AJAX StarterKit Smart Security System – Buyer’s ReviewAJAX StarterKit

The issue of property protection never loses relevance.

Do you want to learn how to protect from illegal intrusion?

Be honest, in addition to protecting property, you need to monitor the current situation. And here you cannot do without technical means.

Typically, such systems are expensive and complex – without a specialist in this area, it is better not to intrude.

But I want to introduce you to AJAX smart security system, installation of which requires little knowledge. The only requirement is access to the Internet.

I will try to answer all your questions, and at the same time describe how to use the application and its nuances.

Why AJAX Security system?

This kit is at the moment one of the best on the market.

This is a basic set of wireless security system AJAX with the ability to expand security features by adding additional devices.

Let’s get started.

Packing And Equipment

The set gets to the user in a white cardboard “shipping” box.

Inside, there are four “commodity” boxes in terms of the number of elements: a hub, a key-charm, and two sensors.

And these packaging boxes of individual devices were performed at the highest design level.

There are no complaints about the commodity package. Everything is very high quality and, pleasantly surprising, beautiful.

“Ajax StarterKit” consists of a central hub Ajax Hub (brain system), motion sensor Ajax MotionProtect, door sensor Ajax DoorProtect and keychain Ajax SpaceControl.

The kit does not just have that name.

It includes the minimum required set of devices to connect the apartment to the security company’s panel.

Inside each box, in addition to the device itself, there is everything necessary for connection and installation: to each element there is a neatly packed set of screws, dowels and additional fastening elements.

A special piece is the SIM card, pre-installed in the hub and providing a backup link between the system and the user.

Installation And Presetting

AJAX Security System Installation And Presetting - 1
AJAX Security System Installation And Presetting - 2

I do not know what happens to other alarms, but in the case of AJAX, everything is done as simply and clearly as possible.

And just think

Install the application for Android or iOS, go through the registration process, connect the “hub”, create in the appropriate tab the necessary virtual rooms, connect the sensors, and place them in the necessary rooms.

Let’s dig a little deeper.

After installing the application, you need to register the system.

To start (in the case of iOS), you need to agree to constant access to GPS, and also give permission to receive PUSH notifications.

The next step is to go to the “desktop” and do manual configuration of the system, or do this with a step-by-step guide:

1. It is suggested to create a hub administrator who chooses a name. It can be changed in the settings, specifying e-mail, phone number, and password. Immediately you can do a selfie, or you can select an avatar from the library.

After clicking the “registration” button, you will receive two 6-digit codes that you need to type in the appropriate fields.


Take care of uninterrupted access to both these channels of obtaining information.

2. Adding a hub to the created account, you need to think up a name for it and specify its serial number. It’s easier to do this by scanning a sticker with the corresponding QR code.

3. Adding rooms to the system. Even with only StarterKit, it makes sense to add rooms in advance, which will then be protected by the system, giving them names and adding photos for clarity.

4. Adding the remaining devices from the kit by the same principle “select a name – scan the code” and indicate which room the sensor will be located in. The simpler the names of rooms and sensors, the easier it will be to navigate the system as additional nodes grow larger.

5. Adding users – your family or employees – depends on the application of the security system. Here it is necessary to specify the e-mail of those who are to be granted access to the system. The message recipients must install mobile applications and register in the same manner as the administrator.

Ajax Hub – The Brain Of The Security System


Acquaintance with the entire kit begins with this device. To activate the hub, just remove the back cover, plug in the power cord and Ethernet cable, connect the device to the power and the router, and then press the power button. Within 10 seconds the hub is fully ready for use.

You need to think about his location in the apartment in advance. Practicality is limited by the length of the Ethernet cable, therefore, if the router and hub are located at a considerable distance from each other, laying of an additional wire is indispensable.

The location of the hub on the wall will fit into almost any interior, especially if the air router is the publicly displayed AirPort Extreme.

By the way, the glowing AJAX logo on the casing can signal the problems with different glow colors.

Ajax MotionProtect – A Sensor That Responds To Human Movements

Ajax MotionProtect

The largest sensor in the kit, while quite easy, has three degrees of sensitivity.

The design is well thought out. Installation takes just a couple of minutes.

Once the sensor is in place, the mobile application receives a message about the closure of its case and you can immediately get acquainted with the data that the sensor sends to the hub.

Among other data, the signal level, connection status, battery charge, cabinet status (open / close), synchronization status, current sensitivity and activity setting (constant / under protection) are displayed.

By clicking on the “gear” you go to Settings, where you can perform fine-tuning and testing of the detection zone, and also read the PDF with a brief instruction.

Ajax DoorProtect – Universal Sensor For Opening Windows And Doors

Ajax DoorProtect

In the box is the sensor itself. Beside it there is a large magnet in the same housing, and one additional small magnet. Also, inside are packed accessories and brief instructions.

It says that a large magnet is recommended to be installed if it and the sensor are located in the same plane.

Nevertheless, it was experimentally established that the magnet and the sensor “see” each other even at a distance of 2-3 centimeters, so for the experiments was mounted a large magnet at an angle of 90 degrees to the wall on which the sensor itself is located. The manufacturer recommends this method of installation: the sensor – on the fixed part, and the magnet – on the moving (door, window).

Also in the mobile application, the door opener outputs the same data list, including the air temperature, as the motion sensor, plus the state of the door itself (open / closed).

Ajax SpaceControl – Keychain For Controlling The Alarm System

Ajax SpaceControl

There are 4 buttons: activation of the guard mode, removal from the security mode, activation of the partial guard and “alarm button” to call the order of the security agency employees.

The key itself is added to the system on the same principle as the sensors: it is enough to scan the smartphone’s phone with the QR code on the package.

Tactically the key is pleasant and easy to hold. The design of the pictograms on the buttons is “talking”, so it is impossible to confuse the purpose of the buttons. The fingers of the pictogram are easily recognized, so blind people should use the system conveniently.

AJAX System Mobile App

The main window consists of 4 tabs: Devices, Rooms, Notifications, and Keychain.

The Devices tab displays a list of all devices connected to the account, displaying brief information about the status of the signal, the battery and the location of each one. Tapping on any device, you can see more detailed data, as well as make additional settings.

The Room tab allows you to add all the internal rooms in which the system sensors are installed, indicate the type of use of a particular room, add a picture for clarity, set the delay for triggering the sensors, and note the effect on the room of the Partial arming button.

The name of the Notifications tab speaks for itself: here you can view all events registered in the system in the order of their origin, as well as with a breakdown by dates. You can clear the list in the hub settings.

The Keyring tab is an exact virtual copy of the hardware Key, but unlike its plastic counterpart, it works from anywhere in the world, and not within a radius of 1000 meters in an open field.

AJAX System Conclusion

I want to note that half an hour after the receipt of the kit, the apartment was already equipped with a ready-made security system with notification of events.

Having started acquaintance with the system, you understand how much work is invested in the development. Installation is very easy. Simplicity conceals under itself a powerful hardware and software complex that really justifies the expectations placed on it.


1. Little things that make the procedure comfortable and enjoyable: QR codes, thoughtful packaging, pre-installed SIM-card, user-friendly application interface, detailed instructions, etc. From such trifles there is a general favorable impression about the kit and the manufacturer – it feels that you have been thought of and cared for.

2. Ease of adjustment. Considering that I first held AJAX StarterKit and carefully read the instructions before doing anything, it took me about half an hour to set up. At the same time, everything is organized in such a way that the user minimizes the chances of “hammering” somewhere, and there is a possibility to roll back one step at any time, rather than zeroing everything and starting again. I think that for the second time I can manage in 10 minutes.

3. Ease of installation. I needed only a few tools: a drill, a screwdriver, a hammer. The whole installation took about 15 minutes after choosing the installation site. At the same time, the system was already operational, and I was able to monitor the signal level and test the sensors at the installation site in real time.

4. Flexibility and reliability in operation. New control zones and sensors are added “on the fly.” Once configured properly, the system does not require any maintenance. Well, except that the dust from her look like, and after 2 years closely monitor the sensor batteries’ level of charge. The function “partial arming” allows you to change the configuration of the protected object on the fly.


1. Ease of pressing the buttons on the key fob. It’s very simple to accidentally hold the alarm button in your pocket and cause a commotion or turn off the system. Therefore, I recommend still using the application on the smartphone, and the key fob will leave in an easily accessible place of the office or at home exactly as an alarm button.

2. The awkward design of the remote, the buttons for setting and turning off the alarm on the key fob are practically indistinguishable, especially if the elderly person is using it, or just a person with poor eyesight. It was possible to highlight the color.

Summing Up

It should be remembered that StarterKit is a limited solution whose functionality can be significantly expanded by additional modules and sensors.

Another innovation that has become available to all AJAX users is integration with smart security cameras. The company has added the ability to connect up to 10 cameras to one hub, integration with alarm, and the ability to save clips in the cloud.

One of the indicative factors – after setting up and various checks of the triggering of sensors, you simply forget about the system. Everything works and does not require increased attention.

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