice.

This is the best budget action camera in a market.


 Cheap price.

 A lot of accessories inside the box.

 Great battery life.

 Built in WIFI and HDMI.


 Poor sound.

 Bad video quality in 4K.

4. FITFORT Action Camera 4K – Like GoPro but MUCH Cheaper

FITFORT Action Camera 4K Review

Do you want a cheap but very high-quality alternative to the famous GoPro camera?

Then you are in the right place.

The FitFort 4K camera for active sports is a very worthy competitor for GoPro. It allows you to record cool videos, and it’s easy to share them with your family as well as with friends.

Do not worry about image quality.

You can record video in 4K format. And should be noted that FitFort records videos in professional UltraHD quality, thanks to the latest software and excellent optics.

You get one of the best 4K videos on the action camera market for the really small price.

The device can be waterproof. You can use it for boat trips and snorkeling, without worrying that the camera will be damaged by water. However, you need to purchase a waterproof case.

Also, you can fix the camera on your wrist, so that you can capture that moment when you ride a big wave. Impress everyone with your epic extreme sports abilities, beautifully and clearly recorded with this impressive and fully portable camera.

Let’s take a look at the main features:

First, the camera uses advanced technology when recording 4K video (Ultra HD format). The videos recorded in this 4K format can be watched on large TVs, while the picture will look clear even from close range. So, as for the quality of the video, this camera is one of the best on the market for that price.

Secondly, the camera has a built-in Wi-fi module. You can control the camera with special applications through the HDMI port for quick and easy sharing. This allows you to connect a smartphone or tablet in order to control the camera remotely.

Thirdly, the camera has a remote control function using Wireless Remote Control. The control radius is 33 feet, in practice, the number drops to 30 feet – but this is still a very good result.

The camera comes with a kit that contains 19 different accessories for specific purposes.

As for the disadvantages of this model.

The camera takes pictures with a resolution of 12 megapixels. For the modern world, this is a low level.

It is worth adding that the camera has no internal memory. High-speed SD card purchase required.

Summing up, we can recommend this camera for fans who are engaged in extreme sports. In addition to one of the best 4K video and durable case, the device supports a very convenient remote control, it gives you the opportunity not to think about the recording itself, and completely spend all your time on the sport.


 Extremely affordable.

 4K HD Video recording.

 Comes with many accessories.

 IP68 certified waterproof.

 Up to 90 mins minutes battery life.


 Accompanying app isn’t great.

 Wi-Fi issues for some.

5. AKASO Brave 5 Action Camera – Great Value For Money

AKASO Brave 5 ReviewIf you were serious about finding a good cheap alternative to GoPro, then you definitely found the famous AKASO Brave 4, which at one time was the best cheap alternative to GoPro.

And it was difficult to argue with that.

But today, 2018 and AKASO released a new Brave 5.

Why is this camera so good?

It can record a good video in 4K/24fps, 2K/30fps 1080p/60fps, 20MP photos and the wide angles lens which you pick from 90 to 170 degree.

The quality of the picture is amazing, crystal clear at the highest resolution setting and the video looks pretty realistic.

It seems incredible for the price of $ 99.99, isn’t it?

Trust me, it is.

The main feature of AKASO Brave 5 is its design, which allows you to capture perfect underwater footage up to 33ft (10m) without a waterproof case.

Naturally, there are some disadvantages.

The camera does not have an external mic jack, but don’t worry the sound still pretty good. Also, the Micro SD card is not included in the box. Class 10 Micro SD is highly recommended by the manufacturer, support up to 64GB.

For example, Sandisk Ultra 64GB Micro SDXC UHS-I Card seems to be a great choice.

Also, I don’t like the fact, that batteries don’t last very long, so it’s good to have a few backups.

Bottom line:

This is a decent camera for the price. If you don’t want to spend big money on YI 4K+ or GoPro, then Akaso is a great choice. The video and image quality is pretty good. And I really like the fact that it is waterproof without the case.


 Waterproof without the case (10m).

 Great wide angle video for the price range.

 Excellent response and preview capabilities via app.


 Brave 5 does not support remote control.

 No external mic.

6. Crosstour Action Camera Real 4K – Great Alternative to Big Brands

Crosstour Action Camera Real 4K Review

Want to get a relatively cheap camera with a very wide viewing angle and good features?

Pay attention to this model.

Crosstour is an inexpensive action camera with excellent video quality that can shoot for a very long time on one battery charge. At the same time, the camera is waterproof.

It records video in 4K 30fps and in 1080p. If the first resolution is the best solution for large monitors, then the second will be enough to upload high-quality vlogs to YouTube. Of course, not the most advanced features that are on the market, but for this price category, this camera is one of the best.

Do not forget that the main feature of this device is the internal image stabilization system, as well as the ability to shoot a series of photos.

The camera comes with a complete installation kit and accessories, so you can record video just as well as the GoPro camera in any situation.

Main camera features:

4K and Full HD video, Full HD photo during video recording. You can take both single frames and high-speed series of shots. All this combines well with a 170-degree wide-angle lens to truly capture and record all surrounding situations.

The Crosstour Action Camera is not afraid of water at a depth of 40 meters, it has a unique underwater mode that allows you to shoot the coolest videos.

Also, you can connect the remote control via the WIFI of your smartphone. Just download the iSmart DV app.

It is possible to mount the camera on the drone. But there is one feature. Camera control radius is 10 meters. Therefore, if you want to raise the camera to a great height, it will be impossible to control it.

The kit includes 18 abundant mounting accessories that can be used on a helmet, on a bicycle, or even attached to the wrist. Comes with two large capacity batteries.

Of course, the camera has flaws.

The display of this device without the possibility of touch control. Therefore, it will not be easy to manage the captured videos.

There is no built-in memory in the camera. So, SD card is necessary to purchase.

If you need really cheap 4K video with a large viewing angle, underwater shooting, as well as a series of photos. We recommend you Crosstour Action Camera.

Additionally, you get a lot of accessories. All of these features are available for a nice price.


 Waterproof to 30 meters.

 Large 2-inch LCD Display.

 170-degree wide angle fisheye lens.

 Full rechargeable batteries last up to 90 minutes.

 Full mounting and accessory pack.


 Only 12 MP photo which is low by today’s standards.

 No touchscreen display.

 Micro SD card not included and will require pre-formatting.

7. YI Lite Action Camera – Perfect For Beginners

YI Lite ReviewXiaomi decided to please its fans by presenting a new model.

YI Lite is designed to reduce the differences between mass budget and expensive action cameras.

The body is made in the company’s minimalist design. The material is high-quality, very durable plastic. It is promised that it will be resistant to the influence of adverse factors that contribute to the appearance of scratches and rubs.

Device’s weight is not much at all, only 2.88 ounces. A compact body does not take up much space in the backpack, the dimensions are 2.4 x 1.7 x 0.8 inches. All this will allow using it during long trips or practicing extreme sports.

Let’s take a look at its features.

Xiaomi YI Lite is a rethought and refined Xiaomi YI. It has an integrated 2 “LCD touchscreen with covered with a protective glass Corning Gorilla Glass.

And helping with a shaking image will be an advanced electronic image stabilization system.

But, EIS only works when recording video to 2K resolution, at 30 frames per second.

The camera has built-in Bluetooth and Wi-Fi, for wireless control of the camera, or picture output to an additional device.

Photo and video opportunities.

The photos are even better than YI 4K+. The modes for video recording are available a lot, up to HD at 120 fps, but at 4K only 15 fps.

It’s very difficult to work with such a resolution, but here you decide on your own. I highly recommend using Full HD increasing the speed of shooting to get a smooth picture.

Also, note that for this resolution electronic stabilization works.

YI Lite Action Camera has become better compared to the first generation, but also more expensive. It will be interesting to those who plan to shoot only in Full HD resolution and do not have the money to buy an expensive action camera. And, in my opinion, it is more efficient to spend extra resources on buying an electronic stabilizer or other accessories.


 Very smooth Full HD 50/60fps video.

 So simple to use.

 4K 15/20fps option.

 Two hours of battery life.


 No 4K image stabilization.

 Lacks GPS & other sensors.

 No voice control.

8. YI 4K+ Action Camera – Top Specs YI 4K+ Review

The company Xiaomi is known for selling great products for a very small price. And this time they released a camera with fantastic opportunities.

This model has received many improvements compared to the previous YI 4K camera. Ability to shoot in RAW format, electronic image stabilizer for shooting 4K videos.

And I’ll be honest with you. This camera is a direct competitor to GoPro Hero 6, which has almost similar characteristics but at a lower price.

Such great performance, YI 4K Plus got because of the powerful Ambarella H2 processor and the ability to shoot 4K video at a frequency of 60 frames per second. And this is the first time when such a processor was installed in action cameras.

Advanced EIS allows you to shoot in the highest quality without distortion. Video and photos are clear even if the camera shakes. This greatly simplifies the process of using the camera, allowing you to focus on really important moments.

A little bit about battery life.

YI 4K+ Action Camera uses a battery with a capacity of 1400 mAh.

Here the data on which you should pay attention:

  • 4K 60FPS – 70 minutes
  • 4K 30FPS – 105 minutes
  • Full HD 120 FPS – 100 minutes
  • Full HD 60 FPS – 105 minutes

Another one thing, YI 4K+ that it is much cheaper (and better!) compared to the newer GoPro models (Hero 5 and Hero 6).

While the GoPro Hero 6 has been priced at $474 USD and the Hero 5 now costs at $360 USD, the YI 4K+ comes at a mere $299 USD.

But as always, the camera has cons.

No built-in waterproofing (which in my opinion, must be a standard nowadays). You have to buy a waterproof case along with the camera which will cost a bit, trust me you will need it.


Xiaomi YI 4K+ is the successor of YI 4K. It received a number of improvements, for example, the ability to shoot video at a frame rate twice that of its predecessor. Which is certainly its main advantage.

A new system of Superb Image Stabilization will create the best quality photo and video materials. The camera allows you to photograph in RAW format, which is useful to professionals, has USB Type-C, which is faster than the ports of the previous generation.

With the new camera from Xiaomi, you can perfectly capture all the beauty of the surrounding world, without fear of the quality your future videos.


 Fantastic image quality.

 Electronic image stabilization up to 4K/30.

 Easy to use controls.

 High battery performance.

 Reliable app controls.


 No built-in waterproofing.

 Voice controls unreliable.

 Lack of included mounts.

9. Sony FDRX3000 Action Camera – The Boss Of Image Stabilization

Sony FDRX3000 Review
When it comes to Sony, you can be sure about the quality of their products. And here is something really cool.

The camera body is made of glossy white plastic, in a well-recognizable and typical for Sony design.

Dimensions 1.2 x 1.9 x 3.3 inches, and weight 4.2 ounces. Presented form factor allows you to fix the camera on almost any surface.

Also, the special shape of the case allows you to conveniently and securely hold the camera, shooting video from your hands.

Best image stabilization on the market.

The Balanced Optical SteadyShot image stabilization is amazing and it is the biggest selling point of this camera. I really do not even understand how Sony squeezed this stabilizer into such a small format.

It allows you to take sharp pictures and video without distortion. This is especially useful when taking pictures in motion and dealing with vibrations, when the camera can be installed on a remotely controlled airplane, or when you are driving in a boat, car or quad bike.

If competitors can compete with image quality, then Sony doesn’t have equal in stabilizing the image.

Video quality is excellent. And I do not see much sense to write in detail about this since this camera of a very high price segment and with regards to the Sony, the image has no equal.

Sony FDRX3000 has excellent noise reduction to reduce interference by wind and water, which of course will be appreciated by many users.

Also, you can watch live via your phone or with the optional Live-View Remote. Which is really helpful.

With the supplied waterproof case it’s dustproof, shockproof and waterproof to 60 meters.

The only problem is:

This is the price of the device. And in my opinion, this is the biggest drawback of this great camera.

Here’s a deal:

After getting to know the Sony FDR-X3000, we can say that the company made an excellent action camera.

It excellently shoots in any conditions and is suitable for a variety of usage scenarios, whether it is active rest or recording a vlog.

High-quality video, sound, excellent stabilization, and convenient ergonomics. All this leaves the closest competitors behind.

For those who do not need to shoot 4K-video and want to save a bit on buying, you can purchase a simpler version, for example, SONY HDR-AS300. In any case, making your choice to Sony you will not lose.


 Best stabilization on the market.

 Excellent image and audio quality.

 Long battery life.

 Thoughtful design improvements.


 A poor display on the Live-View Remote Control.

 Bulky waterproof case.

10. Garmin VIRB Ultra 30 Action Camera – For Professional Sport Garmin VIRB Ultra 30 Review

If Sony, GoPro, YI and other brands work for different audiences, then Garmin decided to satisfy the extreme sports lovers, athletes, and travelers. The company offers the user a whole set of sensors and software to process the captured video.

The product really turned out to be original and interesting.

The benefits of the Garmin VIRB Ultra 30 are quite decent: WLAN, Bluetooth, GPS and ANT, high-sensitivity microphone, 1.75-inch LCD Color Touchscreen display, and an electronic stabilizer that works with resolutions up to 1080p 60fps.

The most interesting feature added by Garmin is G-Metrix. This technology records performance data like speed, elevation, heart rate, and G-force.

G-Metrix distinguishes Garmin cameras from GoPro and others.

The Garmin Virb Ultra 30 includes 5 sensors: an accelerometer, a gyro, a compass, a barometer, and GPS. Together they provide information on speed, acceleration of gravity, time in the air and much more.

Garmin sells additional sensors that can be connected to Virb to collect more data, such as temperature and heart rate.

Shooting 4K Ultra HD.

This is the first action camera from Garmin, which can take pictures in 4K Ultra HD, and the photos are clear and of excellent quality.

The video quality compared to the previous generation model has improved significantly.

A short battery life when recording in Ultra HD resolution is a maximum of 73 minutes. This is the main drawback of this camera.

My verdict.

Garmin Virb Ultra 30 can compete on an equal footing with the action cameras like GoPro and Sony. G-Metrix, 4K resolution, voice control, LCD Color Touchscreen.

The camera is not perfect, and stabilization is limited to 1080p, but it’s a good alternative to GoPro.


 Robust waterproof chassis.

 4K and high-speed shooting options.

 Wi-Fi smartphone control including live streaming on YouTube.

 3-axis electronic image stabilization.


 Average battery life.

 No image stabilization in 4K.

 Not waterproof without a case.

Action Cameras – Buyer’s Guide

You are probably wondering:

What technical characteristics should the action camera have?

These characteristics will be slightly different from the traditional camera and today I will introduce them to you.

Video Quality

First of all, pay attention to the image quality.

Here are the main parameters:

Frames per Second (FPS)

FPS affects how smooth the video is. The higher, the better. In the main, in the action cameras are used at 30 and 60 fps.


Modern action cameras have a resolution of 4K. This is four times more than the traditional Full HD format. But in order to fully enjoy this quality, you will need a suitable TV or monitor that supports this resolution.

In addition, processing a video shot in 4K requires a considerable amount of performance from the computer.

Let’s dive in.

The purchase of an action camera supporting this resolution will be justified if it is used for aerial recording from a quadcopter or as a for professional videos.

Resolution Full HD or 1080p allows you to shoot a completely high-quality and rich picture. Video files occupy little storage on the memory card, and they can be processed on not powerful computers.

This is the most acceptable resolution for shooting vlogs.

720p is used in many action cameras for shooting at the maximum frame rate. Basically to get the slow-motion effect.

To understand what to choose, decide why you need an action camera:

1. You want to shoot videos for yourself, or friends on a screen with a Full HD resolution, and you do not want to mount anything and do any kind of correction, or the main task of the camera is to be a car recorder, then you will be fine with action cameras with the maximum resolution up to 1080p and 30 fps.

YI Lite or AKASOBrave 5 would be a perfect choice for beginners.

2. If you are a blogger or are looking for a camera for vlogging, then remember that the main content with Youtube is viewed with a resolution of not more than 1080p. However, one of the good moves can be a slow-motion effect. To achieve it, you will already need cameras that can shoot 1080p at 60 fps. As a rule, the maximum resolution of video shooting in such cameras is not lower than 2K.

Mid-level action camera like AKASO V50 is good for this kind of work.

3. Well, if your task is to shoot quality videos with unique angles and high details, for example, panoramas from a quadrocopter, and then mount them with material from professional cameras, then you definitely need an action camera 4K. Plus, having 4K, you can always crop an image under 1080p without losing quality.

There I would recommend only YI 4K+ which is perfect for professional shooting.

Image Stabilization

While shooting video from hands, your camera will shake, because you are physically unable to keep the action camera in such a way as to avoid it.

This is very important if you shoot the vlog and keep the camera in your hands all the time. Who wants to look at the shaking screen?

Everyone wants a smooth video.

Also, if you are going to shoot as you descend from the mountains, snowboarding, cycling through the forest, doing a new trick on the skateboard etc. The smooth picture will be a huge advantage.

To solve this issue, manufacturers use Built-in Electronic Image Stabilization (EIS).

The best example of a camera with perfect stabilization system is Sony FDRX3000.

Additional accessories

For diving under water and extreme shooting, most action cameras require a protective case. Some cameras have built-in protection against water, but in this case, the maximum depth of immersion will not be more than 5 – 10 m against 30 – 40 m in the protective case.

It is worth noting that the vast majority of action cameras do not have built-in memory, so they need a memory card with a good write speed. For recording video in the format of Full HD and above, memory cards with Speed Class at least 10 is required.

Also, pay attention to the mounts. The more mounts will be included inside the box the wider will be the possibilities of video shooting.

In the AKASO V50 Pro Native the largest set of accessories.

Battery life

Due to the compact size of the action camera can not boast of a long battery life. On average, on a single charge, the camera can shot about 90 minutes of video.

Most models allow you to charge the camera and take pictures, which makes it possible to use them with external batteries.

Now It’s Your Turn

So those are my best action cameras available on the market, for getting the most out of your future videos.

Now I’d like to hear from you:

Which camera is most attractive to you?

Are you going to buy AKASO? Or maybe you want YI with top specs first?

Either way, let me know by leaving a comment below right now.

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