The 26 Best Android Wear Apps

The Android Wear operating system works on most smartwatches. There are many applications available with a variety of functions. These applications can entertain, monitor your physical activity and health, help you look for interesting activities or just not forget them.

Taking this into account, below we describe the 26 best Android Wear apps. Most of these applications rely on programs on the smartphone, but some are autonomous. In any case, if you are interested in what applications will help in any given situation, this list can get you started.

best Android Wear apps

1. TripAdvisor

TripAdvisor has long provided travelers with a plethora of information at their fingertips. If you are walking in a new city, you can now use this convenient application without a smartphone. The version for wearable devices can help you find a specific place, browse and choose interesting activities and places nearby, as well as read reviews from other visitors.

2. Shazam

To determine which song is playing on the radio in a matter of seconds download Shazam for Android Wear. You will immediately see the results on the screen, and later you will find them in the search log in your smartphone.

3. Endomondo

With this popular fitness app, you can collect data on all kinds of activities on your smartwatch: jogging, bike rides, walking, climbing, swimming (if you have a waterproof smartwatch) and so on. If your smartwatch has a built-in GPS, then you will not need a smartphone – all data will be collected in a hand-held gadget.

4. Wunderlist

Those who seek to hold memories forever will love Wunderlist. The application is already popular with many users and in the Android Wear format, it has even more to offer. Features include notifications, selecting a list to display on the screen of the device, and editing lists using voice control.

5. Wear Audio Recorder

This is a minimalist audio recording application. You do not need to carry a voice recorder or look for a phone; you only need to run the Wear Audio Recorder on your smartwatch with Wear OS. You can even record with the screen off and save files not only in the memory of your smartphone but also on Google Drive or Dropbox.

6. Stocard

Stocard allows you to store discount cards in a digital memory device. You no longer need to carry around a bulky bunch of plastic cards and vouchers. Owners of smartwatches on Android Wear can select the desired card, scan the code from the screen of the gadget and get their discount.

The reader will be able to scan your watch instead of a credit card or smartphone, allowing access to discounts, bonus programs, a gym, etc.

7. Wear Messenger

An alternative to the built-in application from Google, this Android Wear texting app will help you read and write instant messages on the screen of a smartwatch. You can use one of the keyboard options or voice to enter text, find a set of ready-made templates and be able to customize notifications.

8. Stellio Player

Stellio is a music player with full control right from the smartwatch: from pausing and switching between tracks to volume control and equalizer settings, playlist selection, etc.

9. Wear Mini Launcher

If you are not completely happy with the standard launch menu, try installing Wear Mini Launcher. It allows you to conveniently place the most necessary applications on one screen. Right swipes also open the settings: Wi-Fi, the brightness level of the display of the volume of the call, and others.

10. IF by IFTTT

IF by IFTTT allows you to create “recipes” for the behavior or interaction of several applications. For example, save photos in the memory of a smartwatch on Android Wear, receive notifications that the smartphone battery is low, or set to send messages by tapping the gadget screen.

11. Lifesum

A program for those who like to look after their health, Lifesum analyzes the consumption of food and water to achieve the right balance for each individual. Set personal goals and programs with the help of tips, which can also appear throughout exercises.

12. Foursquare City Guide

The program on Android Wear 2.0 has received an updated design and is one of the most convenient ways to find interesting places to eat, drink and have fun in your city. The program works using a smartphone, with many filters and categories available.

13. Uber

Late for the last bus? Do not worry, now you can order a ride through the Uber service right around the clock. This stand-alone application runs on Android Wear 2.0 and allows you to order a car, check its movement and see details on the trip such as route and time. This application is ideal for standalone smartwatches as you can use it without a smartphone.

14. Google Slides

Now a new motivation for using this popular application for presentations: it works on a smartwatch with Wear OS and allows you to remotely control slides. You first need to broadcast your slides to the screen via a Chromecast device or present the presentation as a video call, after which the watch will turn into a remote control for the presentation.

15. Tinder

Start planning your dates everywhere in the Tinder app. This popular dating application brings its capabilities to Android Wear. You can search for prospective love interests in your city, see notifications about new matches, and respond to messages right on your wrist. To simplify access to the application, you can use voice commands.

16. Medisafe Meds & Pill Remainder

It never hurts to have a reminder to take a medicine, be it vitamins or something more pressing. Highly categorized features allow you to introduce each tablet, its color, and size into the mobile application when it is first launched, saving you time and confusion in the future. The alarm will alert and remind you which pill and which dose needs to be taken. You will no longer have any excuses to miss your pills!

17. Water Drink Reminder

Doctors recommend drinking plenty of water every day to improve skin quality and lose weight, among many other pros. Many people know about the benefits of water, but at the same time, most drink less than recommended. For such people this application is useful. The program tells you how much to drink at regular intervals throughout the day, as it calculates the optimal amount of water you need based on weight, length of the day, etc. When it’s time to drink again, notifications will remind you.

18. Calendar for Android Wear

Your own personal calendar on Android Wear shows everything that awaits you each day. If you want to have your agenda at your fingertips throughout the day, download this application. There is a simple service Agenda, but more importantly, you can see the entire calendar and upcoming events without having to get a smartphone.

19. Feel The Wear

This program gives you an array of exciting options to replace the boring default vibration of a smartwatch with a Wear OS for most notifications and messages. Instead, you can configure a special vibration tone for different applications and notifications to distinguish between them without looking.

20. Eat24

The program for eating. Eat24 gives a list of restaurants nearby that offer delivery or takeaway. Especially for the laziest, the watch application simplifies the order process to the maximum. You can view recent orders, receive delivery notifications and other information.

21. Sleep as Android

This familiar smartphone application uses noise and movement when you sleep. The smartwatch version of this app does the same, tracking your sleep through your more conveniently worn device. Gone are the nights of sleeping next to your phone. It can be left to recharge, while your watch will work to monitor your sleep.

22. Authenticator Plus

If you use two-factor authorization in your Google account, this program is useful to you. It keeps a copy of the two-factor keys, keeping in touch with the application on the smartphone. You can get these codes without needing your smartphone at hand. They will always be available to you, making the authorization process safer than ever.

23. LevelUp

LevelUp offers a unique method of payments, purchases and other interactions with money. The payment service works using QR codes, not NFC and similar technologies. This means that the program works on almost any device with a screen, including a watch on Android Wear. You can now conveniently pay without a smartphone or wallet. Just wave your hand and you’re done.

24. Google Keep

One of the best note-taking and to-do apps. It offers reminders and shopping lists 24/7, foregoing the need for constant checking of smartphone notes or paper lists.

25. Invaders

A remake of the classic Space Invaders game for your smartwatch! Waiting room visits and dull moments will fly by with the help of this fun and timeless game.

26. Wear Store for Wear Apps

Finally, we note how difficult it is to use the Android Wear store. A confusing interface makes it difficult to find applications. Wear Store is a third-party store that helps you find the right program for you on the watch. Here you can watch reviews, read reviews and get new apps every week.


We have reviewed for you the best Android Wear apps. Additional programs are needed for smartwatches. Even an undemanding user cannot do without them.

The number of wearable programs depends on the speed of the gadget. However, you should familiarize yourself with the technical characteristics of the device. Heavy programs can slow down the work of a weak gadget due to overload.

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