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Best Digital Cameras Under 300 (Review) In 2020

The best digital cameras under 300 listed below have been selected by FindTheDecision because of their ease of shooting, compactness, and lightweight, and use of the best manufacturers.

If you are looking to purchase a new digital camera in 2020, it can be difficult to know where to begin. With so many brands available, finding the best digital camera under 300 dollars can be challenging.

Now on the market a huge number of devices. Moreover, some cameras are sometimes expensive and not suitable for shooting in difficult conditions.

This then leaves the consumer with a difficult choice.

Not sure where to start? Read on for our highest-rated digital cameras.

The Best Digital Camera Under 300

Therefore, it’s hard to choose only the best device from the market. Everyone has different reasons for buying the best digital camera. To help make your choice easier, we have organized the cameras by value for money. Here are the FindTheDecision’s top 2 best digital cameras under 300 2020:

1. Canon PowerShot SX620 Best Digital Camera Under 300

Looking for the best low-cost digital camera? Try the Canon PowerShot SX620 HS.

This digital camera under $300 can offer a lot more options than a cell phone camera. The camera is slightly larger than a business card with a weight of about 180 grams.

It has a 25x optical wide-angle zoom lens with a built-in image stabilizer, as well as a bright juicy 3-inch display with a resolution of 922 thousand pixels. Canon PowerShot SX620HS is available in three colors: metallic gray, red and silver.

The camera has a CMOS sensor with a resolution of 20.2 megapixels with a sensitivity range from 80 to 3200 ISO units. The equivalent focal length range of the PowerShot SX620 HS is 25–625 mm.

This is enough for you to capture the whole scene in tight spaces. On the other hand, a zoom will be enough for you to be in the very center of events, even being at a decent distance from what is happening. The capabilities of the lens can be doubled thanks to the ZoomPlus function without significant loss in image quality.

Using the PowerShot SX620 HS is easy. The camera is loyal to novice photographers and perfectly copes with everything in automatic mode, but if you wish, you can switch to program and other modes through the menu: automatic smile shooting, portrait, high-speed burst shooting, night shooting, and others. Color presets are also available for you: imitation of a slide, bright, neutral, monochrome, sepia, light skin tone, dark skin tone, highlighting a specific color (blue, green, red) and a user preset.

There is a switch on the rear panel for a quick transition from the classic shooting mode to the Creative Shot and Hybrid Auto modes. In the “Creative snapshot” mode, when creating a snapshot, 5 filters are automatically superimposed on it, and there is a random framing. You can choose creative, natural or monochrome filters.

Camera records high-quality Full HD (1920 x 1080, 30p) at the touch of a button (it is located on the rear panel). Thanks to the built-in image stabilizer, you can shoot good clips with a stable picture without a tripod.

This is the best compact digital camera under 300 dollars with a good high-quality matrix, smart zoom, creative modes, and excellent automation. It will fit in your pocket and at the same time will provide many more opportunities for creativity than a smartphone. PowerShot SX620 HS will be a good friend to those who often update their profiles on social networks, those who need the best cameras for fieldwork.

2. Sony DSCWX350 Digital Camera Under 300

Sony does not cease to replenish the line of portable cameras Cyber-shot with fresh models. Another novelty was DSC-WX350. First of all, it stands out with an impressive 20x zoom. There is also a modern set of interfaces – WiFi and NFC.

This is a lightweight digital camera. Its weight is 164 g. The case is made of light alloy and can be made in black, white, and pink.

At the top end, from the very edge is the mode dial. A shutter button is mounted nearby. It is combined with the zoom control. Then you can see the power button. It is recessed into the case to avoid accidental pressing.

Also, on the upper side, there are two more small holes, behind which a stereo microphone is hidden. On the rear panel, too, everything is familiar – a 3-inch display, four buttons, and a joystick. The screen does not have a touch interface, which is not a big loss – the controls are already quite convenient. Also, there will be no problems with gloves that are not too thick.

The battery and memory card compartments are on the bottom, and the HDMI and USB 2.0 ports are on the side. On the front of the case, you can see the lens, exposure meter, and built-in flash.

The DSC-WX350 is powered by a proprietary removable battery with a capacity of 470 photos (according to the CIPA rating), which is an excellent result in its class.

Access to the menu is carried out by pressing the corresponding button. Unfortunately, quick options are not provided. To use WiFi, you need to install the free PlayMemories app. or can be used as a remote control, not just for downloading files. The remote viewfinder option is also available, but there is a slight delay in transferring the picture.

The noise level is low. Details begin to get lost at 800 ISO, and a noticeable loss of clarity appears at 1600 ISO. Explicit noises are noticeable at 3200 ISO, and higher values ​​are best avoided.

Cyber-Shot WX350 is the best digital camera under 300 with a powerful zoom, modern interfaces, and excellent autonomy.

3. Canon Powershot ELPH 360 Digital Camera Under 300

The Canon PowerShot ELPH 360 HS is a compact digital camera with a very responsive 12x optical zoom, which combined with its optical image stabilizer renders superb image quality. The zoom starts from 25 mm to 300 mm, and the camera offers an aperture range between 3.3 to 7.0. This digital camera records video in 1080p Full High Definition (FHD) resolution, is appointed with a dedicated video button and saves video in MP4 format.

This best digital camera under 300 is equipped with a 20.2-megapixel CMOS sensor and DIGIC 4+ image processor. The sensor has a high sensitivity of ISO 3200, and compensates for exposure in low light conditions, while the processor improves image quality, reducing noise and provides smoother gradation.

High ISO personnel processing has been reduced to 60%. It also handles the Intelligent IS (Image Stabilizer) setting, using the appropriate image stabilization method based on camera movement and shooting situation. This IS parameter corrects several types of motion, such as angular blur, offset blur, and blur caused by parallel motion and tilt offset. 

The IS parameter has the Normal, Pan, Macro, and Tripod modes in the photo mode, while when shooting video, it offers Dynamic, Macro, and Active tripod modes. Adding to this, the built-in NFC function allows a compatible device to instantly connect with the camera. But that’s not all, a mobile device can also connect to the camera via Wi-Fi using the Canon Camera Connect app, which supports iOS and Android devices.

The image synchronization function of the Canon PowerShot ELPH 360 HS allows you to transfer photos and videos from the camera wirelessly to a computer using the Canon iMage Gateway. Built-in Wi-Fi also allows a mobile device to remotely control the camera using the application. A real-time camera image will be displayed on the device screen when connected. 

The Canon PowerShot Elph 360 is equipped with a flash, self-timer, and adjustable shutter speed. One full battery charge provides between 180 and 250 shots in Eco mode. Please note that this digital camera is not weatherproof.

4. Canon Powershot SX720 HS Digital Camera Under 300

The Canon PowerShot SX720 HS sets a new record, where for the first time in a mega 40x zoom camera. The optics of the new model cover focal lengths from 24 to 960 mm in film equivalent and is able to capture the most distant objects with top-notch clarity. Until this moment, if someone wanted a camera with a zoom of more than 30, they had only one option – to purchase much larger bridge cameras.

This best digital camera under $300 has a very compact and convenient format, weighs just 270 grams of mass, and is the size of a deck of cards, making it easy to fit into any pocket of your trousers. The Canon PowerShot SX720 HS digital camera performed well in terms of speed, and of course with maximum zoom, autofocus does not always work instantly, but it is fast in most cases, so the camera can be regarded as being suitable for snapshots. 

The serial shooting also scores high owing to excellent shooting speed – a little more than six frames per second puts the camera a few notches behind its competitors. But on the other hand, the SD card will record your JPEG photos indefinitely, but only until the battery runs out, and this happens quite quickly. The battery offers a maximum of 320 shots and 92 minutes of video, which is below average. Our advice is to carry an extra battery for long photo walks.

True, the equipment could be a little richer. Full-HD video with 60 at a speed of 60 frames per second, Wi-Fi and NFC for wireless data transfer, as well as 24 filters and scene programs such as sports mode and the effect of a toy camera. There is no electronic viewfinder, only a 3-inch high-definition screen located on the rear panel can be used to compose the frame. In the bright light of the sun, you are unlikely to see much on this screen.

5. Sony DSCWX350 Digital Camera Under 300

“What is a good inexpensive digital camera?” – the Sony Cyber-shot WX350 can serve as the answer to this question, and here are some reasons why! Durable, smart and beautiful, the digital camera boasts not only an attractive appearance but also great reliability. The Sony Cybershot WX350 is quite light and compact, making it convenient to hold with one hand. The camera’s body is quite thin and fits easily into a jean’s pocket.

The technical features of the Sony Cybershot WX350 and last year’s Sony Cybershot WX300 are almost identical. Both cameras have a 3-inch LCD screen, 24- 1200 mm Sony G Lens with 20x optical zoom (up to 40x zoom with Sony’s Clear Image Zoom technology) and an 18-megapixel sensor.

However, the best digital camera under 300 received a number of new “chips” such as built-in Wi-Fi, NFC connection and optical image stabilization. In addition, the Sony Cybershot WX350 uses the Exmor R CMOS sensor backlight and G lens, which collectively are capable of producing high-quality images even in low light conditions.

An NFC connection allows you to quickly connect to compatible devices, while Wi-Fi allows you to remotely control the camera using a smartphone. The user can use the smartphone to control the zoom, self-timer and flash on the camera. In addition, you can choose whether photos will be saved to the camera or smartphone, which is a pretty useful feature.

The SonyCybershot WX350 is equipped with the new BIONZ X processor, which was previously used in such high-end devices as A7 and A7R. Thanks to the new processor, the camera works better in low light conditions, and photo processing is several times faster. With Pixel Super Resolution technology, it is able to analyze each pixel and increase the resolution of the image, which restores the detail of the approximate object.

A wide ISO range from 80 to 12800 provides high definition results even at night. For displaying images in the camera, the Sony Cybershot WX350 comes with an LCD screen that measures 7.6 cm (3 inches) and offers a five-step brightness adjustment.

6. Nikon Coolpix B500 Digital Camera Under 300

The Nikon COOLPIX B500 digital camera belongs to the Super Zoom class. Its NIKKOR lens allows you to get a very clear and extremely detailed picture with a 40x zoom. The degree of zoom can be doubled using the Dynamic Fine Zoom function.

The advanced VR stabilization system helps to suppress vibrations and take very clear pictures with the zoom even without a tripod and other accessories. Furthermore, the autofocus system allows the device to select the optimal parameters in a split second. The “Focus on the subject” mode allows you to get very clear photos during sporting events or special occasions.

The device can replace an action camera. This best digital camera under $300 is capable of shooting Full HD-video at speeds up to 60 frames per second, providing exceptional smoothness of movement in the recording even in slow motion. In addition, using the camera, the user can take pictures in Time Lapse mode.

A 3-inch swivel screen allows you to see all the details of the frame even in very bright light. Its high brightness and realistic color rendering make the image as realistic as possible. The user can use the smartphone to remotely control the device, as well as to instantly save the received files. To do this, just synchronize it with the camera using Wi-Fi or Bluetooth networks, as well as launch the proprietary SnapBridge application.

The multi-function disc located at the top of the camera speeds up access to commonly used shooting modes. The camera requires AA batteries or batteries and when fully charged is able to take approximately 600 shots.

7. Sony DSCHX80/B Digital Camera Under 300

Introducing a first-class compact camera that you can take with you in any situation. The new DSCHX80/B is equipped with a lens that offers a 30x zoom and is also characterized by high speed and focusing accuracy at large focal lengths and ease of operation, opening up great opportunities for complete creative freedom.

The ZEISS Vario-Sonnar lens with a 30x zoom expands the famous capabilities of high-precision optics and allows you to achieve perfectly clear and sharp images over the entire focal length range of 24–720 mm3. Instant access to configure any camera function. All control and operation options with the best digital camera under 300 are convenient and intuitive, making shooting a real pleasure under most circumstances.

The OLED Tru-Finder high-contrast retractable viewfinder is much brighter than conventional electronic viewfinders and is characterized by excellent portability, reliability, and practicality in use. An improved algorithm for spatial recognition of objects allows you to speed up the autofocus system due to a more accurate mechanism for controlling the lens drive. Now you can easily capture fleeting moments in the frame.

Take advantage of new opportunities when shooting a video by choosing the desired format depending on the situation and viewing options. Want to quickly share your video? Record video in high resolution, and do the processing and editing another time? In any case, you have the freedom of creativity. Simply configure the format, mode, exposure, and other parameters and start shooting video.

8. Canon PowerShot SX540HS Digital Camera Under 300

If the Canon PowerShot SX420 IS is an easy-to-use, modern compact camera, the Canon PowerShot SX540 HS is a tool that gives the photographer more freedom of action thanks to the capabilities borrowed from SLR cameras. Among them is the incredible 50x wide-angle zoom lens. The range of equivalent focal lengths is 24–1200 mm. It can be further enlarged up to 2400 mm using the ZoomPlus function without significant loss in quality.

The wide-angle of the best digital camera under $300 lens is enough for you to be able to photograph the beautiful facade of the building, being in close proximity to it, and the maximum telephoto position is enough to observe the wildlife world at a comfortable distance.

A modern CMOS sensor and an integrated optical image stabilizer will allow you to get high-quality photos at high ISO values ​​in even very low light. The maximum sensitivity of the PowerShot SX540 HS CMOS sensor is 3200 units. Compared to a CCD-sensor, a picture at high sensitivity value ​​saves more details and colors. 

You will not need to activate the flash or carry a tripod to take a good photo. Rely on the PowerShot SX540 HS in this matter. Best digital camera under 300 shoots series at speeds of up to 6 frames per second in full resolution with the possibility of a tracking autofocus mode. Shooting dynamic scenes with this camera is much easier, where yo frame the picture, focus and take photos! The camera will independently focus on the subject and maintain its focus.

The Canon PowerShot SX540 HS can offer Creative Snapshot to fans of their creativity. You take a frame, and the digital camera imposes 5 different filters on it. You can choose from monochrome filters, natural or artistic, but the process of applying filters and cropping depends on automation. It is enough for the photographer to choose the option he likes and upload it to the network using Wi-Fi and NFC via the Canon Camera Connect application.

9. Fujifilm FinePix XP140 Digital Camera Under 300

The Fujifilm’s FinePix XP140 waterproof new compact camera replaces last year’s FinePix XP130. Only this is no longer an upgrade, but a completely new camera. It is shockproof, waterproof, dustproof and even frost proof. This digital camera is perfect for harsh weather conditions.

The best digital camera under 300 is resistant to minus 10 ° C. Maintaining a certain battery temperature will help extend the life of the device in cold weather. In this Fujifilm FinePix XP140 review, we’ll talk about some of the new features that the camera offers.

Like its predecessor, the Fujifilm XP140 camera has many additional features. Shooting is through a 5x optical zoom lens that starts at 28mm. The image from the lens enters the 16-megapixel BSI sensor, which is great for low light conditions. ISO sensitivity reaches 12800, which is an improvement over last year’s model.

The new processor also performs some of the new features that are now included in the arsenal of the Fuji XP140. There are, for example, things like the 4K burst mode. In this case, we just shoot a 4K video and then easily and simply select the desired images, and it really makes shooting easier. Next, we mention the possibility of interval shooting 4K.

There is also a continuous shooting mode at up to 10 frames per second. On the back of the camera, there is a dedicated button for this, which also has a setup menu. The built-in interval timer creates a frame-by-frame time-lapse collage inside the camera, and you do not have to use the software on the computer. The digital camera also received a new enhanced SR + Auto mode, similar to the one used in the X-T100.

Let’s talk briefly about the video features on the best digital camera under 300. You will probably want to take the camera to the beach and even dive with it. But this is not just about photography, the camera will help make wonderful videos. The FinePix 140 can shoot up to 4K, but that’s only at 15 frames per second. So, this is actually not a very useful feature.

In fact, it’s useful that it shoots Full HD video at up to 60 frames per second. By shooting at a higher frame rate, and subsequently editing material, you can actually slow down the video. Creating really good slow-motion frames is a really useful feature. Such a video can be published on YouTube and shared with family and friends.

10. Sony Cyber-shot DSC-WX220 Digital Camera Under 300

The compact mega-zoom digital camera Sony Cyber-shot DSC-WX220 demonstrates very good photo quality. Fast autofocus and a minimum shutter lag allow you to take instant photos. Immediately striking is the good image quality. The resolution of 18 megapixels gives an average of 1450 pairs of lines per frame height with minimal photosensitivity. In daylight, with the Sony WX220, you get excellent sharpness images that make noise almost imperceptible.

10x optical zoom (25 mm in 35 mm equivalent) with stabilization gives a loss of sharpness of up to 30 percent to the edges of the image. This was already a problem with the predecessor model Sony WX200. But such imperfections of the image as vignetting and chromatic aberration are almost not noticeable. The latter becomes visible only with a large zoom.

In terms of speed, the Sony Cyber-shot DSC-WX220 showed its best side. First of all, we liked the work of autofocus. The camera has a very small delay in shutter release so that even in poor lighting conditions, it can create snapshots. The burst speed in the best digital camera under 300 is also quite convincing at 8.8 frames per second. True, the series is only 10 frames long, but the battery works longer, where it lasts for a maximum of 390 pictures, as well as for 53 minutes of Full HD video at a speed of 50 frames per second.

The small size of the Sony WX220 camera is probably to blame for the short battery life. The camera controls are also quite small, which can be inconvenient, as well as a sharp, but small (only 2.7 inches) screen. But the rest of the digital camera makes a positive impression i.e. flip flash, Wi-Fi, NFC, as well as an intuitive menu that includes 26 filters that allow you to apply artistic effects to pictures with a simple click of a button. 


I hope we helped you choose the best digital camera under 300 dollars.

Your opinion is very important to us. To make us even better, please answer the question: Is this your first camera? If so, what is important to you in a digital camera?

You can leave an answer below. We will also be interested in any of your feedback and suggestions.

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