10 BEST Apple Watch Screen Protectors in 2018 (Series 4/3/2/1)

Best Apple Watch Screen Protectors

Many people are interested in the question:

How to choose a screen protector for Apple Watch?

The complexity of the issue lies in the fact that you need to find a balance between the practicality of the screen protector and its elegance. Think about how it will be used in everyday life and what impression you want to make on others.

It is also difficult for you to find a suitable option due to the many models, materials, and manufacturers that are offered.

A few helpful tips, reviews, and ratings will help you. And so now we will look at the pros and cons of the best Apple Watch screen protectors on the market and find out which one is right for you.

The Best Apple Watch Screen Protectors

To choose the screen protector for your Apple Watch, you need to understand three basic things.

First, think about what type of protection you need: protective film, protective glass or bumper. Each option has its advantages and disadvantages.

Some protect your smartwatch from scratches but do not save from impact.

Others are a reliable shield for the device but substantially increase its size.

Then make sure that this protection is suitable for your Apple Watch series and then you need to solve the issue with the price.

So, let’ take a look at the best apple watch screen protectors in 2018.

LKProtective filmSeries 4/3/2/138/40/42/44mm
MP-MALLProtective filmSeries 4/3/2/138/40/42/44mm
Case by LKBumperSeries 4/3/2/138/40/42/44mm
IQShieldProtective filmSeries 4/3/2/138/40/42/44mm
SUPCASEProtective CaseSeries 4/338/40/42/44mm
TAURIProtective filmSeries 4/3/2/138/40/42/44mm
LLUMIProtective filmSeries 3/2/138/42mm
LELONGBumperSeries 3/238/42mm
SpigenBumperSeries 3/2/1 / Sport Edition38/42mm
SmilingTempered GlassSeries 3/2/138/42mm

Of course, choosing the protection for your Apple Watch is not so difficult, but somehow this issue arose in front of you, which means that it’s time to make the right decision. And we will help you with that.

1. LK Apple Watch Screen Protector (38/40/42/44mm) 

LK Apple Watch Screen Protector (42mm)

If you are looking for a minimalist solution to protect your Apple Watch, then LK Screen Protector is designed specifically for you.

I note that this company continues to make quality products for a really good price.

So, the Apple Watch screen protector by LK ranks first on the Amazon Best Sellers list and has the highest rating among customers.

They are composed of a flexible material and have a self-healing technology that allows the protective film to last longer and also protects against yellowing. It is suitable for Apple Watches of any series and corresponds to the contours of your watches display.

The best part?

LK means reliable protection. And the most important part is that you will not have problems manipulating the touch screen since the protective film is very thin. It’s only 0.42 mm.

Also, there are 6 screen protectors in the package, which is very generous for such a cheap price.

If you’re interested in how to install this and any other screen protectors. I recommend you watch the video below in an FAQ section of this guide.

2. MP-MALL Apple Watch Screen Protector  (38/40/42/44mm)

MP-MALL Apple Watch Screen Protector

Is it hard to find a screen protector for Apple Watch series 4?

The answer is No.

MP-MALL is a not a big player in a screen protectors world. But it’s already gaining popularity.


Because of the quality of the product.

Many Apple Watch users praised this screen protector and you will be pleased too.

What exactly pleases customers?

Some people say that they have been using one such flexible film for a month now without peeling or bubbling. And I gotta say that it is a pretty good result for such type of screen protectors. Also, all touch functions work without problems.

Many people say that the product is well packaged and the protector covers the entire screen area. And the most important fact that inside the box a solution which eliminates the air bubbles.

The best thing here is when it comes to installation. You can make this done in a 5 minutes.

3. LK Protective Case for Apple Watch  (38/40/42/44mm) 

LK Case for Apple Watch (38/40/42/44mm) Review

Apple Watch case by famous LK is very easy to install and just as easy to remove. There are holes for the buttons that do not hinder the use of your Apple Watch with this stuff.

There is no screen protection, as it product is intended to protect the Apple Watch case and for ease of use of the touchscreen. It should appeal to you if you are looking for a non-protective film, but a protective shell for your Apple Watch. However, if you wish, you can easily use this with a protective film.

In addition, LK during its existence on the market of screen protectors has established itself from a very good side. Therefore, the quality of the product can be no doubt.

4. IQShield Screen Protector for Apple Watch (38/40/42/44mm) 

 IQShield Screen Protector for Apple Watch (42mm) Let’s be more specific. IQShield is known for developing safety film not only for Apple Watch displays but also for many other smartwatches, smartphones, GPS navigation devices, laptops, tablets, mp3 players and gaming systems.

The firm guarantees the protective screen will work for a long time.

Unique laser processing provides additional protection. It also uses self-healing technology. An anti-fingerprint coating will prevent fingerprint smudges. The screen feels better and your fingers will slide over it. Also, IQ Shield guarantees that they will install screen protectors without bubbles.

5. SUPCASE Apple Watch Protective Case with Strap Band (38/40/42/44mm) 

SUPCASE Apple Watch Protective Case with Strap Band ReviewIf you are a fan of G-Shock brand watch, you will love this product.

This watch brand is known for its special durability. However, after a simple installation of a protective case with a strap by SUPCASE, your Apple Watch will not only be similar in appearance to the G-Shock but will also be unkillable.

SUPCASE company knows a lot about protecting smartphones, tablets, and smartwatches. Even the company name abbreviated from “super case” speaks for itself. And now we look at one of the products – The Unicorn Beetle Pro Hour – a reliable protector of Apple watch.

This protective case is well thought out, and well designed. Despite its size, it’s pretty lightweight and comfortable to constantly wear on your hand.

Also, the developers provide a wide range of colors. You can choose from four colors for your watch protector when you make an order: black, blue, gold or red.

Now let’s talk about the protective properties.

It uses polycarbonate and thermoplastic polyurethane for serious, military-grade shock-resistance. This case creates rugged shock absorption and a raised bezel to protect Apple Watch from damage. Even a hammer blow will not harm your watch. With all this, all the functions and buttons of the clock are accessible and easily operated with the case installed.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t have a screen protector.

But any of the popular protective films or glass protectors like LK, MP-MALL or another one would go perfectly with this super case for total protection. When this condition is fulfilled, you are sure that there is no more reliable protection for your Apple Watch.

6. TAURI Full Coverage Screen Protector (38/40/42/44mm) 

TAURI Full Coverage Screen Protector.jpg

This Screen Protector is designed for both the Apple Watch Series 4 and the Apple Watch Series 3/2/1. This is due to the fact that the diagonal of the screen of the Apple Watch Series 4 is not much different from the earlier versions and the developers of TAURI has made the most of this fact. You can order the film at 44mm and it will be ideally suited for 42mm. Similarly, with 40mm and 38mm.

The TAURI Liquid Skin Screen Protectors are designed so that you can set them into place without bubbles if you follow the rules. Before installation, it is recommended to watch the video or read the instructions, as screen protectors are notoriously difficult to install. The kit contains everything necessary for installation.

The quality of this protective film for the iWatch is really good. If you install it correctly, it will seem like it does not exist and you will be sure that the display of your Apple Watch is reliably protected.

7. ILLUMI AquaShield Apple Watch Screen Protector (38/42mm) 

ILLUMI Apple Watch Screen Protector ReviewIt is a combination of strength and flexibility. The screen protects against scratches, dents, and bumps, but the protective film is thin and covers the entire surface of the screen due to its flexibility.

What is ILLUMI Screen Protector?

The ultraviolet resistant layer protects against the yellowing of your device’s screen. The silicone layer provides an ideal screen mounting.

AquaShield protectors are designed to protect your device from harsh everyday life.

8. LELONG Apple Watch Screen Protector (38/42mm) 

LELONG Apple Watch Screen Protector ReviewThe protection itself is a bumper for your watch. It has special cutouts for all of the buttons and holes on your Apple Watch.

The bumper is soft and completely transparent. It can protect your watch from being scratched or broken.

Manufacturers of this protective glass take care of the quality of their products, so they give a guarantee with a replacement and a return for 18 months from the date of purchase.

Ideal for sports or other activities. With this, you can practice on the training apparatus without worrying about the safety of your iWatch.

9. Spigen G-Shock Apple Watch Case (38/42mm) 

Spigen Apple Watch Case Protector ReviewQuick and easy installation, a rugged case that completely covers your watch – these are the main advantages of this protective screen.

If you like to play sports this is a good protection for your iWatch.

Also, there are holes for the clock buttons.

The only big disadvantage of this armor for the clock is the lack of protection for the display.

10. Smiling Apple Watch Screen Protector (38/42mm) 

Smiling Apple Watch Screen Protector (38mm) ReviewThis protects your watch from all sides, and the main feature of this Screen Protect is that it has cutouts for buttons and connectors, which makes it suitable.

The company Smiling specializes in protective cases for smartphones. The Smiling team took into account the growing popularity of smartwatches and made a good Screen Protector for Apple Watch.

The protective glass is ultra-thin, only 0.3 mm. This ensures good operation of the touchscreen.

Made of high-quality TPU.

Apple Watch Screen Protectors FAQs

How much will it cost to replace the screen on an Apple Watch?

It depends. If you do not have a warranty on your Apple Watch, the replacement will be quite expensive. The process costs about $200-$300. However, you can buy Apple Care for $49 and you pay $69 plus tax for the replacement. As part of Apple Care, this can be done 2 times during the extended warranty period (1 year).

Is a screen protector for Apple Watch necessary?

The Apple Watch is equipped with high-quality protective glass. However, scratches, even on a durable screen protective coating, become noticeable over time. Also, no one is immune from an accidental hand strike on a hard object. A broken screen will cause serious expenses and there is no guarantee that your expensive gadget will work as before.

How to put Apple Watch screen protector on?

It is better to see once than to read. Therefore, we provide you with a visual video. There is almost no difference between installing screen protectors from different manufacturers and we took as an example the installation of a screen protector for Apple Watch by LK.

Which screen protector is best for Apple Watch?

Protective film and protective glass are similar to each other. However, the protective glass is thicker and slightly stronger, which means that it protects not only from scratches but also from impacts. The bumper is a more reliable protection not only of the display but of the entire Apple Watch case.

How to remove screen protector from Apple Watch?

Removing the screen protector from the Apple watch is not as difficult as it may seem. You only need to pry one corner of the film and slowly pull it off. Then it is recommended to wipe the screen with a napkin and install a new screen protector.


So, we have reviewed 10 of the most popular Apple Watch Screen Protectors. All have their advantages and drawbacks, whichever you choose it depends on your needs.

I hope you will make the right decision.

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