The 21 Best Apple Watch Apps

Even though Amazon, Google, and eBay abandoned its Apple Watch branded apps, the App Store online platform still has more than 200,000 watchOS apps available for download. With the watchOS 3 release, many applications run directly on the device itself without needing an iPhone.

We will look at 21 of the best Apple Watch apps. These apps will help you make the most of your watch.

best Apple Watch apps

1. Strava

The king of fitness apps has finally made it to Apple Watch. Strava is your companion for morning runs and cycling. The developers for a long time designed the watchOS version of the application, and the result of their work exceeds expectations. Statistical indicators are as close to reality as possible, the application works effectively and without complaints. The voice motivation function is not without its faults, but who really uses it?

2. AutoSleep

This application fully justifies its name. You do not need to perform any additional actions, just make sure that the application is installed, and the watch is still on your wrist when you go to bed. AutoSleep automatically collects statistics of your sleep. In the morning, the application will send you a notification with analysis, including how many times you woke up, and a breakdown of the phases of your sleep.

3. Slopes

Slopes is a fantastic app for winter sportspeople and provides detailed data on speed, altitude and distance in downhill skiing and snowboarding. Using an iPhone is generally not a convenient way to collect such statistics…a watch, however, is a better solution. With the Slopes app, the most important statistics will always be on your wrist.

The app also gives an idea of how much time you spent on the snow and how much you spent on the lift.

4. Cheatsheet

If you find yourself always forgetting important information such as the Wi-Fi password in the office, the number of your parking space, or the name of the mother-in-law, then Cheatsheet can help. The application allows you to make a tiny list of notes and display them on the Apple Watch. Each note can be assigned its own icon, as well as be displayed on the main watch face.

5. CARROT Weather

Carrot Weather details weather information, sunrise/sunset time, visibility, humidity, and pressure. Sounds like just another weather app? What makes Carrot unique is the sarcastic humor of the built-in robot and the flexible configuration of information on smartwatches.

In contrast to the built-in weather application, Carrot Weather allows you to select the type of data that is displayed on the display, namely: temperature, humidity, perceived temperature, cloudiness and probability of precipitation.

After the new update, Carrot Weather allows you to change the application icon (on the iPhone) and fine-tune information slots in the Apple Watch.

6. Citymapper

If you find yourself in a large city or are an avid traveler, Citymapper is a “must-have” application for your watch. It tracks the movement of public transport and gives clear directions on how to move from place to place. You will always be notified in advance of the arrival time of buses, trains or trams.

7. iTranslate

iTranslate is an indispensable application for any tourist. Is your German a little patchy? Pressing a single button will allow you to dictate a phrase and instantly receive a translation. The application even has its own little phrasebook.

8. Just Press Record

Siri on Apple Watch does not allow you to make voice notes. However, she does offer to open the corresponding program on the iPhone. Therefore, it is a logical step to install a convenient simple voice recorder- Just Press Record, with which you can save important data (ideas, important thoughts) on the fly.

Just Press Record is a popular voice recording app on iPhone: press a button, record audio, stop recording and sync with the cloud. With the arrival of the third version of watchOS, it has become possible to do all this in such a way that you do not need to get your smartphone out of your pocket. You can also dictate information and get a text file with transcription.

9. Overcast

Overcast is one of the best podcast players for the iPhone, thanks to its excellent audio effects and intelligent pause removal. The Apple Watch version is essentially a remote control for an iPhone application, giving you quick access to managing podcast playback and searching.

10. Shazam

Now you do not even need to get the smartphone out of your pocket to find out the name of the song that is playing in the bar, just shake your hand. Your watch will instantly show you the name of the song and artist, as well as the lyrics, in case you want to jump on the table and please your friends with your vocal talents.

11. Night Sky 4

You can point at the moon for hours and explore the stars, guided by the starry sky map on your wrist. Find the constellation of interest and you can easily get acquainted some of the fascinating information the universe has to offer.

12. Onefootball

This app will appeal to football fans. Imagine that you are at the longest and most senseless business meeting in the world or at an endless dinner with your spouse’s relatives while your favorite team plays in the final of the country’s cup. Onefootball allows you to track the progress of the match in real-time right on your smartwatch. The only difficulty with this app is trying not to shout “goal” after secretly looking at your smartwatch.

13. Instapaper

Along with the ability to manage an archive of articles, Instapaper can convert them to speech. The result is somewhat strange, but it can be useful when you are uncomfortable holding your iPhone in front of your eyes.

14. 1Password

As in the mobile version, 1Password stores your passwords and secure notes. They can be accessed by entering a four-digit PIN. Please note that the application can be downloaded free of charge for the iPhone, but in order to use it on a smartwatch, you need to upgrade to the Pro version.

15. Currency

There are many applications for currency conversion, but we chose Currency because it is fast, elegant and responsive. You specify the currencies to track and sort them on your iPhone. Then, already on the watch, you can select the desired currency and enter the amount for conversion.

16. Streaks Workout

A spectacular motivating application with a variety of features to form good habits.

With the help of specific and convenient settings in the program, you can find visual presentations, select the days of the week, the exact time, the frequency and even the sound of reminders. In addition, integration with Apple Health allows you to add tasks and habits of physical activity. The data is then calculated automatically.

In total, you can add 6 basic habits. The restriction made by developers is specifically designed to focus on the implementation of only a few goals so that the user’s motivation is not overwhelmed and diminished.

17. Bring! Shopping List

Bring! Shopping List has a minimalistic interface and allows you to create visual shopping lists, as well as synchronize lists with other users.

All products are divided into categories and visually presented in the form of cards which allow you to add a description, as well as note the number of required products. It is possible to make additional cards outside the presented list.

You can create and share shopping lists with family, colleagues or friends.

18. Pennies

If your finances flow through your fingers, Pennies is made for you. Unlike many similar applications, you don’t have to bother with it for a long time to record your expenses – you just click on the plus sign and enter the amount. On one screen, you can always see your budget for the month, and on the other – spending per day. Unfortunately, in Pennies, it is not yet possible to choose rubles, but in the settings, you can remove the currency altogether, to just display abstract numbers.

19. Pillow

Another good app for tracking your sleep. Throughout the night, this sleep tracker captures your heart rate. It also analyzes sleep cycles and wakes you up during the lightest period within set time boundaries. With Pillow you will always be aware of the quality of your sleep and getting up in the morning will be easy and pleasant.

20. WaterMinder

If you are not only about healthy sleep but also about your overall health, then you need to control the amount of fluid you drink.

By installing WaterMinder on Apple’s smartwatches, you can account for all the drinks and water for the day. The program will calculate, based on your parameters (your weight and height), the right amount that you need to consume per day. It will also remind you if you forget to drink water.

21. Habitify

This program will be indispensable for those who want to improve themselves by acquiring good and correct habits. It will help you set the right goals and achieve them from day to day, thereby forming the habits you desire. In the settings, you need to select several targets and mark their implementation, and the program will remind you from time to time if you have forgotten about them.


Use your smartwatch to its maximum benefit! Install the programs necessary for your life and expand the functionality of your wearable gadget. As feedback shows, many applications are much more convenient to use directly from Apple Watch without getting your iPhone out of your pocket or bag.

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